Kamui and kagura relationship counseling

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kamui and kagura relationship counseling

The Does Not Like Shoes trope as used in popular culture. This character tries to avoid wearing shoes whenever possible. The reasons for this design or . Kagura and Shinpachi wonder who would give them coupon for a lifetime of She wakes up screaming bloody murder, calling for Mami and Kamui-nii. The counselor nods, glancing at the silver-haired man sitting next to her. .. Nobume and Sasaki's relationship made me realize that Gin loves his brats. Moving on from a relationship without closure activities without relationship closure, so I interviewed life coaches, counselors, and grief coaches on letting go . Kamui and kagura relationship problems · Partner relationship.

Wearing them feels weird. Karen Araragi goes barefoot when she practices karate and does a lot of athletic training that's hard on the feet, which rendered the soles of her feet extremely thick. Koyomi tried to subject them to tickling in a vain attempt to make her stop pestering him to get up, only to find out it wasn't working Tsukihi Araragi is usually barefoot because she likes to wear a yukata and geta sandals, and since she doesn't leave the house much because she likes indoor activities, the geta stay off most of the time.

Black Hanekawa always goes barefoot in human form due to being a feline spirit who is used to her own paws and claws in her true form, and doesn't really care if she tracks dirt, since, again, feline spirit with paws. Hitagi Senjougahara made her wipe her feet one time as she entered her house from an urban romp, and it rendered a towel jet black. Also, it's always nighttime when she appears, and her host is usually in nightclothes, so she doesn't have footwear on when the possession occurs, and even if she does, Black Hanekawa prefers to go scantily clad as part of her sex appeal, trying to attract a mate.

The band class from Sound! Euphonium practices in socked feet, even taking off their Inside Shoes before going into the band room. Asuka Tanaka admits she large feet, so finding comfortable footwear is hard for her, and she goes completely barefoot while at home, shedding her socks with her shoes. Daikichi and play a song together barefooted. In the latter's case, she made the mistake of wearing dress heels. Oumae also kicked her shoes off on a long subway ride home.

Mizore Yoroizuka took off her shoes and socks and rested barefoot on her class's bus following a very disheartening competition lost that caused several of them to go home in tears. In her case, she was just plain tired, and shedding her footwear helped exemplify it.

The second ending of the anime features the main cast going barefoot, even rejecting shoes well, shoe-shaped cakes, but you get the idea. The entire main cast of Your Lie in April prefers to be barefoot, especially, Kaori Miazono who took off her shoes and socks and played music barefoot in a park on top of the playground equipment on a warm spring day. She kicked off her slippers on the rooftop of a hospital in poor health, trying to mimic her old self, except it was now winter and her feet got very banged up, indicating how badly her condition had gotten.

In the final chapter, a letter she willed to revealed that she left her footwear behind on purpose as a lure for Kousei Arima to become curious upon discovering them draped in the trees thinking they're like offerings or decorative charms to ward off evil spirits and find her.

Tsubaki Sawabe compared foot sizes with Kousei while they were barefoot on the beach, both as young kids, and then as teens. His used to be tinier than hers, but when they got older, his grew much larger then hers.

Secret of the Stellar Wars: Setsuna Subaru was introduced in her bare feet. She took off her boots when she boarded a subway and propped her feet up on top of her bag to get comfortable for the long ride.

At one point, she starts to gently clap the sides of her bare feet together. Setsuna being unshod is mostly used as a tease the first of many and a setup for Jiltosh to spy her gorgeous legs and start hitting on her in their first encounter. In the background of that same episode, a little boy in what appears to be a kindergarten uniform is seen waking up his father by tugging on his shoulder after they had to wait during a power outage for the subway metro to come back online.

He has also taken his shoes off while resting, but has socks on. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Nia Teppelin was introduced while barefoot, in Episode 9.

Apparently, she was hoisted out of her bed while sleeping and placed inside a capsule, which is why she had no shoes with her. It happens to be very rainy and muddy on the day she's found, and when she steps out of her capsule for the first time, she immediately squelches into the dirt and gets her feet all filthy, but she actually enjoys being barefoot in the gooey mud.

