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Jinder Mahal spoke about his relationship with The Great Khali and said that as Indians they stick together and he was the first person whom he contacted after announcing the Punjabi Prison Match against Randy Orton. Jinder Mahal retained his WWE Championship title in the third. Problem is Undertaker has a great relationship with Acolytes. Even though Jinder Mahal[3MB] via pinfall after a Skull Crushing Finale. After celebrating in the ring, Tamina kissed Santino, starting a relationship between them. Marella returned on the October 3 Raw, defeating Jinder Mahal. . On October 6 at Battleground, Marella and The Great Khali were defeated by.

The Great Khali Round 2: David Otunga Round 3: Sin Cara Round 4: Brodus Clay Round 5: The Miz Round 6: Jinder Mahal Round 7: Santino Marella Round 9: Alex Riley Round Darren Young Round Curt Hawkins Round Zack Ryder Round Alberto Del Rio Round Justin Gabriel Round Heath Slater Round Kofi Kingston Round Tyson Kidd Round Titus O'Neil Round Jack Swagger Round Mankind felt like the loss was all his fault so he joined his partner to cheer him in his fight against the former WWE champ.

Towards the ends of the match, Punk signaled he was going rip off the corner but Mankind tried to stop him with the Mandible Claw. He missed Punk and knocked out Mark. CM Punk took advantage and locked the Anaconda Vice forcing the referee to call the match. It still seems Henry hasn't got frustrated with Mankind left while Punk is smiling about his slight momentum.

JBL via pinfall 5: This was a JBL revenge match since he's done so much to Cena and is attempting to use Jericho as a distraction. JBL actually attempted getting in his limo and driving away but Cena stopped that by pulling out of the car.

Bret Hart has had a mean streak recently in his vendetta to end. In this match Davey Boy Smith came to aid Bret or possibly to hold him back from doing something he'd regret.

Bret brought Nash out of the ring and tackled him through the barricade against Bulldog's advice. He was upset and left as Hart decided to give Nash a piledriver only to be count out also. This was a disappointed finish for Bret but he still looked like a winner to the fans. Since PowerBombers have attack Bret they really haven't been able to follow through. Is Hart too much on a role or can PB find a way to at last use their size to their advantage.

Henry has been heard to be brooding about it ever since. Last week with Edge's match against the Godfather, Henry distracted Edge to give Godfather the chance to win. That was only the start of Mark's revenge plan. Things were going so well for him as he was helping hold the Brood down while the Nation progressed. The fact that Henry had to tapout is what has him riled up. Tonight Mark waited in the crowd as Edge passed him. Mark followed behind Edge without him knowing and attacked giving Henry the advantage.

Relentlessly attacking Edge, Mark dragged him outside the ring smashing him on everything that he could. Slightly gaining a break, Edge kicked him and rolled Henry back into the ring. Sadly, he was only setting himself up for failure. Edge got to the top rope only to leap into the World's strongest slam and a splash to follow.

This back and forth is incredible. Thankfully Edge stepping up is protecting the rest of the Brood from the NoD's attack. Will Gangrel or Christian 99 be able to do anything to save Edge though. Ted Dibiase via pinfall 4: Just as Dibiase was getting to the ring David Otunga slammed his head into the steel steps before the ring making him weary. Last week after Dibiase defeated David, he offered him a handshake and Otunga just sneered at it.

To show everyone Dibiase isn't as great as he act he attacked him so he would lose the match. Gunn allowed Dibiase to get up but there wasn't much hope. After the match Gunn celebrated but not as vibrantly as we usually see the Ass Man act. Weeks ago X-Pac attacked Ken after a very exhausting and dangerous tag match. The Union were upset by the foul attack and started picking apart the New Age Outlaws. Supposedly Shane and Shamrock were supposed to finish the rest of the team but they got away.

Shane used his backstage powers to make it so Shamrock had X-Pac alone. Gunn had to face Dibiase so there wasn't much of a chance he could help if X-Pac got in trouble. Ken used his grappling to hold X-Pac down and slam him into whatever he could. Shamrock makes X-Pac tapout X-Pac had an adrenaline rush and began flying all over the place. He even had the chance to kick Shamrock in the head and bust him open. This upset Ken to the point he began destroying X-Pac's angle with chair, canes and whatever else he may find.

