Haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship advice

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haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship advice

Kuroyukihime dines with Haru at his place. Things happen and the couple becomes overly romantic. I'll ask my mom about cooking tips!. The central relationship in Accel World is that of Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime, it is a relationship marked by repressed feelings and the power. As of v14 (farthest English translation), Kuroyukihime trusts Haruyuki more than some of even the older Negabu members in terms of her IRL.

The Red King the best long range lv 9 vs Silver Crow lv 4. Early on there is also Silver Crow vs Ash Roller. In the Light Novels it's mentioned many times that unless you invest your Level Up Bonus there is almost no difference between levels. Thus, a level 1 can match a level 3 as long as their combat skills are roughly the same, and there's almost no difference between level 4 and 5. However, those in the upper brass level 7 and above have far more combat experience and are specialized, making it a stretch to defeat them.

Thus we have for example Wolfram Cerebus Level 1. Kuroyukihime to Haruyuki before the Diving Save from a car. Every game that has been seen thus far, but specifically the Brain Burst Fighting Game.

They even feel pain while fighting. With the promise of admitting their mistake, and trying to atone for them. The death of Saffron Blossom at the hands of those whom she was trying to help with the Destiny caused Chrome Falcon to go insane with rage and combine with Incarnate System the Starcaster and the Destiny into the Disaster. Haruyuki will not give up a net fight after he learned how.

He got his arm and leg blown off fighting someone three levels higher than him and he would not back down. When Kuroyukihime gets the Gang of Bullies expelled and arrestedAraya tries to murder her and Haruyuki after being released on bail. Distracted by the Sexy: During a doubles match of virtual tennis with Kuroyukihime and Chiyu, Haru and Taku are unable to concentrate on the game by the constant possibility of a Panty Shot thanks to the girls' tennis skirts, although Kuroyukihime notes that Taku is also considering letting Chiyu win.

Kuroyukihime uses up most of her points to save Haru even while time is slowed down in Brain Burst. Does This Remind You of Anything? It is often said that wire connection only occurs with lovers or close friends.

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship advice

It's even possible to get a virus from someone untrustworthy. You can imagine what Noumi forcing Chiyu to connect with him means. Don't You Dare Pity Me! Haruyuki does not like the idea at all that his friends are pitying him. The localization of the light novel omits honorifics, including " senpai ".

As a result of that, when Wolfram Cerberus' third personality calls Silver Crow "Arita-senpai," which is what Nomi had called Haruit's a bit harder to recognize that's something only Nomi would say.

It's indicated that since one's duel avatar's abilities are born from one's personal trauma, and according to Kuroyukihimeparents are using the Neurolinkers as a substitute for spending time with their kids, it thus follows that most of them are not well-adjusted people.

Chrome Falcon while becoming Chrome Disaster, is appalled that people who were tormented in real life would become bullies themselves in Brain Burst. Haruyuki is glad he does not have the app that records dreams after this.

The plot is driven by Kuroyukihime's desire to complete the game which means she's the one stirring up conflict in the Brain Burst community. However, given that Brain Burst is a fighting game by design, it's not exactly evil. Chiyuri fools everyone into thinking this during the Dusk Taker arc. Chiyuri in the Dusk Taker arc. Kuroyukihime seemed worried that Haruyuki might check out her legs during their first use of Brain Burst.

After Haruyuki grabs Niko's ankles her heel in the anime to keep her from kicking him, she accuses him of "fooling around" with her feet.

Obsession and repressed feelings in Accel World

This becomes a Running Gag later on. He later actually does develop a fetish for feet. A big deal in the Accel World. Haruyuki is the first to have a flying avatar. She's really reversing time, rather than healing them. On top of that, whenever she uses her ability, you hear the sound of bells, similar to those of a clock, and on at least one occasion clockwork gears are visible inside the cannon itself.

As Rust Jigsaw is entering the net cafe at the end of episode 21 he passes by a poster of a character dressed as Snow White. He insists, including mentioning some enemies that could be tamed with it flying horses.

