Greg oden and lebron james relationship with kobe

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greg oden and lebron james relationship with kobe

Kobe-Shaq Relationship Disaster and the 25 Most Inevitable Moments in Sports . Instead the Blazers ignored Greg Oden's injury history and drafted him to be . Until LeBron James wins eight championships or Kobe Bryant. In , NBA Hall of Famer James Worthy was about to get down with two call Yes, that's the extent of Malone's relationship with his son Demetress Bell who People involved: Kobe Bryant . Greg Oden has a very distinct look. LeBron James' mom Gloria did her best to make her son the butt of jokes. What Greg Oden and LeBron James have in common last season, when Kobe Bryant ( winner) and Dwight Howard () made headlines for.

Of this list, the 11 with an asterisk have been All-Stars. Nonetheless, and as Cuban asserted, there have indeed been Lenny Cookes, players who entered the draft but were not chosen and then lost out on a free ride to college.

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However, according to TrueHoopbetweenthe heyday of draft eligible high school players, only six high schoolers declared for the draft but were not chosen.

If, by the numbers, the average player drafted straight out of high school is destined for a long and lucrative NBA career, then why does Cuban adopt a paternalistic argument, stating that the NBA is inadequately concerned about these young men?

With a wealth of young talent but a dearth of information about that talent, the chance that players will artificially rise or fall in draft stock is increased.

For example, if Greg Oden were to have stayed through his junior year, Portland might have had additional information about his penchant for injury that might have better informed its decision making. If Avery Bradley played for a few years at Texas, he would likely have been drafted higher than 19th overall.

Most and year olds are not polished to the degree that they can immediately be relied upon as a starter in the NBA. If Kobe had entered the league at age 20 or 21, he would have been closer to his prime, he would have been more immediately ready to contribute, and he still would be getting paid the same rookie wage scale. This latter point is key. Specifically, the NBA clearly has a desire to get the most value out of its players for each dollar spent on its players.

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And while superstar, franchise players are likely to deliver great value at any age, the majority of high school early entry players wind up being solid, long-term players but not superstars. So, for these players, NBA teams would particularly desire that they come into the league more polished and ready to contribute since they are not going to be adding significant value from a marketing perspective as the future face of the franchise.

This is especially true because when the rookies do come into the league, they will do so with a greater following due to greater exposure during their public and lengthy college careers e. Certainly, this concept is a farce as it pertains to players who enter a highly visible basketball program, stay for a year, and then leave. What will matter is their actions on the hardwood.

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After all, players will have to work harder and longer to keep up in the NBA relative to the college gameand, if their franchise is smart, they will be mentored by older veteran role models, who have families, homes, and other adult responsibilities. And if players do not graduate, are they really markedly better off in the marketplace having attended college for two years versus none?

greg oden and lebron james relationship with kobe

While the NBPA has a duty to its future members e. On July 1, before his first NBA practice, Oden was signed to a contract which provided for two guaranteed seasons and team options for third and fourth seasons. On September 14,Oden had microfracture surgery on his ailing right knee. He missed the entire season. Although drafted inOden was classified as a rookie for the —09 season because of the knee injury. On January 19,Oden had a career-high 24 points while also grabbing 15 rebounds in a —85 win against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Oden dunking in a game while with Portland On November 23,Oden matched his career-high for points in a game again with He set a new career-high for rebounds in a game with 20 on December 1. On December 5,Oden injured his left knee in the first quarter of a game.

greg oden and lebron james relationship with kobe

He was taken off the court on two connected stretchers. Later, he underwent surgery for a fractured left patella and missed the rest of the season. That injury marked the second time Oden had missed major playing time due to injury. On December 9,the Trail Blazers announced that Oden had suffered an unspecified "setback" that left them less optimistic about his ability to play in the — season.