Hyrule warriors link and zelda relationship

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hyrule warriors link and zelda relationship

In Hyrule Warriors (a spin-off and not Canon), it is hinted that Link Link had a kiss on the cheeks from Zelda in the Oracle games and it's been. Link And Zelda Kiss | link and zelda kissing Image. The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Warriors Link, Zelda Skyward, Skyward Sword, Link Zelda. Hyrule Warriors. For Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "So Cia is jealous of Link & Zelda's relationship, are they an item?.

Older Zelda does seem to warm up to him a bit, though. Ruto Princess Ruto isn't really my favorite I don't mind her but I don't necessarily like her too much either.

She IS in "love" with Link, but once again Here's why I don't ship them, though The princess is rude Luckily, he is smart enough to use this to his advantage But, she barely knows him Malon Most of the time, I ship Zelda and Link I'm a sucker for Link x Malon I love this ship Except in the Manga, I will get to the TP manga In the game, they are shown to be great friends as kids and adults.

Link owns Epona who originally belonged to Malon Link saves the farm, and listens to her singing. I feel like Lon Lon ranch is a great place for them to bond and fall in love because of how peaceful and nice it is compared to some of the other places in Hyrule. That comic goes into detail on just how the whole Zelda timeline started, and many Zelda fans use that comic as reference when explaining how Link, Zelda, and Ganon's reincarnation came to be.

The comics ARE the same stories, but told in a different way, with often more details on why the characters are the way they are. So, I'm talking about the comics Zelda and Link become friends in the beginning, she opens up to him and gives him a task Now this might be the same thing as Princess Ruto's second grade crush on Link She obviously trusts him and knows that he is the one to help her people. She risks everything telling this boy what he must do. This gives the relationship between them more depth As adults, Zelda of course, helps Link as Sheik, but when she transforms back into Zelda, she cries because of how happy she is to see him again.

They have a moment alone that they share by being close to each other, and you can kinda feel the love as you read.

So is Link dating Zelda? Spoilers. - Hyrule Warriors Message Board for Wii U - Page 5 - GameFAQs

After Zelda is kidnapped, they fight Ganon, Link delivers the final blow, and Zelda seals him away Then, as he is floating upward, Zelda says she loves Link. Malon This is the only other girl that I will discuss for the manga since Saria doesn't age and will not be counted as a ship, Ruto is the same for me as in the game, and Nabooru doesn't really seem to be in love with Link other then some minor comments It's likely that Malon ends up with Link in the Video Game's story She spends a brief time with him as a child and when he leaves, she requests that he returns.

When he does, she takes a moment to remember him then starts thinking of him as her prince as he rescues her, she also fights monsters with him and helps restore the ranch to its normal self with him.

hyrule warriors link and zelda relationship

I think this does start out as a crush, but could very well develope into something else. She grows close to him though. It's showed when she learns of his strong feelings for Zelda, but still chooses to help him and smiles being around him.

Link often has close relations to the Royal family in the games, and can be around Zelda a lot without anyone caring what they do Eventually, he'd probably be caught and banned permanently.

But is Malon really who he ends up with? It's less likely in the manga than in the game. The Twilight Princess manga explains why.

In the TP game So it's safe to assume that he's there for a reason, possibly regarding family farmers But in the manga, it is shown that Link wasn't in Ordon for long, and grew up somewhere else.

Meaning that the spirit of the Hero of Time may be guiding him because of his love for being at Lon Lon ranch, which may have become Links home in Ocarina of Time. Also, Link shows to have a major crush on Ilia So who does he end up with? Zelda or Malon It could really go either way Link bonds with the royal family and marries Zelda because they already are in love and Zelda might need a king to rule with her OR Link goes to visit Zelda because of their love for each other, but is caught and thrown out.

Zelda then gets distracted with her duties as the Princess, and later as the Queen. I know Hyrule Warriors isn't exactly cannon, but she is a queen on her own in that, meaning that there may be a chance that Zelda could be a queen without being married in Hyrule in Oot After his heart is broken, and he cannot be around her anymore No not Kokiri forest, because children everywhere that's never peaceful No Link could have been an f-ing gold fish for all she cared, as long as he destroys the darkness.

hyrule warriors link and zelda relationship

The first meeting where she tells him about the Darkness and then sends him on his quest, and the second where she is seen escaping from the castle. Once she reveals herself Links end of the bond grows deeper non romantically showing trust in his friend and gratitude. Since the Zelda that DOES know what happened will remain as an adult and continue on from there, but as for Child Zelda, even though they meet again at the end of the credits we are unsure on whether or not Zelda actually knows who he is.

Young Link who was brought back to his proper time, finds everything normal and no darkness. Never getting full attention to what actually happened after the two were reunited.

It could have been that she was just very grateful to him for all he had done, despite her mistakes, but from a Shippers point of view that was some intense hand holding.

I am not going over any of these games. Timeline 2- Link is Triumphant and this is what occurs after being sent back in time: However, I think this was better left out of the timeline. For me this was a great game on its own. More fun, colorful, and easier to follow. As well as enjoyable antics from all the characters. And this stone cold lady is a Pirate now.

Tetra seems to have a kind soft spot in her heart for everyone she cares about.

Namely her shipmates, and the newest edition to the Crew, Link. Zelda has always been a girl for using her brains, but NOT much for being a good offense player when it came to actual fighting unless she was disguised as Sheik. They are separated and reunited many times through their journey, but sometimes Tetra would notice him stalking behind.

This showed that Tetra was most curious about what he would do rather than having a romantic affection for Link. But she does seem to at least care about him a little bit. When Tetra finally is revealed as Zelda, she seems spooked, and a bit dependent on Link.

I would be too. Link seemed to have a good idea of what he was doing while all the information had just been thrown at her at once. In the end she, her crew, and Link set out to find a new land and reestablish Hyrule. But yet again Zelda shippers are left with no hard evidence.

Are Link and Zelda in love? | Zelda Amino

But at least we have closure on the fact that Child Zelda did in fact know who he was. But I have a far fetched theory…. Remember at the beginning of the game when you are heading through that strange place in Lost Woods because that rascally skull kid stole your f-ing horse from under your nose?

And then he turns you into a walking pile of wood? In a sense, because Link was never able to return from Termina back to Hyrule as far as fans are concernedhe grew up and died there. In a sense even though he had taken back his human form he was Frank. Maybe Frank went to Hyrule. Anyways, where does this fit in with Zelda x Link? If you read the Manga that was written to go along with the game The Deku Princess admits to being in love with Frank.

They both seemed to have arrived in their opposite worlds?

hyrule warriors link and zelda relationship