Simon, however, is worried her feet will get torn up out in the rocky terrain, so he takes off his own shoes and lends them to her, going barefoot in place of her. It's also during these moments that the rain subsides and the sun shines down on Nia, to help indicate her role as the cheerfully kindhearted person to pull Simon out of the Despair Event Horizon following a huge death that absolutely crushed him.

She's later gifted a pair of lovely-looking and gem-studded red heels from team Dai-Gurren's spoils of battle to wear as part of her regal princess attire. From that same episode, a gloomy Kiyal is seen peeling potatoes while barefoot.

However, she's also sitting on a countertop, and that's probably the reason why she threw her shoes off, so as to avoid sullying it with dirt. Kamina took his sandals off at rest in episode 2.

It's of note those are the only shoes he ever wears. The unnamed child in the epilogue of the final episode is barefoot, perhaps as as an indicator of his povertyas he's a resident of a small village desperately trying to bust open a coconut for nourishment with a drill when he Simon finds him and teaches him how to use the drill properly. Fullmetal Alchemist Envy and the Anime's version of Wrath. Noein 's main heroine, Haruka Kaminogi, spends most of the series barefoot.

She seems more inclined to walk around in bare feet, even when she could use shoes, and the fact that she lives in a shoes-off house and is usually inside makes it more common to see her barefooted rather than shod. There are quite a few times when she walks right out of her house without stopping to put any shoes on and simply traverses in her bare feet, or in one case, sent to the future without shoes and spending the last few episodes of the series' climax barefoot.

Haruka of La'crymac however, took this habit a bit further and was always barefoot. Mind Game has a variation. Once Nishi, Myon and Yan reach Ji-san's place, they lose their shoes and go barefoot for the rest of the movie. In the prequel, Fragments of Sky Silver, Manaka Sajyou wore shoes, but in the present, she goes barefoot everywhere. Mara insists on going barefoot constantly, especially when it's dangerous or disgusting to do so.

She doesn't seem to actively dislike shoes, and wears them sometimes, but spends the vast majority of her time barefoot, even while walking around the city. She once stepped on a broken shard of glassand after the obligatory "ouch", her only comment was that she needs to be more careful when she's barefoot, so even that isn't enough to get her to stop going out that way.

Appropriately, her Outback counterpart is a Jungle Princesswhich are near-unanimously depicted barefoot across all fictional works where they appear. Tia Dalma is barefoot in the comics Pirates of the Caribbean based on movie series of the same name. The movies do not show her feet at all, so she could be barefoot in them as well.

In fact, lots of POTC fanfics describe her that way: Both Swift and Jack Hawksmoor of Stormwatch and The Authority rarely wear shoes, as she has flight powers and the ability to turn her feet into bird-like talons, and he has powers derived from urban environments and needs to stay in skin contact with the ground or buildings. Jack Hawksmoor's alterations to be fully adapted to city living include "metallic" appearing foot soles, allowing him to walk on any city surface comfortably concrete, asphalt, etc.

Gypsy of the Justice Leagueembodying the Hot Gypsy Woman trope, wears nothing but a few anklets and toe rings on her feet, even while walking around Detroit. Oracle and other Kandrakar inhabitants in W. Orube is also barefoot when in her warrior outfit. Mantis from Avengers is almost always barefoot. This has to do with her upbringing at the Vietnamese Temple of the Priests of Pama where she became an adept of Oriental mystic practices and a master of martial arts Asian martial arts are frequently associated with barefooting.

She also habitually refers to herself in the third personwhich is a common practice in Eastern religions. Beast from the X-Men wears neither boots nor gloves due to his hands and feet being abnormally big. This was clearer when he was human. Human Hank certainly owned shoes in his big size, but he went barefoot when in costume because having ape-like prehensile toes was a major part of his abilities.