X-Pac was reported to be badly bruised but no severe injuries. Is this as far as the Union goes or do they have more to accomplish in this attack? Although Road Dogg has an injury from last week's nightstick attack the bad Bossman took upon himself to attack an injured man. Fans were very upset and thought that was enough. Dogg claimed he only came down to watch the match but that sure didn't stop Big Bossman.

Christian thought he could take advantage of Bossman's distraction but Bossman was sure to make an example out of Christian to show up the New Age Outlaws. Momentum was at Bossman's making it easy to put down Christian. After the match Bossman used a chair to pummel Christian down to continue his message.

Actually this was a glitch. Road Dogg has been injured. Bossman did attack Road Dogg but it looked as though Road Dogg was supposed to be in the match. The match started and Road Dogg got up and walked away as if he was an awkward no selling ghost.

Michaels thought tonight was the time he drop any monster to prove to Kane that he can put down any giant. Big Show wasn't the giant to prove this with though. Michaels hit his super kick but wasn't able to reach all the was to Big Show's head leading him to kicking out.

This must be making Hell No feel better that DX is opening their mouths when they don't have the kicks to back it up. Internet championship table triple: Ryder has been feeling down and out since CoBro broke up when Clay recruited him to Truth in Paradise.

Since Clay cleanly defeated Ryder, Zack thought he would prove himself by putting up his championship on the line by both of them. Clay looked to hit a splash while Santino held Ryder in the corner. Ryder moved out of the way and Brodus squashed Santino instead.

Zack took advantage and put a surprised Clay through a table with his leg lariat. Backstage Nikki Bella demanded a championship match since she's been doing favors for her distracting Kharma.

Beth confirmed nothing and claims she doesn't have to give her anything. The two committed that if Nikki could win would also get a championship with Kharma.

Beth thought it would be an easy win but Brie tried sneaking down and switching with Nikki. Phoenix made sure this didn't happen as she went out side and gave Brie a fishermans suplex onto the steel steps. The Bellas better becareful cause the Divas of Doom could aim for them instead of Kharma. This could very be the direction the Raw GM wants as there's been teasing of a divas tag championship being revealed.

Ryback via pinfall 8: Ryback has made a strong wallop as Raw's biggest newcomer. Yoshi Tatsu debuted tonight with a darker style that fans are used to. When Ryback was attempting to turtle shock the lights went out Yoshi escaped. Once they came back on Tatsu knocked out Ryback with a kick in the back of the head.

Is Ryback momentum dead or will he turn around and show Yoshi who is boss. This match was to test their teamwork and though they certainly are a good team it was not proven this match. Christian hit a frog splash off the top of the cage on Cody. Hunter stopped AA though by immediately giving Christian the pedigree. It wasn't until Christian locked Helmsley into the Killswitch that Awesome Angels were able to escape at the same time.

Miz won't have Christian at his side come Break Down. Last week Christian lost to a desperate Sheamus. Now, Christian with some momentum from Mixer's winner wanted to see if he could take on the 1 contender. It was a difficult match that even Sheamus came down and watched. With Christian's corner kick he busted Wade open.

This was surprising Wade has defeated Sheamus on numerous occasions and now Christian could defeat him. Sheamus seemed somewhat nervous about Christian winning even though he spites Barrett.

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Than Christian hit the Killswitch and got the pinfall. This doesn't necessarily mean Christian is ready for the World championship but he's got to be close. For weeks, Jack has been put against the Acolytes by himself but he claims he life being trapped in the corner. Even though Farooq is brute brawler but Cactus Jack thrives in matches like this as he immediately went for all of the weapons under the ring. He attempted to put Farooq through a table but he was stopped with a dominator on top the steel steps.

Jack started taking advantage when he brought out the chair and started swinging. Jack bulldog Farooq in the seated chair and than finished with his ddt. Cactus Jack appeared ready for his handicap match but will he have the options he did tonight?

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Stephanie McMahon via pinfall 6: This was AJ's debut and it was an effective one. Steph has been on quite a slump since officially joining the divas division. She was hoping tonight she can take advantage of a new diva for the win but it seems that was not the case. Will Stephanie search for a partner so she doesn't have to deal with loss after loss by herself or just leave the divas division all together. AJ seems to be very optimistic and looking forward to what Smackdown has for her.

