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goofy meet and greet wdwmagic

Walt Disney World Unofficial Latest News and Information. . RT @wdwmagic: Santa Goofy meet and greet now open at Disney's Hollywood. Adventurers Outpost is the only Animal Kingdom Meet and Greet that offers Goofy and Pluto meet in DinoLand USA in between the large. Kenny the Pirate's Guide to Magic Kingdom Character Meet and Greets Goofy Magic Kingdom meet and greet KennythePirate. Mary Poppins.

Like most things at Disney World, lines are shorter in the early morning. If you can, arrive at 9: You may be able to pop over here right after nearby Tinker Bell. Epcot — Both characters meet in the Morocco Pavilion in the same outfits. Lines are usually even longer there, making Magic Kingdom a better choice. Mickey Mouse is located in Town Square Theater. Walk up the steps and enter the queue on the right.

Mickey Mouse meets from regular theme park opening to 30 minutes prior to close. Mickey used to meet next to the Princesses before they moved to Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland. Now the entire area is dedicated to the Mouse. He has a standby wait posted outside, but it really takes a minimum of 20 minutes to visit with secondary waits.

The queue is inside but has no view of the character until right before you meet him. This is currently the only meet where Mickey talks to guests. He picks up on things like anniversary buttons, ages, sports team apparel, etc. Note that occasionally there are technical difficulties and Mickey will be his usual quiet self.

Expect afternoon waits of 35 to 50 minutes.

Meet Disney Friends in Town Square

During major daytime or evening entertainment like Wishes or the Electrical Parade is your second best shot. Otherwise, as late in the evening as possible will result in shorter waits. Waits are usually about the same and you have the added bonus of meeting Mickey.

goofy meet and greet wdwmagic

From mid-November through December, he wears a Christmas sweater and Santa hat. During the holidays, his lines will be even longer.

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Animal Kingdom — Mickey meets diners at Tusker House Restaurant in his safari outfit for breakfast and lunch.

Afternoon waits are similar 20 to 45 minutesbut you do get to meet one character after the other. He meets along with Pluto, Chip, and Dale. Lines are usually sinilar — 20 to 40 minutes. Moderate if you want to meet them here.

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Tigger is particularly happy to meet you. Winnie the Pooh and Tigger were in flux for a long time, but recently found a new home in a location that makes a lot of sense. Because the meet is popular next to the attraction, waits are now much longer and the characters take frequent breaks, which also increases waits. Expect to wait 30 to 40 minutes to meet them here. I really do recommend meeting them at Epcot, where their Meet is indoors with a much shorter line. If you must meet them here, try to get in line at Waits would also be shorter in the evening.

You could try getting in line after 5: Ordinarily, you meet each character individually. Eeyore may or may not join them. They normally appear in their classic outfits, but may have scarfs and hats around the holidays. Lines are ordinarily less than five minutes. Goofy and Donald meet in the same tent, but their line is separate.

Madame Daisy Fortuna meets in front of her gypsy caravan. Interaction is average and similar to most other non-speaking characters.

goofy meet and greet wdwmagic

The sets are more fun than most though. Expect to wait 20 to 30 minutes in the afternoon. Best Time to Meet: Wait times drop off substantially after 8pm and these two meet more or less continuously most of the day. I would visit them in the evening if possible.

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Animal Kingdom — Daisy greets guests at Tusker House Restaurant for breakfast and lunch in her safari outfit. She is expected to move alongside Donald to the Character Landing in the near future. Daisy met with Donald in her Halloween costume outside Storybook Treats. Epcot — Minnie greets at Character Spot in her traditional polka dot dress along with Mickey and Goofy. Waits are usually 15 to 30 minutes and it may be ideal if you want to meet the other characters.

Waits are usually shorter. Beach Club — Cape May Cafe for breakfast only in a beach-y outfit.

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When it opens, the Mine Train will sit in front of it. Park open through 30 minutes before regular Park close. She greets during morning and evening Extra Magic Hours. Verify times at https: The queue is covered, but outside.

There are actually two Ariels here, so wait times are half of what they would be otherwise. The setting is a cute clam shell. Guests enter the queue next to the standby line and wait a minute or two before meeting Ariel.

Peak waits are typically 25 to 50 minutes. Best Time to Meet: Arriving one hour before close is best to minimize waits as much as possible. Most people will want to take care of the priority rides first thing in the morning. Pocahontas typically sees the longest waits. Each trail leads to a hut that houses a different character or set of characters.

goofy meet and greet wdwmagic

Each of the characters has a separate line. Donald and Pocahontas meet individually. From the middle through the first week in January, characters dress up for the holidays. Average to above average. The non-speaking characters do their best and Pocahontas is more personable than most princesses. Typically 10 to 20 minutes per character. Pocahontas can hit 25 to 40 minutes if you have to wait through a break.

Best Times to Meet: Arriving five minutes before the characters are scheduled to first appear is best. Check to see when Pocahontas first appears and be ready to get in line five minutes before that to reduce waits as much as possible. The other characters will see much shorter lines. The exit to the show is right near the Character Trails and the show lets about 1, people out into the area once per hour.

If possible, try to arrive before the first Lion King concludes and waits should still be short. After that, try to arrive about five minutes before a Lion King show begins. Other than that, the best time to visit is in the final hour that the characters appear. A lot of people leave Animal Kingdom in the afternoon after the 3: Lines at the Character Trails and everywhere else will only get shorter as it approaches the official close.

This is the only location where you can ordinarily meet Pocahontas, Baloo, and King Louie. Russel and Dug — Wilderness Adventurers Priority: Russel and Dug are a lot of fun and because their line is usually short, the interaction is usually long and varied. These wilderness adventurers definitely know how to have a good time. Getting in line about ten minutes before their afternoon set is best.

Otherwise, wait until closer to the end of the day when waits are shorter. Most people will have higher morning priorities when they first appear in the morning.