After he became blue and furry, he stopped bothering with shoes even when in his civvies. Adversely, after his mutation progressed to a more feline-like stage and his hind legs became retrograde, he started wearing special shoes sometimes, even though this seems to make less sense than ever.

From an artistic perspective, he also went barefoot because it was the easiest way to portray his powers, since before he gained his fur, he looked relatively normal apart from his huge hands and feet. Likewise, in the early days of the X-Men, Mimic typically copied the powers of all the members of the team, which meant sprouting wings like Angel and giant hands and feet like Hank.

He would then go barefoot for the same reason Hank did. Plastic Man is always barefoot, even though he has no toes, and thus looks like he's wearing flesh-colored tights. It emphasizes his amorphous nature. He's been known to stretch his toes for escape attempts.

Many of the characters female and male in Love and Rockets go barefoot on a regular basis. Both The Professor and Joe Fixit, however, wear appropriate footwear generally patent leather formal shoes and workboots, respectively.

The Professor even once wore bunny slippers! His more self-controlled cousin She-Hulk has sometimes gone barefoot and sometimes worn shoes, Depending on the Artist. Eventually it stabilised on her usually wearing shoes when she dressed herself as She-Hulk, but barefoot if she'd hulked out on the spur of the moment.

The Thing from Fantastic Four is generally depicted barefoot - unless he's incognito, where he would sometimes wear shoes to go along with his hat, shades, and giant trenchcoat as leaving even his feet exposed would be a dead-giveaway that this figure has rocky orange skin. Around the s, however, his normal outfit started to feature boots and trousers.

Delirium from The Sandman rarely wears shoes. In Brief Lives she wears what looks like a pair of Doc Martens with one outfit and spends the rest of the arc barefoot.

Many incarnations of Poison Ivy go barefoot. Usually this correlates to whether that particular incarnation goes full Stripperiffic or not. Given her powersetthis would also make her an Earthy Barefoot Character. Jinx, of the Fearsome Five and Villainy Inc. This is because her powers are tied to her contact with the earth at her feet. As she can be disabled by simply lifting her from the ground, imagine what shoes would do to her magic.

During the '60s, characters in Archie Comics went barefoot all the time, and not just at the beach or around the house. Check out any issue from this time period and you'll just about always find two or three characters who seemingly left their house without putting any shoes on. And every now and then, it would even be a central element.

One cover had a barefoot Betty and Veronica observing a shoe store during the hippie years, where the owner was fast asleep from lack of customers.

Another saw them suffering on a hot sidewalk. In one comic strip, Veronica had developed the habit of going barefoot all the time and her father called her out on it for buying tons of shoes that she wasn't wearing.

In a different one, she lost one of her many rings that she was wearing on her fingers and shoeless toes alike. A third comic had her take off her sandals to give Archie a shiatsu massage with her toes.

In the sister comic to Archie, Josie and the Pussycatsthe girls once decided to ditch their shoes and adopt the barefoot craze, earning a lot of stunned responses from their peers. Tanga, an alien superheroine created by Kevin Maguire, never wears shoes and remarks that she's "not a big fan" of them. Strictly speaking she isn't barefoot — although the covers usually depict her as such — since she wears a bodystocking which also covers her feet.

But she doesn't wear shoes, so the trope applies. Nate Grey X-Man usually goes without shoes as part of his naturalistic "shaman" nature. Danny from John Byrne's Next Men. Justified in the sense that shoes can't stand up to the force of his runningso he has to toughen up his feet to do so. Jenny Weaver of Zot! This may have something to do with Scott McCloud having modelled her on "feeling," one of Jung's proposed four types of human thought.

She initially wore shoes, but gave them to Opera when she freed her from slavery, and simply chose to remain barefoot from then on out despite having plenty of chances to acquire new shoes.

As a child, she was always barefoot. In the final stretch of the series, she finally opts for sandals. As soon as Okita found her with her legs tucked under the dirty dress she was wearing, his guard went up in an instant.

