Guts and casca relationship help

Love in Berserk (Guts and Casca and others)

guts and casca relationship help

Guts did in fact almost rape and kill her while he was possessed, on the other . Similar to the relationship Casca originally had with Griffith. happens with Casca he might depend on them more than ever to help him adapt. want to gather numbers of “fans”, not even friends in a large network of support. To some extent Guts does move to another object of desire, Casca. The relationship could work, possibly within the same old logic, possibly. In a way Griffith respected his relationship with Guts, more so than any other if Griffith developed a grudge against him after he got torn up, for loving Casca.

Hell of a word choice. And then the Hound tells Guts to rape Casca so he can get closer to Griffith and I throw up my hands. The earlier parallels I described, Guts comparing leaving Griffith and leaving Casca, etc, draw an emotional connection between Guts and Griffith through Casca as, essentially, a bridge. Guts is assuaging his desire to go back and fix his mistakes by replacing Griffith with Casca and refusing to leave her.

This chapter draws a very direct sexual connection between Guts and Griffith through Casca as a bridge.

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By raping the woman Femto raped, Guts can get closer to him. And it is, of course, not the first time the manga has done this. I feel like the stare the fucking stare omg speaks for itself. Ultimately my main takeaway here is that Berserk would be about x less fucked up and offensive if Guts and Griffith just cut out the middlewoman and fucked each other.

So what about pre-Eclipse?

casca x guts

Does the same principle hold true then, back when Casca was an actual character and not just a plot device and projection screen for Guts? And I would argue that it does. Their first emotionally intimate scene together, when they finally stop hating each other and start to bond as friends, is when Casca tells Guts her backstory, which happens to be almost entirely about Griffith.

Finally, right before Guts leaves, Judeau introduces him to the concept of hooking up with Casca.

guts and casca relationship help

During the course of this conversation Guts does a kind of There are three possible explanations for this behaviour: Guts just wants to be a good bro and help his friends be happy together.

Guts is sublimating his unconscious desire for Casca into trying to hook her up with Griffith. Guts is sublimating his unconscious desire for Griffith into trying to hook him up with Casca. And, just to throw something out there, once we establish that Berserk has subtextual, repressed sexual desire in this love triangle it only adds more validation to the other combinations.

guts and casca relationship help

Even if we are genuinely meant to read Guts as unknowingly attracted to Casca, it puts unknowing attraction on the table. Who else might he be unknowingly attracted to?


Casca also apparently took some time to recognize her feelings for Griffith as potentially romantic. But lol I digress. Contents Personality As one of the band's most formidable warriors, Casca commands the respect of her fellow Falcons. Prior to the events of the fifth Eclipse, Casca proves a determined and capable leader within the Band of the Falcon who merits the respect of her comrades in arms.

So great is her leadership that she is able to rally the Falcons behind her in their moment of utmost peril and prevent the complete annihilation of the fugitive band for a year following Griffith's imprisonment.

guts and casca relationship help

Casca attempts to convince Griffith to sheath his sword in defense of Guts. Her loyalty and devotion to Griffith seed within her a yearning for strength, wanting to serve as his able sword in the pursuit of his dream. Notably, when Griffith resolves to duel Guts in an attempt to prevent him from leaving the band, Casca interjects, questioning her leader's challenge — an action Judeau notes she would have never taken previously, as she considered Griffith's will akin to gospel.

In fragmented form, Casca remembers fondly her days as a Falcon, [24] though deeper within her psyche, her mental imagery becomes starkly hostile and revolting — a defense mechanism safeguarding her most repressed memory fragment. Casca was the only daughter of six children. As a young lowborn girl, hardships such as starvation and potential abduction are a normal fact of peasant life for Casca in her mountain village, giving her a pessimistic view of the world.

