How to train your dragon 2 astrid and hiccup relationship quizzes

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how to train your dragon 2 astrid and hiccup relationship quizzes

Dec 16, Find out which HTTYD dragon you would ride! Above: Serpent's Heir Below: How to Train Your Dragon 2 Dreamworks Dragons, Dreamworks In this How to Train Your Dragon Character Quiz you'll have try and He's only ever watched Hiccup. and it was more Astrid that instigated their relationship. This quiz will determine if you know How to train your Dragon as well as you think , good luck all to 2). What is Hiccups least favorite food? Hiccup: C'mon that's to easy. Fawn:explains the whole Hate astrid fandoms and thier relationship. 2. The village is beset by all kinds of dragons. Which dragon is considered the How does this relationship help him back at the village? Suspicious of his sudden success in dragon training, Astrid follows Hiccup and finds Toothless. Hiccup.

She also seems to be the only one able to see through the facade Hiccup puts up in the wake of his popularity. She confronts him on this at night while he is dealing with Toothless and she leaves more suspicious. By the time Hiccup takes the final win, Astrid has grown beyond aggravated. Instead of confronting him calmly like she initially did when questioning him about his weirdness, Astrid follows him to the Cove and aggressively tries to press the truth out of him on his improvement.

When she hears something she throws Hiccup to the ground and moves forward to investigate. Once she spots Toothlesshowever, her feud with Hiccup is forgotten and her first instincts are to protect him from the dragon.

Notably, it's not the first time Astrid warns Hiccup as she told him to get down and out of sight when facing danger during their training sessions.

This time around, however, she physically attempts to protect him by pulling him to the ground with her. Hiccup is quick to intervene before anything serious happens.

He attempts to calm both individuals down and explain himself to Astrid, who is thoroughly astonished by the revelation. Although it is unknown if she was actually running to the village, Astrid runs away in shock and fear, only to be picked up by Toothless and dropped in a tree. After finally agreeing with Hiccup to "let him show her" why Toothless is not as dangerous as she believes, having no choice other than fall out of the tree to Romantic flight her death she reluctantly gets on the dragon.

But sensing her attitude, Toothless doesn't listen to Hiccup's instructions to get down gently.

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Instead he races down, dunking his riders into the water, and spinning in circles. Astrid wraps both her arms and legs around Hiccup in fear, indicating she must have some trust in him. This is followed by Astrid pulling Hiccup in for another kiss, which the other dragon riders see, and say "This. Season 5 In this season, even more development happens with Hiccup and Astrid's relationship, with them being confirmed to be betrothed early on in the season.

In "Living on the Edge", Hiccup kisses Astrid on the forehead before leaving Melody Island, and thus leaving Astrid alone to deal with the hurt dragon. In "Sandbusted", Hiccup has the betrothal gift he is going to give to Astrid, and he tells Snotlout that saying, "This is my betrothal gift to Astrid. It means we'll be together forever. Astrid says, "What can you get a guy, who has it all, wants nothing, and need nothing? Later, after Astrid rescues Hiccup, along with Snotlout and Amos, Hiccup stops Astrid and tells her he needs to show her something.

Hiccup pulls out the necklace saying, "This was my father's bethrothal gift to my mother. Astrid, you're a part of our family. You always have been and I hope you always will be. Astrid then tells Hiccup that he didn't get a gift for her, and that she didn't know what to get him. Hiccup tells her, "But you did. Astrid, you got me the greatest gift in the world. You, You, just being here with me. It's the only gift I need. Hiccup tells Astrid that it is all about perspective, and that if you look at things with a different persepective, you see things you might not have seen before.

Astrid then says she has had enough thinking for the week and that she was going to go get some sleep and then shares a kiss with Hiccup before heading off to bed. In "Dawn of Destruction", Hiccup and Astrid are sparring with each other as practice for future fights with the Dragon Hunters. After being told that Johann is here for him, Hiccup heads off for the docks, and Astrid goes along with him.

After being told by Johann that he unfortunately did not get the oil he wanted and where to go get it, Hiccup and Astrid prepare to go off to the Isle of Thizzian, to get the oil Hiccup needs. The others tell Hiccup and Astrid that since they became a couple they have been ignoring them more and that their priorities are shifting because of it.

Hiccup and Astrid then fly off for the Isle of Thizzian leaving the others behind.

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At the island, Hiccup having a conversation, which starts with them wondering if they are ignoring them and not being team leaders like the rest of the gang said they were. Astrid says no, and that she has not been ignoring Snotlout more than she usually does.

Hiccup then replies to Astrid that he wants to make sure and that he does not want to be ignoring the rest of the gang more, but adds that at the same that is important he spend time with her. At that statement Astrid hugs Hiccup. Hiccup asks Astrid what that was for, to which she responds, "Just for being you. I love how sensitive you are. It's what makes you such a great friend, a great leader, and, um, a great boyfriend. Astrid accepts the invitation for the Moonlit flight, and flips Hiccup over.

They then take a Moonlit flight together which lasts the whole night. In "The Wings of War, Part 1", Hiccup says it is going to take something they never thought of to get around and keep from hurting dragons, to which Astrid responds that he will come up with it.

Hiccup says thank you and asks her how she knows that. And he always comes up with it. Hiccup asks Astrid how she found him, and she says she knows a Hiccup "thinking" sea stack anywhere.

Hiccup and Astrid have a discussion about the Dragon Flyers and Hiccup says that it isn't the Singetails fault for what happened since the Dragon Flyers made them do it. Astrid replies that she knows, but it doesn't matter if was dragon or flyer that did it and that she does not want to hurt dragons either but in tough times tough choices have to be made. Hiccup tells Astrid that she is absolutely right, and Astrid is happy to hear that.