While most of the members of his squad blushed at her actions, he rolled his eyes in disgust and took the key from his pocket. Just when Sougo unlocked the gate, she came dashing out of the prison cell and knocked out two of the men from his division with a swift blow to the heads with a running kick.

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Clumsily using a weapon was a far better option than getting captured again by these Earthlings, and there was no way in hell she would allow it. Guess I have to change my plans. Unsheathing the blade, she threw aside the wooden sheath and prepared herself from their attack.

In response, he drew his Kiku-Ichimonji RX from the sheath and readied himself for battle up ahead. He may have a handicap right now, but now was not the time to think about his injury. Right now, he had to subdue her, one way or the other, even if it meant he had to hold his ground and trust his men to do the job for the meantime. He could not afford himself to be merciful. The fight was over in a few minutes. The two rookie cops had dashed at her, swinging their weapon in an attempt to wound her legs as not to let her move, but she had been quicker: One thing she did not discount on was when she landed, Okita had run up to her and knocked the weapon out of her hands, the bloodied blade flinging across the room.

The wounded officers had slowly managed to stand up and was about to attack her when she turned to them, an eerie smile on her face. His katana fell down to the ground as soon as he was knocked out, and she, in turn, picked up the blade and turned to the two officers who looked at her with fear in their eyes.

She still had… other plans for him, after all. Slinging him on her shoulder, she made sure he was steady before she bent down to retrieve the sheath and placing it back to cover the sharp blade. As much as she did not want to bide her time again, the fact that she kidnapped a rather high-ranked police officer was enough reason for them to pursue and arrest her, and that was the last thing she wanted.

The Yato clan member had to recuperate for the meantime, gain her full strength, and hide out where they would never find her… … and she knew just the place for her to hide out. What better way to force him to bend to her will than to make him feel what she went through when he tortured her?

With eyes wide, he tried to bolt upright and push her away from him, though he was unable to sit up, as she had used all of her weight to pin him down by sitting on his torso. In response, he tried to swing his arms down to hit her, but she stopped him by catching the swing with just one hand.

When he tried to move from side to side, he found the sheath of his katana had been used as a make-shift wooden bar to bind his ankles together.

The katana itself was nowhere to be found, and he suspected that she would use it against him. The raw flesh stung, but the way she had hit him had added to the pain of the new wound.

kamui and kagura relationship counseling

Mind you, she had one heavy swing. With that, he gave her a hard look before telling himself that if he gave no indication of being affected by her blows, she would get bored and leave him alone.

kamui and kagura relationship counseling

It usually worked, right…? The way he gave her a bored look annoyed her so much. If he was trying to be brave about it, he was sorely mistaken. Damn her, but she had quite the grip.


Vaguely, he wondered if she too worked as a courtesan here, or was simply allowed under false pretenses to stay here and hide whenever she caught their attention for the petty crimes she had been committing.

Just when he was about to yell at her, Kagura used her left hand to steady her hold on him as she pressed her palm rather hard against the back of his shoulder. With that, Kagura laughed harder than before and proceeded to dislocate the other shoulder as well by mimicking her earlier move. She could see that his crimson eyes were filled with pain and contempt, and that simple reaction alone made her blood go wild. Okita winced at the sudden movement as she managed to lift him so easily from the ground, only to slam him back down.

The pain was nothing he had ever felt before, though, he had to admit, the humiliation at the hands of this deranged Amanto was more upsetting for him than the physical injury he was suffering from. It was stupid of him to let his guard down, and all he could do was regret every decision he had made, starting from him rushing the whole transfer process to getting himself into this mess.

No doubt they were already looking for him, and that would mean distracting a lot of the men from their usual duties. Causing trouble in the police force was the last thing he wanted to do, yet here he was, at the mercy of the woman whom he had detained weeks ago.

It was so ironic that he was now in her position, albeit abused and tortured by this sadistic alien being who knew no mercy. You Earthlings sure are fragile. Another blow to his face, but this time around, she dealt with the opposite side. At this, he spat out the blood that made its way to his mouth and glared at her.