At twelve years of age, her parents send her off to work as a castle maid for a seemingly courteous nobleman. However, en route to the castle, the noble reveals his lustful intentions, chasing Casca from their carriage and pinning her down in an attempt of rape. Just as she begins submitting to her attacker, Griffith appears on horseback and slices off the noble's ear, expressing his disdain for the man's sense of entitlement and superiority. Rather than eliminate the pedophilic noble himself, Griffith extends his sword to Casca, telling her to wield it if she has something to protect; as the nobleman lunges for her neck, Casca takes up the sword and places it inline with her attacker's chest, piercing through and killing her attacker.

Filled with unease from her first kill, she is calmed by Griffith and entranced by the marvelous nature of her savior from then on. With her attacker dead and chances of being reintegrated into her village low, she decides to join Griffith's Band of the Falconhaving now learnt to stand up for herself instead of just enduring.

Years later, having become the Falcons' second most formidable warrior and a forefront unit commander within the band, Casca confronts Guts under Griffith's orders when the swordsman defends himself against an ambush party led by Corkus. She and Guts battle until Guts knocks her off her horse, thereafter realizing he is fighting a woman.

When Guts overpowers and prepares to end Casca, Griffith intervenes, incapacitates the swordsman, and then has him taken back to the band's encampment. Though Casca prevents vengeful Falcons from killing Guts after he recovers, she expresses no favor for the swordsman; on the contrary, she becomes envious of him due Griffith's strong desire for and eventual enlistment of the swordsman into the Band of the Falcon. In three years time, the Falcons, having earned the trust and approval of the King of Midlandare enlisted by Midland in its century-spanning war against Tudor.

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Though Guts manages to save her, he is shot off his horse by Adon and the two are sent freefalling into the river below. Guts manages to drag Casca out of the chill water and into a nearby cave. Realizing a fire would merely alert the Blue Whale Knights to their position, Guts takes Casca's soaked clothes off and instead rewarms her with his own body heat. Subduing and tiring her out, Guts asks why she became a mercenary to begin with, to which she explains the reason for her idolization of and devotion to Griffith as his sworn sword, [8] as well as the jarring effect her leader's desire for Guts had on her.

Return of Samus FC: One of my friends suggested that she might still want to be by his side. In her subconscious she clearly sees Griffith as a monster, or at the very least Femto as a monster.

She may be understanding of Griffith, more than Guts, knowing what Griffith's dream meant to him, but on an emotional level; betrayal, hatred, sorrow, confusion. Whether she decides she never wants to hear his name again, or makes it her mission to kill him is up in the air, but I seriously doubt after everything she'll want to go serve under him again.

guts and casca relationship help

The rest of the group she might just have passing intuition, but nothing deep enough for her to have clear feelings towards them. After all its Guts, and Farness that spent the most time with her.

guts and casca relationship help

Now onto the last bit, how she views herself going forward. She was a proud warrior her entire adult life, no doubt she'll still remember how to use a sword, might even give Serpico a run for his money, but being like how she was for the past 2 years, her muscles are almost entirely gone, and that means muscle memory too. If her intention is to pick up a sword again she'll need to train herself harder than ever, which she might do if only to run away from her memories of the eclipse and use the physical exercise as sort of a release of her frustration and anger.

But more than a proud warrior she saw herself as a hawk first and foremost. Her feelings on them? Now the final thing to factor in about her, her maternal instincts.

She instinctively knew the moon child was her baby from the moment she first saw him. Will she still know it in her heart now that she's sane? I think at some level she'll know, but may not be overtly aware. First I just want to say I love this character, she has one of the best character arcs in the story.

Now up to this point she's been Casca's caretaker, and protector. That was her defined role in the group, what she felt she contributed. Now this is probably going to cause her to gain even more confidence, which is good for her.

Now how is she going to interact with Casca? Like I said before I think Casca and her will become fast friends. Farness is still, of course, going to hold feelings for Guts though. Should Casca reject the idea of continuing her romantic relationship with Guts this will lead Farness to having conflicting feelings I think. Before, she knew Guts was off limits romantically since he loved Casca, so she built him up as a savior in her mind instead.