Horne and corden relationship advice

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horne and corden relationship advice

James listened hard, acted on it – and on similar advice given by other He married a beautiful former Save The Children worker called Julia. But now it seems that funnymen James Corden and Matt Horne's close partnership has come to an end as their comedy sketch show Horne. Mat's friend and co-star James Corden has gone on to become a Mat and James's working relationship survived two post-Gavin and Stacey.

horne and corden relationship advice

And it's hoped Monday's marathon will be a significant fundraiser for the charity. Last year around 30 runners took part in aid of Mencap. This year there will be 1, people taking part. Mat won't be running but he'll be hard to miss around Belfast on Monday as he supports and encourages the 17, participants expected to hit the streets for fun runs, walks, relays and the full marathon.

horne and corden relationship advice

I will be helping with the warm-up and I may do a bit of the fun run on Monday, but I will be travelling around Belfast from early morning. I thought about saying that I would be installing a treadmill on the bus and running the marathon on it.

But Tim Peake beat me to it up in space. It would look like I was copying him," laughs Mat, who has not only worked in Belfast before but has also been here as a tourist.

I liked Belfast so much so that I couldn't wait to return for a visit as a tourist, which I did. And it was marvellous. He will be at Ormeau Park on Monday to greet runners at the end of the marathon - a Mat finish, you could call it.

Interview with actor Mathew Horne

The demand for selfies will no doubt be high but he says he's not sure how many people will recognise him because it's been so long since television show Gavin and Stacey finished its enormously successful run. In reality, however, Mat and Gavin are still inseparable in the public's perception because the show is repeated so often on satellite TV channels, and cries of 'Gavlar' still ring out as he walks down the street.

horne and corden relationship advice

It grew into a quite wonderful beast. One of the most difficult things would be to get the cast back together. But it would be terrible if the audience spent years saying, 'Bring it back,' and then we did and they were disappointed. That would be awful.

horne and corden relationship advice

From nowhere, the show took off, drawing an audience of more than seven million to last year's Christmas special, and in its first season won the Bafta award for best new TV comedy, followed last year by the outright best comedy award.

It was at this point, that things started to go wrong.

horne and corden relationship advice

Having picked up two Baftas, Corden, flushed and cocky, berated the judges for not giving the show a third. From the good heart that had served Gavin and Stacey so well burst what looked like a display of petulance and egotism.

James Corden and Matthew Horne: suddenly the joke's on them

The critics didn't like what they saw: Corden, observed one, had gone from being that "likeable chubby fella off Gavin and Stacey to a fat git, with a laugh like a neutered howler monkey. To be fair, it is one he is willing to address. The overdue arrival of celebrity, he says, sent him "a bit mental".

He partied with Noel Gallagher, went to the football with Russell Brand, dropped ungallant hints about a relationship with Lily Allen.

Gavin and Stacey comic Mathew Horne back in city as starter of Belfast marathon

It took counselling from the veteran comedy actor Rob Brydon to calm him down. And I think I had a bit of a swagger. I think I was a bit rude to people, I think I started to think I was a bit more of a dude than I really was. Had he not taken the title role in a new West End production of Joe Orton's Entertaining Mr Sloane, only to discover in the next morning's reviews that he had been "spectacularly miscast".

Sometimes, when one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong. Dying, they say, is easy; comedy is difficult. It's going to be a tough road back from Lesbian Vampire Killers.