At his wince, she smiled sardonically. His vision was getting fuzzy from the blows, but Sougo did not want her to give the satisfaction she had been waiting for, which was to hear him beg for her to stop. Sougo was the type who always wanted to win, and he would make sure he wins this one, injuries be damned. Physical injuries were quite easy to heal, dislocated shoulders included, but a damaged pride was another thing altogether. He felt her hands travel down his torso, which he had anticipated.

Sougo figured out that she would then start carving her name on his torso, or worse, break his ribs. No matter what happens, the twenty-year old would endure all of this and— —Wait a minute.

The police officer felt her hands roaming just below his abdomen, and before he could even try and see what she was doing, she delivered yet another stinging slap on his face. The metallic taste of his own blood was slowly becoming familiar to him, and he coughed out a mouthful of it, the sticky liquid running down the sides of his lips. He tried moving his legs in an attempt to stop her from doing whatever the hell it was that she was planning, and in response, she sat down on his thighs, placing all of her weight on her backside as her hands began fiddling the belt tied around the waist of his pants.

Out of all the people who just had to see him it this state, it just had to be someone whom he was sure would be on the top of the list of the people he hated after this was over. While he anticipated the torture and the beatings, being touched inappropriately was another thing altogether. Angrily, he spoke up.

What better way to break you than to do something that few females would dare to do? No doubt everything you bragged about is a lie. He felt her wipe her hands on the fabric of his pants, and at this, he sighed in relief… … until he found her hovering over him, that familiar, sick grin making its way back on her face once more. The questioning look on his face had said it all, and in that instant, Kagura decided to humor him. Laughing to herself, she unhooked the black vest he wore and unbuttoned the white dress shirt he was wearing, exposing his smooth chest and torso to her.

The female Amanto had to admit, this guy was not bad-looking. Kagura ran her fingers down his torso and crawled a bit to look at him, meaning to taunt and insult him once more. With her left hand, she removed the cravat that she had placed inside his mouth and slowly lowered her lips to him… … And felt a hard, thin line against her own.

She pulled away for the meantime to glare at him. What more do you want? Okita struggled against her and began to thrash about wildly in an attempt to stop her, but she grabbed his face to still him as she clumsily attempted to kiss him, forcing him to open his mouth with her own, slipping her tongue inside his mouth. Angrily, he bit her tongue and she withdrew, but not before slapping him once more, hitting the wounded side of his face. Tentatively, she flickered her tongue against his nipple, and as soon as she felt him stiffen from the gesture, Kagura continued on with her actions, knowing that this was probably one of those acts that the courtesans talked about.

She snaked her hand down his torso once more as she grabbed his manhood, stroking him gently, careful not to grip it too tight. As soon as she felt him grow hard from under her touch, she stopped immediately, and lifted her skirt a bit to remove the pair of disposable panties she had bought earlier at the nearby convenience store while her hostage was fast asleep.

Right now, all she had to do was ride him until he would come inside her so she could laugh and mock at his face over how easy it was for him to lose control over a mere sexual act. How sentimental of you. Were you reserving your first time with someone special? With one swift movement, Kagura lowered herself and took him in, gritting in pain as her body struggled to accommodate him. Instinctively, she cried out loud from the soreness stupid move on her part, she had to admitbut refused to pull away.

Taunting him was a piece of cake, as the look of contempt was obvious whenever she looked at him as she went on with her motions. All this time, she thought these acts were done only for the sake of the male, but now… This feels… really weird, but good in a way… The Amanto placed both her hands against his hard abdomen in an attempt to steady herself from the ripples that were making its way all over her body.

Just when she felt the pressure starting to build up, a warm feeling shot up inside her, making her stop all of a sudden in wonderment. She slipped his manhood out of her and crawled up once more to meet his eyes that were now reflecting disgust and resentment. Oh, wait, my bad. As soon as it had been removed and thrown aside, he turned his head to the side and vomited out the bile that rose from within him ever since he had entered her.