Mana also suggests that she would soon have need of it. In the next to last episode, her Big Damn Heroes moment comes with her riding in on, you guessed it, a flying horse. In the first volume, Taku casually mentions Haru getting "the Chii special" for Lunch the lunch that Haru had refusedeven though he shouldn't have known about that. Chiyu later denies telling Taku about Haru being ridiculed. Both of these foreshadow that Taku has a backdoor program and is spying on her. When discussing her "parent," Kuroyukihime mentions how she utterly hates that person, but due to the nature of their relationship, she can't fight against them.

When later talking about the three healer types- Chiyuri, someone who left the Accelerated world and the White King- Kuroyukihime doesn't want Haruyuki to get anywhere near them. As you can likely tell from Kuroyukihime's similar disdain for both individuals, they're actually one and the same, as White Cosmos, the White King, is Kuroyukihime's parent.

Chiyuri agreed to return Taku's romantic love in order to keep his friendship, and only when Haruyuki promised not to leave. Haruyuki is frequently ridiculed by Araya and his gang until Kuroyukihime gets them expelled with a Batman Gambit. The manga ends after the Bridge Floating in Starlight arc- Kuroyukihime and Fuuko are fully reconciled and Nega Nebulus vows to stand together to protect Haruyuki against the other legions, but none of the other plot threads are resolved.

Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship advice

Kuroyukihime tries to slap the Angst and self hatred out of Haruyuki. And again to Cyan Pile when she challenges him to a fight.

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship advice

Give Geeks a Chance: The relationship between Haru and Kuroyukihime is that of the School Idol and a pudgy nobody. It's an unusual example in that Kuroyukihime was the one smitten by Haru instead of the inverse, and the School Idol is arguably more of a geek.

Virtually all Burst Linkers are this to an extent, as to even qualify to play Brain Burst requires specific parameters to be met. But among the community, the seven Kings are regarded as the best of the best being the only level-nine players in the game.

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Good Wings, Evil Wings: Haru's wings look vaguely like an angel's. When Dusk Taker steals his flying ability and uses it, his wings look like a bat's. Gotta Kill Them All: The only way to get to level 10 is to Player Kill all other level 9s. Thus permanently uninstalling Brain Burst from them. Specifically, according to the wikione has to kill 5 level 9 players, meaning five of the Seven Kings of Color must be beaten.

Direct-linking with someone is considered an extremely intimate action because there is no information security involved, and thus, it is a sign of deep trust. When Kuroyukihime nonchalantly offers to do so with Haru, everyone around her does a spit-take and Kuroyukihime later gets jealous when she hears that Chiyuri received Brain Burst from Haru via a short cord that she herself used with him.

Kuroyukihime does not appreciate the closeness that Haruyuki and Chiyuri share. Not that Haruyuki could understand that until someone flat out told him she was jealous. Even then he was confused and he literally looked up the word. Haruyuki and Chiyuri's relationship is a sore point with Taku as well.

In a variation, it's also indicated that he believes that if he doesn't go out with Chiyuri, she'll spend the rest of her life taking care of Haru. Chiyuri is jealous that Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki had a direct connection, and that Kuroyukihime made more progress in helping Haru soon after they met than Chiyuri did in months. After Kuroyukihime lost her connection cable which she used to connect with Haruyuki, she bought the shortest one she could find.

Supposedly because she didn't have money for a longer one, but it's very probable that she did so because she was jealous about Haruyuki connecting with Chiyuri through an even shorter cable. Also she gets jealous when Scarlet Rain spends the night in Haruyuki's apartment, thus causing her to sleep over as well.

Chiyuri has her little cat pin on one side and hair clips on the other. Noumi, is a member of the Acceleration Research Society, who are implied to be the main antagonists of the series, but Noumi seems to be fairly low-ranking.

He does, however, prove to be a thoroughly unpleasant Smug Snake who blackmails Haru into gathering points for him and having Haru's friend Chiyu become his tag partner unaware that Chiyu is planning on betraying him and returning Haru's wings.

