Hope and crosby relationship tips

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hope and crosby relationship tips

Bob Hope and Bing Crosby met while working in vaudeville. Over the next several days, the quotes appeared in newspapers throughout the country and in . 17 View All Skip Ad. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby Gallery: funny jokes and quotes about love, sex and marriage. Gallery. 14 Dec But the relationship between Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Rosemary Clooney . She was a straight talker, a wonderful guide and a loving soul.

It was just awful. He was clueless at that time. That was why that generation of comedians turned off to him. Richard Zoglin When Bob went out to Hollywood inhe got friendly again with Crosby on the Paramount lot and they became good friends.

They entertained together at [the] Del Mar racetrack, where Bing was a part owner and Paramount executives saw their act onstage together and said, "Hey, these guys might work together in a movie. This came out in early and it was just terrific. It was the highest-grossing film for in a year with a lot of big Hollywood films, and the audience responded instantly to the chemistry of the two of them on-screen together. They were relaxed, informal — they seemed to be friends authentically, not just movie characters.

The movie was so much fun that it launched a series. On Crosby and Hope's real-life relationship They were friends and they loved working together, but they were not close friends.

They were very different personality types. Bob was someone who loved being famous and loved being out there as a star and he loved talking to fans and he was basically a happy guy. Bing was much more ambivalent about his stardom, I think. He was more reclusive. He didn't like the Hollywood scene; he moved up to Northern California halfway through his career.

He didn't like showing up at things.

hope and crosby relationship tips

And [Bing] didn't show up. I think that bothered Bob a little bit. At the end of his life, Bob confessed to a colleague, he said, "You know, in all the time I knew Bing and his I think also Bob envied Bing in the early years, particularly.

Bing was more successful and Bing was a smart businessman. Bob learned a lot from him. I think that there was a little bit of a rivalry. One day somebody suggested that he go down to March Field [now March Air Reserve Base] and entertain the troops there who were bored.

We were not in the war yet, and Bob went there and got an amazing reaction. They just loved him. He could really connect with the troops. And when the war started, Hollywood banded together and everybody felt they had to cooperate in the war effort.

Some stars, as we know, enlisted and the ones who didn't enlist volunteered to entertain at bases around the country. Finally, when the war started to turn in the Allies' favor inthe USO was able to start sending entertainment troops overseas. Bob was doing his radio show. He wasn't one of the very first, but in the summer ofhe made his first trip over to Europe, Britain and the European theater in North Africa.

What a miracle that they're voices blended so well and their ranges matched perfectly. As one half of the singing Clooney Sisters, Rosemary had no idea that she was just six years away from pop superstardom and just eight years away from co-starring, separately, with the men she used to gaze at on-screen in the Russell Theater in Maysville Kentucky, her childhood home. In later interviews she'd tell reporters how much, as a child, she'd enjoyed Paramount's old "Road" pictures that teamed Hope and Crosby on a series of raucous comic adventures with music.

But she greatly underestimated her own potential stardom, or her career longevity. In a year from now nobody's even going to be talking about me,'" DiPaolo said, recalling his early relationship with Rosemary, whom he had met on the set of her second film, "Here Come the Girls" in We were both young.

She was only 21 and I was We went together for about a year. It was Bob and four guys in blazers and straw hats. He was interviewed about his memories of Bob and Rosemary in June ofjust weeks before Hope's death at age It was a lot of fun," Martin said.

Hope was the best, wonderful to work with. If we felt like working, we'd work. If he didn't feel like working, he'd play golf, probably with Bing. There was always a lot of ad libbing going on. We were always allowed to say what we wanted as long as we kept within the general boundaries of the script. The film itself was not one of Rosemary's favorites, however.

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In later years she would joke that nobody went to see the picture, not even Dolores. She set up the appearances with my Dad and with my mother with Rosemary. She could tell you more about that than I could.

hope and crosby relationship tips

All I did was love her. At the time Bob was in precarious health, and would pass away just six to eight weeks later. She was just a delight. During the filming of "Road to Hong Kong" inBing and Bob shared a house together in England, where the movie was being shot.