Sougo felt nauseated as the sexual act replayed in his mind over and over again, prompting him to vomit once more, the clear liquid sticking to his cheek in the process. In anger, he raised both his legs to knee her on the back in his clumsy attempt to get even as both his hands were unable to act out the blow he had been itching to throw at her. In retaliation, she decided to choke him as she wrapped her hands around his neck, her grip merciless. As if on cue, just when he was about to lose consciousness, she released him.

In response, he coughed violently, each spasm bringing him more pain, all because of his injured shoulders. Okita tried to still himself, knowing that if he kept moving, he might bring further damage to his body. He really had no words to describe her other than 'monster' She was beyond monstrosity.

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This Amanto before him was an abomination. The young man knew that no matter how he willed his body not to give in, there was no way around it.

Sex, after all, was a natural act, and his reaction to a warm body was nothing out of the ordinary. The dark side of him was slowly consuming him every moment spent with this disgusting animal, and the rage inside him wanted him to cause havoc. This… this… creature before him… he would make sure she would die in the most painful way possible.

kamui and kagura relationship counseling

She would pay for robbing him of his honor, his pride… and his dignity as a man. No one had the right to humiliate him. Kagura could feel the murderous vibes oozing from him when he tried that stunt to hurt her, when in fact, she had to laugh at his pathetic attempt to try and disarm her.

How could someone like him even try to bother with this when it was obvious that it was futile? All he should have done was lie down, relax, and try to enjoy this. It would be boring and quick, and it was something that was easily done when one was alone. This Earthling with her, however, was male, and she knew he could… take part with what she was planning to do.

She lifted the dress that she was wearing to find himself glaring at her, though his face was slowly turning pink. Go on… you denied me what I wanted when you came so quickly… at least make me come with your mouth. This was not lost to her, as the sensitivity of the area, plus his actions, were enough to make her cry out loud.

The pressure in her lower half was becoming too unbearable, and as her breathing became heavier and more labored, she used her fingers to spread herself apart, wanting him to go deeper with his licks. As soon as his tongue had touched her clit, Kagura felt her vision go white and the feeling in the lower part of her body intensified, making herself scream as her body shook from the effect of the orgasm that had just happened.

Breathing heavily to help her normalize her heartbeat, she slowly got off of him… only to find him with his eyes closed. She did not know why, but immediately after seeing him lie down motionless, she pressed her ear against his heart.

Kagura heard the slow and steady beating of his heart, and let out a sigh… and it further confused her. Why did she have to check up on him then? No one tortures her and gets away with it. And why did you panic? Right now, she had no answer for that. Still, for her to panic over something so simple raised the alarm in her. And what was this Earthling trying to do to her anyway…? This was… very disturbing.

Sighing to herself, she looked at the police man once more, and upon seeing him sleep so soundly, she crawled to his side and stared closely at his face. Up close, he looked much more… beautiful, though she regretted the decision of slicing his face with that sword. It would scar, she was sure of it, as Earthlings like him were not like the Yato who healed from their wounds and never left a single scar on their body.

Chuckling to herself, Kagura kissed him on the lips, tasting herself in the process. She just had to be patient once more. Right then and there, she understood why Kamui always felt excitement whenever he found himself a new prey, though it her case, it was like she had a living, breathing Sadaharu in the form of an Earthling. Having a new pet excited her, though this time around, all she could do was pamper and enjoy him whenever she had the chance to do so. For the meantime, she would let him live.

What was the point in killing him right now anyway? He had been fun to play with, and she enjoyed tormenting him. What more could she ask for anyway? When she gets bored, it was easy to kill him and find the next thing to amuse her. But for now, he would have to be returned so he could heal properly… … And as soon as he has fully recovers, she would have to claim him once more.

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He woke up three days later. As soon as he came into, Okita Sougo found himself confined in a hospital where shoulder braces were currently strapped to him, while his right leg, still in a cast, was now raised, as the doctors found out that it was swelling quite badly. When asked what happened, he just said that he fell down because he did not have his crutches with him.