Iraq and armenia relationship

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iraq and armenia relationship

This category is for bilateral relations between Armenia and Iraq. Ambassadors of Armenia to Iraq (2 P). I. ▻ Iraqi people of Armenian descent (1 C, 2 P). Armen Ashotyan has highlighted the development of the friendly relations between Armenia and Iraq, and has noted that besides the cultural. The history of Armenians in Iraq is documented since late Babylonian times. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers both have their sources in the Armenian Highland.

They served the under Polish command in the city of Karbala and the nearby town of Hillah.

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In OctoberArmenia ended its modest presence in Iraq, citing improved security and the ongoing withdrawal of a much larger Polish army contingent that has supervised Armenian troops deployed in the country. In fact the Armenian Church in Baghdad is so old that it is regarded as sacred by Muslims, who worship there periodically.

Some Armenian churches were also targets of bombing and some Armenians have died as a result of sectarian fighting in Iraq. Contributions to Iraqi culture[ edit ] Armenians have played traditionally an important role in Iraqi culture, particularly in literature and music and in general all arts.

Armenian folk music and dance is admired in Iraq.

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Yaacoub Sarkis was a famous author and researcher in Iraqi arts. He used to hold cultural gatherings in Baghdad's Murabba'a region on the Tigris river, where the Iraqi cultural elite would meet. He is also renowned for the two-volume Al Mabaheth al Iraqiyyah, a definitive guide of Iraqi history and society.

iraq and armenia relationship

He lived well into his eighties before his death in the s. During Saddam's reign the band could only have its music aired once they sang a song celebrating the dictator 's birthday. Unknown to No One has been given a large amount of publicity in the post-Saddam era. Their numbers have increased considerably with waves of new immigration coming from Baghdad and other Iraqi regions after the toppling of Saddam.

Many are descendants of Genocide survivors who fled the Ottoman Empire who have retained their Christian faith.

Bilateral Relations

Are they represented in the parliament of Iraqi Kurdistan? The Constitution of the Kurdistan Region mandates 1 seat in parliament be allocated for Armenians. The Kurdistan Region is an incredibly diverse place, a fact that we celebrate. I unfortunately do not have estimates as to the origin and population of the Armenians. Although independence is a dream in the heart of every Kurd, today we recognize that ISIL is a cancer that must be stamped out, and this drives our policy on this.

We do not share more than a 15 km border with Iraqi Security Forces, the rest of the km border is shared with ISIL, a condition that no nation on earth could endure. In short, we have much bigger issues to solve at the moment, and we recognize our duty to act to counter this evil. Gerard Libaridian The Kurdish Region in the north of Iraq is not only de facto autonomous, but also de jure autonomous.

By and large it is de facto independent. Whether or not the KRG achieves de jure independence is, at this time, secondary.

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We [Armenia] have a number of good reasons to establish some sort of diplomatic presence in Erbil and a few bad reasons why not to do so. The KRG is only part of the very complex Kurdish issue. We have talked too much about the Kurdish factor and done very little about it.

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It is always advisable to have direct, and even formal, contact with any state or political entity that affects its neighborhood. It is not clear to me why the Republic of Armenia does not, as yet, have an official diplomatic presence in Erbil that could facilitate the lives of Armenians in the KRG — both indigenous and refugees from the rest of Iraq — as well as work with the Kurdish authorities toward the goal of security, stability and development in the region.

There are three reasons for which Erbil, and more generally cultivating contacts with various Kurdish representations, is important: As Armenian communities in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East became victim of radical Islamist repression, Armenians sought refuge in Kurdish regions. The Republic of Armenia has the moral responsibility to ensure their safety and well-being.

iraq and armenia relationship

The Kurdish political factor is emerging in the region. Anyone, even without having a PhD in International Relations, by looking at the map could tell you about the strategic importance of the KRG for Armenia.

An Armenian political presence there could facilitate exchanges between Armenian industries and service sector. He teaches at Webster Geneva's faculty of media communications, and is a research associate at SOAS's department of development studies.

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His next book is Open Wounds: Armenians, Turks, and a Century of Genocide C Hurst, January ] Asbed Kotchikian Establishing or maintaining diplomatic relations has to be based on bilateral cooperation economically and politically. Establishing a diplomatic relation might trigger such interactions but the question remains at what level and for what focused purpose. Establishing direct flights to Erbil should develop some long term economic and political prospects for both entities. However there should be a clear and well-articulated or at least well thought strategy as to what are the expectations from such a relationship.