Government and business relationship in nigeria online

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government and business relationship in nigeria online

ISSN (Online) consists of quoted manufacturing companies in Nigeria. issues emanating from the political decisions of government, which are capable of significant relationship with business performance of multinational. ISSN: (Print), ISSN: (Online). THE IMPACT KEYWORDS: Nigerian Business Environment, Company Performance, Nigeria. . They showed a long term relationship between government expenditure on one hand and. Trade Relations. In , Nigeria was Canada's largest bilateral merchandise trading partner in sub-Saharan Africa, with bilateral merchandise.

So, yes you should register your trademark. The Trademark registration process can be broken into 3 general stages: Availability Search — You conduct a search to determine whether there are registered marks that are similar to your proposed mark. The outcome of the search will help you determine whether the proposed mark may be registered or not.

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Trademark Application — If there is no similar mark, you may apply for registration. If the application is deemed registrable, the registry issues a Letter of Acceptance that serves as an approval in principle.

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After the acceptance has been issued, the mark is advertised in the Trademarks journal published by the Trademarks Office. Application for Certificate — Once the proposed mark has been advertised, an interested party may oppose the registration of the mark within 2 months of the advertised journal.

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If the mark is not opposed within 2 months, you may then apply to the Registrar for a Trademark Certificate. A trademark is valid for an initial period of 7 years, and then for further renewable year periods.

government and business relationship in nigeria online

Patent A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention, which is a product or a process that provides a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem. It gives the inventor the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling the claimed invention in that country without their consent, for the duration of the patent.

In Nigeria, the primary legislation that governs the grant of patents is the Patents and Designs Act. Applications are made to the Registrar of Patents and Copyrights.

government and business relationship in nigeria online

What is eligible for Patent registration? Patents are granted for the invention of products or processes. However, for it to be patentable, the invention Must be new, Must have an inventive step that is not obvious to someone with knowledge and experience in the subject, Must be capable of being made or used in some kind of industry and not be, a scientific or mathematical discovery, theory or method, a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, a way of performing a mental act, playing a game or doing business, the presentation of information, or some computer programs, an animal or plant variety, a method of medical treatment or diagnosis, And must not be against public policy or morality.

Do you need to register a Patent? In order to be able to exclusively commercially exploit an invention, it must be patented. However, the law in Section 2 2 of the act enables the possibility of redress by reassigning the rights to an invention, to a person who is adjudged to be the true inventor whether or not he is the first to register a product. Parts of the country also experience terrorist attacks. These unpleasant conditions contribute to un-ease in the business community and a reluctance to invest in new activities or expand operations.

Lessons learned from other countries Improvement in infrastructure is key to building an ena-bling business environment. China, which leads the world in infrastructure investment, has a business operating environment much more favor-able than Nigeria, ranking 75 positions higher. Infrastructure development, including roads and rails, electricity, and telecommunications, have been a top priority for the Chinese government.

Nigeria–United States relations

France, Japan, Netherlands, Norway and Finland among others. While a low interest rate alone might not explain why these economies have productive operating environments, theoretical evidence highlights a strong correlation between a low interest rate environment, credit accessibility and business growth.

This suggests that the monetary authorities in Nigeria need to lower the bench-mark interest rate in order to encourage lending to the real sector and to stimulate economic activities. In sub-Saharan Africa, significant lessons can be drawn from Rwanda, the economy with the most favorable operating environment in the region. The country, which ranked th inhas risen to the 41st position in Between these periods, the economy has expanded by about This has given the government a clear understanding of the specific needs and challenges entrepreneurs face.

government and business relationship in nigeria online

Nigeria has a long way to go to build the competitiveness of its business operating environment. Independent Energy Watch Initiative.