Bob Hope Stories

They had some funny times together with the British on the golf courses. One time they had been filming a party scene on the set and they went straight from there to the golf course. They got into the men's locker room, and they were changing their shoes, and as they took off their street shoes, all of this confetti fell out of their shoes. And the British members of the club were looking at them and wondering what was going on.

So they started doing some of their schtick: This is what they did from the early thirties, when they were at parties together in New York, before they ever worked together. But they were fairly reserved people. They didn't go out and shoot up the town and they were never involved in a business deal that I know of.

It was golf and friendship. They weren't drinking buddies.

hope and crosby relationship tips

My father didn't drink much and Bing had quit. I was 19 at the time, and people would see me with this very attractive quite pregnant older woman and we'd get a lot of looks. She'd say, 'You don't seem to mind. I think it's great.

She didn't mind either.

Interview: Richard Zoglin, Author Of 'Hope' : NPR

She thought it was a hoot. She still had that great Texas sense of humor. Martin also golfed with both men.

hope and crosby relationship tips

Phil Harris and Bing were very good friends. And I did alright with Bob. I had a good handicap. I think they had a six or seven and I had an eight or nine. I played Bing once at Hillcrest Country Club. I asked him his handicap and he said his handicap was a six at that time. He asked me what mine was, and I said, 'It's an eight. Bing took a five iron and hit it up to the apron of the green.

Were Bob Hope and Bing Crosby Pals Off-Screen? (article) by Robert L. Mills on AuthorsDen

So I said to my caddy, 'Give me a six iron. So Bing turned to me and said, 'What did you say your handicap was?

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We laughed about that. I happened to make a lucky shot. To tell you the truth, I was fascinated by him because he was always an idol of mine. She talked about her admiration for the singer in an interview included on the DVD of "White Christmas," the smash film in which both she and Bing starred.

That was very important to me.

Crosby In Search Of Crosby, "Bing: The Truth Behind The Legend" - Trailer

Her dressing room was by Bing's, and so I got to visit with her. She was just as down home as she was the rest of her life. So you'll see pictures of her down in Baja, California. Sometimes all of her children were there with us, but usually at least one or two were there.

Bing really cared for her so much, and she cared for him. And she's always been there for me. According to an earlier book by Kathryn, "My Life with Bing," Rosemary was visiting the famous couple and their two small children, Harry and Mary Frances, in Mexico inwhen a truly frightening incident occurred.

hope and crosby relationship tips

In a scene that appeared to have been filmed in slow motion, Bing turned a corner to the left just as Harry stood up to gesture to me. I saw the child tumble over the side of the car, and felt an ominous bump as Bing jammed on the break, leaped out dumping Mary Frances into the sand, and raced for Harry.

Harry was only four years old at the time, but when contacted for this article recently, he said Rosemary remembered this incident vividly and occasionally talked to him about it. She was a straight talker, a wonderful guide and a loving soul. She was truly family When I was 18 I lived in the back of her garage, when I'd come down to visit the family members.

I was going to the California Insitute of the Arts and I always had a bed there. I had a really close relationship with all of her children, all of her five kids. Inat the close of a concert in Pasadena, California, a technical snafu would cause Bing to tumble from the theater stage and fall into the orchestra pit, rupturing a disc in his back.

Rosemary was touring with Bing at the time, and had already left the theater with Bing's children. They were being driven to a local restaurant when the news reached them about the incident. Rosemary did her best to keep the Crosby kids calm while they raced to the hospital.

Remarkably, Bing had recovered sufficiently from the fall to resume the tour some weeks later. DiPaolo said her habit of taking Crosby's children out for dinner after the show began early in her series of appearances with Bing, which began around and continued until Bing's death in mid-October, She'd take Harry and Mary Frances and Nathaniel and her kids and me and we'd all go to SoHo and have dinner almost every night at this Italian restaurant.

Bing and Kathryn wouldn't go. Bing finally said, 'My goodness, you're really taking the kids around here a lot. You must be spending a fortune.