Animal last lost against Paul Wight so this is why Vince was confident to get in the ring with him. McMahon's mood changed quickly when he shoulder blocked Khali out of the ring. Vince was beatan badly and right when Animal appeared ready to finish him off Khali grabbed him from the outside and dragged him down.

Vince gave a kick or punch whenever he could but it was Khali doing most of the work. In a moment it looked like Animal was going to lift Khali but McMahon kicked him in the back of the leg. Khali chopped Animal so Vince could get the pin. McMahon acted so hyped and threataned the Warriors are going to ride no more after Sunday. Lately a lot of debuting talent has been taking the big wins. Sin Cara claimed although he is still new, he is still an established talent and will prove so against McIntyre.

Cara was dominate and restricted McIntyre from his known style of using the ring to his advantage by keeping everything in the ring. Breakdown Smackdown PPV 2 on 3: Vince McMahon used Road Warriors to put together his team and once Wight and Khali were official they used the Warriors as their beating stick.

There was a series of singles contest which the Corporation dominated cause Vince always found a way to give his giants an advantage. Now with a slight lead Vince thought he could join his team in the handicapped themed ppv. Vince fell right into the Warriors hands.

Their double team work was impeccable and neither giant could barely stand up to it. When McMahon got in the ring he was thrashed all over. Road Warriors came out of this shining like they should be. Sheamus was too worried about putting Christian through a table to realize Barrett was taking his championship.

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This match ended quicker than fans would've like but that should give fans all the more reason to hate Barrett. Somehow people were expecting Sheamus to make a comeback after all the gruff he's taken from Wade but he wasn't able to since Christian got in the way trying to get revenge for what Sheamus did on Smackdown. It seems Rhodes Scholars was too much for the Miz. Miz aimed most of his foces on Rhodes, which kept Hunter pretty healthy throughout the match.

When Helmsley was crawling the ladder and Miz tried to get it, Cody gave him the beautiful disaster sending both of them crashing outside the ring. Cactus Jack[Tag championship elimination ]Acolytes d. Farooq eliminates Undertaker via pinfall JBL eliminated Kane via pinfall There was a glitch in the match that if Bradshaw got eliminated via DQ than computer got to play as Farooq.

I had to restart the match since I wanted to play all the way through. This was a compromising match since Acolytes and Brothers of Destruction has always been allies. Although it was hard hitting it seems the only one fouled here is Cactus Jack who demanded he was going to get some drama. This was a very athletic match that look like Eve was in the lead but any of these girls could take the match at any moment.

Fans were happy to see Fox get the title but would've been much happier had Lita won it. This was the debut match for all three of these men.

Kurt was a destructive force that took advantage of Kid's small statures. McIntyre made his debut this Smackdown and it didn't go so well.

He was supposed to be the strength of new 3MB. The other guys told him no to worry cause they were going to take care of it tonight. Problem was no one on 3MB was fast enough to keep up with Cara Mystery. Dolph Ziggler[HN] via pinfall 7: Ziggler somehow beat DX all by himself when Swagger left him. HHH was pretty upset by this and wanted to prove it was a fluke.

Ziggler despite the handicap win was still the underdog in this match. When the match was going well and it appeared as if Dolph was about to lock the sleeper hold Kofi Kingston came out to distract him. It's figure this is carried over from the feud with Zig Swag and the fact Dolph and another Hell No member will be going after the tag championship.

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The cerebral assassin took advantage and gave Dolph the pedigree. Ziggler was ashamed but still acted cocky as ever knowing he still has his title shot. Kane[HN] via pinfall 3: Mankind feels bad he has to face his partner for the WWE championship but he knows he has to go through with it so he threw down the challenge for someone to help prepare for match.

Knowing Kane's size this matchup is very appropriate. Mankind was ready though. Immediately he started brawling with Kane and there was no opportunity to recover. Finally Kane thought he had the chokeslam ready to deliver but Mankind gave him the Mandible Claw to get the win. After the match Kingston ran down with a pipe and starting taking down an exhausted Mankind.

Fans have no idea about this new attitude from Kingston. It's an odd decision to make such an attack since both Henry and Mankind are too busy for the tag division but maybe Kofi knows something everyone else doesn't. Kelly Kelly claimed she can rise above the gossip that Bellas have been spouting; it's not needed to defeat Kharma.

