Gray and juvia relationship problems

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gray and juvia relationship problems

The Story begins on a normal Classday, but its not a normal Day.. its a especially day for Gray and for Juvia. If you like Gruvia, then Read it. Gray x Juvia: Keys of a healthy relationship Inspired by There are a lot of unsolvable problems in relationships that will continue to cycle. I ship Nali too but I have issues So I don't hate either Lisanna or Juvia -How their relationship got~ Adorable, gruvia ❤. Alondra.

Does he kiss you? It was so embarrassed! Gray-sama will think Juvia is Crazy! A bit later the teacher came into the room. The students sit at their places. Erza and Lucy have a sit next to each other. The White Haired man next to her was a good looking Guy, but her eyes only watched Gray.

He looks so adorable and the Blue haired woman was all over red in her face, she has one of her Daydreaming's. He was a nice Guy. She only likes Gray. Juvia was quiet, but she wanted to help him. She spoke of the responding more quickly than she had thought.

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The Teacher was not thrilled, but he let go of Gray. The Raven hair Guy gave her a smile and Juvia felt like in heaven.

Would you like to go on a date with me? The black haired Guy walked to the three. Juvia has something to do. Go away and go gather flowers. His gaze turned to his beloved one. I Text you at the evening! Juvia thinks he was a nice Guy, a really nice Guy, but he was also really affectionate and the fact and the fact that Lyon had her cell phone number, well thank you to Lucy and Erza.

When she came here, he was the first the interest had been shown to her and so did her girlfriends marry off the two. But Gray was here now and they do not seem to be sure who was more better for her. He turned his Face to Juvia and Erza. Erza raised her eyebrow. Do you need our Innocent Friend for you? Juvia blushes and waves with her arms. She was her with one of her best friends and Gray, too and Erza always makes such allusions!

Gray even think she was a virgin, or something like that! He would think she had no experience and abandon her! Or something like that! Gray grinned at Erza, he found her kind of amusing. I only would ask her to study with me Math.

gray and juvia relationship problems

At 8 o clock, at my house? Had he said something wrong? He was so adorable when he laughs. She write a Number on a paper and gave it to Gray he looked at it.

Now it was Juvia was in a bus. Her Phone gave a ring and Juvia took her phone out of her pocket, she doesn't know the number, maybe Gray? Only thinking of him brought her to sweat, he was so sexy and so cool.

Gray she wanted to impress, but not necessarily only with her body. The Blue Haired women wore a jeans, a tight jeans and a big Shirt. Yes its not really a Ladylike clothing, but she don't want to wear a skirt or a shirt with a large cutout. The shy woman walks towards the door and she wondered whether she should knock or not.

It was to early, it was After a few seconds, she knocked. No one came to open the door at the first sight. Juvia was a bit confused, Gray was not at home? Juvia looks at the person in the door, her face turned red as a tomato.

His chest was bare, and his muscles were wet. She was near to lose her consciousness! He only wear a towel on his hips, his Hair was also wet, he looks like a god! He is a God!

gray and juvia relationship problems

Yes she always has knew! Juvia just only would like to touch him. How his naked chest feeling under her bare fingers? Or with her bare Body too? Her head becomes redder and redder. Her Brain is going to collapse by so much sexiness! I said that I'm not finished, im Sorry you see my like this. Juvia is Sorry to be here so early…I can go and come in a half hour back!

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He was a danger to her! She was so keen on him! Ohh she wanted to touch him so badly!

gray and juvia relationship problems

Gray grabbed her arm. Grays Point of view: The Black haired Guy went to the bathroom. He took his Towel off and pulled on something. For Gray its not a big deal that Juvia had seen him half naked. Well, Juvia was a bit embarrassed, but he liked it. After he was done he walks out of the Bathroom. He went to his Bedroom, he open the door and a blue haired women was waiting on the bed for him.