But Hiccup then tells Astrid that he hears everything she is saying, and that it makes perfect sense, and that she has the warrior spirit for this, and while she has the stomach for it, he doesn't, and that he can't be in charge of something he doesn't believe in. As he is about to fly elsewhere, Astrid asks Hiccup where he is going, and he responds, "To find another way".

In "Snuffnut", Astrid puts her hands on Hiccup's shoulders while standing behind him, as she and Hiccup are talking to Tuffnut about Ruffnut and Throk. Hiccup sees Heather crying, and tells Astrid that Dagur must have told her that they found Oswald.

Astrid replies that Heather can at least leave it behind her. Astrid than asked Hiccup what was in the letter Oswlad left for Heather? Hiccup answers "Closure", and puts his arm around Astrid and pulls her closer during which Astrid puts her arm around Hiccup, which is immediately followed with Hiccup and Astrid leaning their heads closer to each other.

Hiccup and Astrid stay in this position, sharing a romantic moment, while still watching Dagur talking to Heather.

how to train your dragon 2 astrid and hiccup relationship quizzes

Season 6 In "Mi Amore Wing", at the beginning of the episode, it's brought up that Mala and Dagur are getting married and the way they act together makes Astrid question her relationship with Hiccup. Astrid later puts on the Betrothal Necklace Hiccup gave her hoping he would notice it. When Hiccup comes to her hut he does not notice the necklace. When Hiccup notices how Astrid is acting he walks over to her and asks what she is trying to tell him in which Astrid gets angry as she tells Hiccup that he has been ignoring her and the fact she is wearing her Betrothal Necklace and throws it back at Hiccup.

However, later on she and Hiccup make up and work together to fight Krogan and his Flyers. At the end of the episode Hiccup apologizes saying "I love you, Astrid Hofferson with everything I have, and I always will.

As they look at each other Fishlegs, Mala, and Dagur walk away to give the two some privacy, and Hiccup and Astrid lean on each other and look out at the setting sun. In "Triple Cross", Hiccup and Astrid are spending some alone time, having a picnic with no distractions, and no interruptions, till the twins comes crushing down. As Hiccup was about leave, Astrid was worried that the message didn't sound like Stoick and wanted to go with him but he assured her that he will be careful.

Astrid says she's proud of him and kisses him on the cheek. Hiccup pulls Astrid back as she starts walking away and kisses her on the lips, Astrid then smiles, and brushes her hair out of her face and puts her hand on his heart. Near the end, Astrid and Hiccup are shown kissing at Dagur and Mala's wedding. How to Train Your Dragon 2 By the time of the second film, Hiccup and Astrid are still in a relationship, and are closer than ever.

Astrid finds Hiccup on Itchy Armpit, and asks him where has been. Hiccup responds that he was avoiding his dad. Astrid responds by asking "What happened now? Hiccup has to stop multiple times to question what Astrid is doing, and question Astrid's imitation of him.

On the final line of Hiccup's imitation of Stoick, Astrid interrupts finishing the line, by saying "to make you chief".

Astrid Hofferson

Astrid is excited for Hiccup, but Hiccup does not feel that he is ready to be chief and that it is not him. Astrid thinks Hiccup is missing the point, but Hiccup responds saying that Astrid knows who she is, but he is still looking for who he is. Astrid and Hiccup then sit down and Astrid tells Hiccup that what he is searching for is in him and not in the world, and proceeds to kiss him on the cheek. Later, when Stoick is battening down the hatches and shutting Berk down, and grounding all dragons, Astrid tries to stop Hiccup from leaving, but Hiccup says he has to and kisses Astrid on the cheek before he goes.

Astrid looks on as Hiccup is made chief, and is happy for Hiccup. Later, Hiccup takes a break from his chiefing and grabs the black sheep and throws it into Astrid's basket making her the winner of the current dragon race.

Graphic Novels "The Serpent's Heir" Hiccup makes Astrid the acting chief when he needs to go to Nepenthe to help out with a great disturbance there. Astrid in turn makes Gobber the acting chief, so she can go along with Hiccup to make sure he does not get into any trouble. After they return to Berk, along with the others who came along with them, Hiccup gives new roles to people, including making Astrid his general, so he and Astrid can lead Berk side by side.

During Hiccup's announcement he and Astrid hold hands, and they look at each other in a sort of romantic way. Fanon Hiccstrid is the most popular ship in the How to Train Your Dragon film franchise, aside from the dragon-rider relationships. This is the main boy-girl ship of the franchise. From the very beginning, this ship was very popular, and remains very popular. The fanbase has been growing for over seven years now.

This ship is viewed by the fandom as a very healthy, and very well done ship, in terms of how it was written in the TV series, Films, shorts, and graphic novels.

There is tons of fanfiction written and tons of fanart drawn about this ship, more than any other of the ships in this franchise. She is as much a contributor to the map as Hiccup has been. They just have a very easy-going, very relaxed, very comfortable relationship. What is fun is that our characters are more grown up now. Because there is a romantic aspect to their relationship, there are more tender moments between them.

In the first film she was thinking: She is a partner in his adventure. And I would say they are boyfriend and girlfriend. She is self-assured, commanding and she knows who she is. I see what a great stalwart she is for my son [Hiccup].

How much she grounds.

how to train your dragon 2 astrid and hiccup relationship quizzes

She is the voice of reason to Hiccup. She is a warrior as well. I love the fact- I think she reminds me of my wife [Valka]. My wife [Valka] was super strong, competitive, and uncompromising I wanna see my son [Hiccup] grow up. I wanna have grandkids! And I want it with the coolest chick in the clan, and that is Astrid.

But she is a little less tomboy and a little more glamorous. Her relationship with Hiccup has evolved.