As great as a story that sounds it's easier said than done. Kelly was the little engine that could as she was powerbombed in the first few minutes but still kicked out. Kelly chose to break down Kharma's right arm but it never turned into anything since Kharma used her left arm to give the sidewalk slam. Kharma is still dominant. What else can be done to prepare her for the divas championship? No one thought Punk and JBL's ego could fit on one corner but they made it work.

The power team actually seemed a bit rusty in the tag area. Both tried doing the job by themselves but it didn't go as plan. Yoshi Tatsu via tapout 7: Both guys are new and Japanese but Shingo is in a stable. He didn't use that in this match though. It was a contest of strikes vs power. Shingo was mostly in the lead but there were a few points it seemed like Shingo had a hard time stopping Yoshi's kicks. After two falcon slams, Yoshi couldn't escape Takagi's powerful abdominal stretch.

XTW Elimination chamber qualifier: David Otunga[SR] via pinfall 6: As the match was starting to begin Ted Dibiase made his way to the commentary table. During the match he claimed the Smug Rockers are a joke that all rely on just Jericho's athleticism.

Well, fans were impressed by the few seconds Otunga was able to match strength with Lesner. That's when Brock switched gears and got technical on Otunga, where he had no chance. Dibiase was encouraging this even though a month ago Brock was bullying Dibiase.

After the match Dibase quietly left as half of the Smug Rockers had just been put to shame. Mark Henry 98[NoD] via pinfall after an Edgecution. Before the bell even rang Edge sneaked out of the crowd and speared Henry. He tried going for the immediate pin but Henry somehow had the strength to kick out.

Towards the end the two battled outside and Mark appeared ready to splash Edge through the gaurdrail but Edge hit Henry with the chair than did the Edgecution on said chair to get the win. With Edge's momentum things are swinging back into the Brood's direction.

He claimed he isn't going to lay down for the Foundation either. Smith took the lead most of the match until Nash gave Smith a series of knees that would leave him gasping for air. Big Bossman via pinfall 7: Gangrel wanted to avenge Bossman for his cheap attacks towards Christian 99 last week.

Before the match Bossman attempted the same maneuver but this time Gangrel was ready. When Bossman attacked Gangrel from behind Gangrel turned around to spit blood in the tag champions face. Bossman's brutal tactics still kept the match competitive especially when he blindly slammed Gangrel through the barricade.

Gangrel used his speed to outdo Bossman since Bossman is probably the only one Gangrel is faster than. Not sure this is going to pan out well for the XTW universe in the end.

X-Pac's partner, Billy Gunn was missing. It was a mystery until after the match what happened to Gunn. X-Pac was in for the fight of his life with how he had to take both of XTW's most dangerous wrestlers. It's pretty fitting since X-Pac attacked Shamrock when he was trapped in the cell now X-Pac is trapped with both of these guys.

Instead, he was attacked by most of the female roster. Nevertheless, at WrestleMania, he won the battle royal, competing in drag as Santina Marella Santino Marella's self-alleged twin sisterlast eliminating Beth Phoenix and Melina.

On the May 31 episode of Raw, Kozlov interfered in Marella's match, helping him win. He was the first of seven Team Raw members eliminated, pinned by Tyler Reks.

They wrestled twice more, both matches ending with John Morrison saving Santino from Sheamus' post-match assault. After celebrating in the ring, Tamina kissed Santino, starting a relationship between them. On January 30,Marella entered the Royal Rumble at number He was one of the final two wrestlers, before being eliminated by Alberto Del Rio.

On September 1, Carelli injured his left shoulder in a car accident before a house show in Puerto Ricorendering him inactive for several weeks. On the following episode of SmackDown, Marella successfully defended the title against Swagger in a steel cage match, by escaping through the cage door.

Successively Marella was eliminated by Wade Barrett from the battle-royal. Marella then took a leave of absence due to a neck injury.

On the next episode of Smackdown he defeated Damien Sandow with the cobra. Marella then began a feud with Cesaro and his tag team partner Jack Swagger. Santino defeated Swagger on the September 20 episode of SmackDown and he defeated Cesaro on the September 30 episode of Raw in singles competition. After the match, he danced on the announce table.