This is shown through him not minding her joining Fairy Tail despite what happened with Phantom Lord. We also see Juvia protecting Gray. Simon uses a magic that makes the room dark. Before it becomes dark, you can see both Gray and Juvia protecting each other. Gray leaves an icy dummy for Simon to attack while Juvia really hides Gray inside of her water body.

This is one the first instances we see they work well together; that their team work is great. Apparently, Gray was the one Juvia spoke to about it. Moving along, Juvia finally joins Fairy Tail. Gray gives a huge smile the biggest in the group while speaking to Juvia about how she really joined up. We see Gray and Juvia interact pretty naturally in the guild and outside of it. This includes going on a mission alone together right from the startcreating a castle made of ice and water together during the fighting festivaland enjoying some caramade franks together.

These examples show early on that Gray does not mind being around Juvia. And notice that she is not being obsessive in any of these scenes. The Middle Tenrou Island I personally think this is the arc that made all the pairings clear. So once again, when Juvia is normal, he has no issues with her. There are a few instances where Gray thinks about Juvia throughout the exam.

Perhaps Gray really did want to fight Juvia again, or wanted her to make it far. While everyone is celebrating the victory against Hades, Gray has only one person in mind: There is a follow up as well: Mashima found it important to keep reminding us that Gray cares about Juvia. She is his nakama. And of course, we get even more evidence of Gray wanting Juvia safe as he takes it upon himself to carry her away from Acnologia.

This is the official translation and what is said in the anime version. Juvia is a nakama that Gray is close to. Of course, Gray comes and saves Juvia epically. Mashima likes using Gray and Juvia for major events like this.

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By the end of the Tenrou Island arc, Gray considers Juvia a close nakama. Grand Magic Games Gray and Juvia interact a lot throughout the games. Since when does Gray turn down a challenge against Lyon? Oddly enough, Gray blushes and refuses to go on the love slide with Juvia, yet in the next scene with them you see him at the top of the slide anyway. Lyon and Gray end up falling and riding the love slide together. That could suggest either why it was Lyon of all people he went on the slide with, or why it was Lyon instead of Juvia he ended up hugging on the slide.

It could be both. Another piece of evidence that Gray does not mind being around Juvia when she is serious. This scene that suggests Gray possibly having feelings for Juvia. Gray finds Erza alone on the balcony. Gray tells her he was caught in some messy stuff between Lyon and Juvia. She smiles at Gray, while he gives a frown.

Erza is someone Gray has known for a long time. They have a great relationship. You can see the smirk she had on her face as if she knew something. Everything is a build up. During their fight with Lyon and Chelia, Gray is constantly stressing how well him and Juvia work together. The way Gray comforts Juvia is different than anyone else. A few things I liked about this scene. One was that Juvia stayed serious. This is the serious side of the pairing.

Another thing is that it was Gray who initiated the hand holding by placing his hand on her shoulder. This pairing has progressed a great deal. But seeing Juvia feeling down and knowing they had to win triggered it. He keeps emphasizing how well they work together; how they are better than Lyon and Chelia.

He believes in himself and Juvia working together. He has never emphasized a bond with someone this much before. Of course he believes working together with his nakama will overcome anything, but he is heavily emphasizing his bond with Juvia. Gray put his hand on her shoulder to re-assure her, and make her feel better before he mentioned anything about magic. Juvia also held his hand before any talk of power.

But with Juvia, he tried and succeeded. Hence why there is more meaning. The bond itself is confirmed romantic by the author: After the attack, you see them gazing at each other softly with pride and happiness.

Their fingers are still intertwined; hand in hand. If it was only for an attack, they would have let go by now. Gray asks Juvia while blushing when she would let go of his hand. They start to walk off, still holding hands as Juvia leans against him.

Note that Gray does not pull away from her, nor does he let go. He lets her lean on him. However, he specifically gives Juvia a genuine smile. Actually, he gave her multiple smiles in one chapter.