Joni mitchell and larry klein relationship

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joni mitchell and larry klein relationship

Larry Klein was one of this year's Grammy nominees for Producer of the Year. He is most widely known for his prolific work with Joni Mitchell, as well as. Well, like most long relationships, it was both great and difficult. Help us build our profile of Joni Mitchell and Larry Klein! Login to add information , pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your. It was during his marriage with Mitchell that Klein in , Klein co-produced both Joni Mitchell's Chalk.

But I had her voice in my head, of course. I had her voice inside me speaking to me all along.

joni mitchell and larry klein relationship

I played it for her. It was really nerve-racking. We need to do this and that.

joni mitchell and larry klein relationship

Dave could you please play a whole note in this bar, and do this and that here? You have got to be in there, and do your job. These are hard-core session players as well as top-notch jazzmen. It was delicate business. Listen to what the song is about. Neither one of you considered walking away?

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That would have been as difficult as going on with it in a way. Working on any recording is an artistic challenge, but it is also an artistic puzzle. I still love her, and I know that she loves me too. We have a familial feeling toward each other. When I talk to her, I have the same warm feeling toward her; and I certainly did during that time. There were different times when we were working…I had moved out to Venice and one day we decided to go down to the Beverly Centre, and both of us got a kitten to keep us company.

But it was difficult, and the songs programmatically were about the dissolution of things between us. To be rewarded at the end of this difficult journey with that Grammy Awards was one those wonderful moments.

So many people in our industry feel they only have so many years to work.

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Many later realize what is more important in their life. A It never happened. We talked about doing something together. I love her mind, and love what she does. I was very excited about working with her. But I think that she might have felt that I took advantage of her in some way by getting her to do it.

These kinds of album where you have multiple guest vocalists are always Most Favored Nations things where everyone gets paid relatively little, especially these days.

joni mitchell and larry klein relationship

Something went wrong, and we never made the record together. Maybe next time if I'm lucky, she'll give the idea another chance. Q you recently recorded Indra Rios Moore's award winning Heartland after she approached you. She has told me that it has been her dream for many years to record with you. A When I first heard the music that Indra sent me, I was struck by the lack of self-consciousness in her voice, and the honesty and spaciousness of what she and her group of Danish Musicians had developed together.

They were getting at the painterly honesty of jazz without any of the trappings of the genre or displays of virtuosity.

Larry Klein

I immediately thought of adding Jay Bellerose to the group, as he naturally comes from that place in his playing. The journey from e-mails to a few phone calls, to making a record, was filled with odd serendipitous events and synchronicity.

The final product is something different and very rich for those who can take the time to really listen to it. Q Your wife Luciana Sauza who is one of the most capable vocalists I ever heard, refers to you as "musically curious", do you agree? A I am rabidly curious. Like when I go into bookstores; I can't walk out without buying 8 books. I love a quote that I read of Judd Apatow saying "I think that I have confused buying books with reading them!

That being said, regarding the making of records, curiosity is the quality that I always look for in the people that I work with, whether it is players, artists, or friends. I really don't want to work with musicians who are not curious, because that equates to arrogance, and the kind of personality that makes it impossible to find fresh ground between things that have already been explored.

joni mitchell and larry klein relationship

If I am working with songs that have been covered previously, I want to do something with the song that enables people to hear the poetry and music in a new way. I want to be able to take the iconic stability off of the song by re-setting it. To do that I need to be surrounded by musicians and engineers who are so secure that they aren't afraid to fall on their face in front of each other!

Luciana is an amazing musician and singer. She is scary great. The first time that I heard her sing Brazilian music, on my way to the club I thought "I hope that she is good! After hearing 2 tunes I was utterly intimidated Q Every musician I talk to, from jazz to heavy metal, melts when talking of Joni Mitchell's breathtaking songwriting.

This kingdom is heavily defended, yet the queenly voice that rules it invites us in. Who could decline her invitation?

joni mitchell and larry klein relationship

Certainly not David Yaffe, whose " Reckless Daughter " is one more reminder of how difficult it is to refuse greatness. Yaffe, a professor of humanities at Syracuse University who's written books about jazz and Bob Dylan, wants to "understand the mind" that wrote Mitchell's songs. He creates his portrait using biographical information and extensive quotations from interviews that Mitchell has given to him and others. He tracks her early years in Canada, her rise to fame in s Los Angeles, her expansion into jazz and the decline of her audience and her health.

Though this format allows us to see multiple sides of Mitchell, it also tests our opinion of her as an artist and as a person. Regardless if one likes or dislikes her, no one can dispute that courage and vulnerability have been the motivating forces in both her life and art.

Born Roberta Joan Anderson inthe only child of rather distant parents, Mitchell was 10 when she developed polio. Confined for months to a "polio colony" outside Saskatoon, Canada, and haunted at night by the sound of iron lungs, Mitchell surprised her doctors by learning to walk again, what Yaffe calls the first of her many "acts of defiance.