He does have a Freudian Excuse although since the same goes for most Burst Linkers, it doesn't say much - Seiji's older brother bullied him, and forced him to give points to Yuichi like Yuichi does with his victimsuntil Seiji unlocked his ability and brutally erased his brother from Brain Burst - but given that Seiji took sadistic pleasure in doing so, it doesn't inspire much sympathy.

The closest Haru, who was bullied himself gets to sympathizing with Noumi is saying that they might have been friends if Noumi had approached him and his companions as another Burst Linker.

Araya is also shown to be a despicable character, which is especially driven home when he not only harasses Haru and steals his lunch money, but also when he tries to kill both Kuroyukihime and Haru in retaliation for getting him expelled and arrested. Cyan Pile starts out as a bounty hunter seeking Kuroyukihime's head for the points bounty, but then becomes the first person besides Haru to join Kuroyukihime in the revived Nega Nebulus. In the anime finale, Haruyuki and Chiyuri have a big one when Noumi's wings unexpectedly disappear and Silver Crow unexpectedly starts to float without the Gale Thruster being on.

What actually happened is that Chiyu's healing ability actually rewinds time and she not only managed to level it up enough to undo Dusk Taker's stealing of Silver Crow's wings but waited until the opportune moment in the battle where both combatants are in the air before backstabbing Noumi, sending him plummeting down like a rock and enabling Haru to utterly obliterate the now helpless Dusk Taker with a single attack.

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In the fight Haruyuki vs Cyan Pile after Haruyuki loses An Arm and a Leg he crawls over to Kuroyukihime's bed where she is fighting for her life after her Diving Saveand he won't back down which helps him unlock more of his power. Haruyuki hates himself and this causes much confusion and problems because of how this messes up his relationships. Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Sand Duct and Nickel Doll. It felt so warm as it caressed her tiny one softly, wrapping it around like a heated blanket.

She peered upwards to the side and saw Haru with a deeply worried expression. Just keep watching the movie. She couldn't believe herself. She was being too needy. She craved for his attention despite his interest in the movie. But she didn't care. She didn't want to watch a damn movie.

Obsession and repressed feelings in Accel World | illogicalzen

She didn't want to do anything at all. All she wanted was for him to shower her with love and attention like a lover does. Smiling sadly, she reluctantly pushed him away. So stop focusing on me.

The good part is coming up! Trying to watch the movie, she made herself focus with the utmost attention. Wh-" A sudden addition of weight caused her to lean sideways. Haru's tongue propelled itself into her mouth without permission, stroking her tongue lovingly as soon as it came into contact with it.

Grabbing the back of his t-shirt tightly, she let herself fall back on the sofa. She felt one arm hold her head up and another one sliding slowly down her backside as if it was trying to search for an opening to get under her top. It was getting harder. Feeling his tongue remove itself from her mouth, she tried to follow it, pushing her tongue onto his. To her dismay, however, he closed his mouth and hovered over her to peer at her face.

His arm stopped supporting her head and now maintained his body from dropping on hers. She breathed hotly as her tongue was slightly out of her mouth. Her cheeks were flushed and sweat was already glistening atop her forehead.

A strange warmness started to emanate from her lower extremities, causing her to seductively rub her crotch on his thigh. Haru smiled tenderly before coming down to suck on her tongue moderately, his arm once again supporting his girlfriend's head. Her eyelids felt heavy, causing her eyesight to be a bit obscured. Then, Haru started to grind his hips onto hers, triggering them to rub on each other's as if they were rhythmically dancing to a beat. She began to hear a zipper get undone. Goosebumps started to riddle her velvety skin as it got into contact with the cold air.

And his fi- Haru suddenly bolted upwards. His eyebrows knitted irately as he moved his hand in the air. He was typing something, furiously punching the buttons down. She instinctively brushed herself off, adjusted her clothes, and sat neatly on the sofa with her hands placed patiently on her lap. Her cheeks were still flushed due to his titillating touches.