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CBI moves SC challenging clean chit to Aarushi Talwar's parents

facing trial in the twin murder case of her daughter Aarushi and domestic aide Hemraj, was today ordered by a CBI court to be released from. The Allahabad HC on Thursday acquitted Rajesh and Nupur Talwar in the murder of their daughter, Aarushi and domestic help, Hemraj. Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case: A chronology of events. PrevNext Both Aarushi and Hemraj knew about Rajesh's affair. Lebanon, New Jersey Drivers Are Stunned By This New RuleEverQuote Insurance Quotes|.

DNA: Will Aarushi and Hemraj murder mystery ever find the guilty?

Would my life, how I carried myself, my hobbies, my friends, also be analyzed the same way? Would my family life also have been scrutinized like that? Would my diary, too, have been read and misunderstood, would my texts and emails have been misconstrued, would a fight with my parents over something petty have been seen as a possible motive for murder?

The girl I read about on the news, and the parents she had, were not real people, they were fictional characters created out of some collective imagination. It has always puzzled me why people preferred to believe that the parents were guilty.

Was it because the narrative of a father killing his daughter is far juicier and sensational than the domestic help murdering her? Is it because a sexually perverse angle of a daughter and her debauched parents makes for a much more salacious copy? Talwars — Guilty Till Proven Innocent If and when the innocence of the Talwars gets proven, what we did to them as a country, as a society will also be out.

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The Talwars lost their reason to live — Aarushi — but we as a people killed them, stripping them of their dignity forever. The whole basis of the conviction is that Aarushi was having an affair with Hemraj. However, there was no evidence to this sweeping claim. The issue of understanding Aarushi, her lifestyle, her relationship with her parents is key to the context to the case.

How could the police, CBI and the judiciary correctly judge anything without understanding the context of their lives? When he interviewed me for the book a couple of years ago, I remember him asking me what it meant for us to have boyfriends at the time? Was a 14 year old girl having a boyfriend indicative of her sexual activity?

No, I had said. For us, having a boyfriend then meant someone we spoke to on the phone, went to the movies with along with our friends, someone we had a crush on and our friends teased us about. She was a growing healthy girl, who was in a co-ed school, she had lots of friends who were girls and she had friends who were boys.

Aarushi was not a suppressed, rebellious or secretive child. She had a healthy, open relationship with her parents. Her parents knew she was at the age when she would start to go out for movies and a few, select parties. It is very important to note that neither Aarushi, nor any of her peers were even remotely sexually active at this age. We were children, we did not even think about these things. The boys we were friends with, were mostly met in school or tuitions, and the conversations always revolved around pop culture, academics, or other friends.

This family was extremely normal by the standards of an urban middle class home. It was very similar to my family, or those of our friends and other classmates, or other families of students who go to schools like DPS Noida. Statements may have been changed later, points of views may have evolved, apologies may also have been made, but the damage was already done. Her reputation was already ruined and this narrative had already been written. Not a rich family, but a middle-class hardworking family who had done well enough for themselves to be content.

The Talwars were very gentle and tolerant people. And Aarushi was a really happy girl. She was the simple, kind, peaceful and content one among all of us. I can vouch for this, because I was perpetually in my teenage funk, fighting with my mother, crying about boys, fighting with people at school. Aarushi was the one who everyone wanted to be friends with; she was pretty, fun, kind, friendly, popular, smart and had a very positive and peaceful aura to her; she had really nice parents, she had it all.

The theory of honour killing, which is the basis for suspecting the parents, makes absolutely no sense, and also has never had any evidence to back it with. This case needed a fair investigation. By the police, by the CBI.

Twists, turns and suspense: 10 things to know about Aarushi Talwar, Hemraj murders

Right or wrong as I may be. Out of the blue, Avirook called and we chatted about it. And suddenly, I was consumed by it. And then just the other day, he popped by my office and we discussed it even further. With even greater remorse.

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I do not know what will happen to the Talwars. What I do know is that it can happen to any of us. Actually, all of us. So I decided to ask him questions that I didn't hear anyone else asking him. I stopped consuming media in copious doses purely because I believe that largely journalism has lost both its vigour and rigour.

In these times, the rewards for rigour are sparse, in almost every profession. Plus, journalism to a large measure has become an arena of agendas. A stadium in which stances play their own games. In this book, I sensed a relentless search for the truth; the meticulousness of it all is majestic.

This book is not a judgement. This book is evidence. It's you and I who are the judges. I take that as a personal question because it grew to become the most important piece of work that I have done. For the last few years it was pretty much all that I could talk about, even think about.

The idea of miscarriage of justice is one with universal appeal, but for most of us it is an abstraction. As this case played out before me, I began to see what injustice is, in the harsh light of reality.

It was happening every day. I had to write about it. I had one great advantage: I also realised that it was a much more important story than just a supposedly juicy murder trial or mystery, if you will. It was our story as much as it was Aarushi or Hemraj's or the Talwars'. It tells us things about who we are, the kind of country we live in, the institutions we believe in, in ways that we might have neglected to notice--or turned away from. So it had to be told.

That's why this book. You told me that "you and I are responsible for the Talwars being in jail," please elaborate.

Think about the state players in this case, and examine the roles they played. These are all people whose salaries come from our taxes, every Indian pays to keep them in their jobs. Given that, can we not ask the following questions: Do we pay our policemen to bungle and malign? To feed to the media, in that same courtroom, things that were nowhere on the record? The PP was telling attentive reporters this in court.

Do we pay our judges so that they can invent evidence to suit the state's view? The Talwars were wrongly convicted by those who represent 'us'. And this makes me sad. A controversial judgement such as this cannot happen without political prejudice.

So what took them to jail and why can't they be freed?