Glee tina and blaine relationship trust

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glee tina and blaine relationship trust

Blaine Devon Anderson is a fictional character from the American musical comedy-drama He meets Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer), a member of the rival glee club New Blaine's relationship with Kurt is later strained when Kurt text- flirts with a boy he He ends up going to the Sadie Hawkins dance with Tina Cohen-Chang. Tina's relationship with Blaine is, in reality, entirely a friendship and entirely been handled all night by someone they thought they could trust?. Although it has only been three years since Glee last appeared on TV, there are 20 Mercedes and Puck's relationship didn't make sense . Glee Blaine Tina and Sam . Fans will have to decide if they want to take Sam's word for it or to trust what they've actually seen him do throughout many episodes.

My hope is that Glee will take a stand and have someone trustworthy Kurt? Erin 10 February at Something else that occurred to me today with this crush is the comparison factor. I think the creators of the show were stunned that Kurt got as much flak as he did for the Finn crush because everything he did was pretty minor in comparison to what a lot of people do on this show toward a romantic interest.

I think they had her go so far over the line to make a point about how actions by different characters get perceived differently. I live in hope. Heather 10 February at At least not much. Finn then suggests that the girls sings to the guys as a way to ask them out, to which Tina serenades I Don't Know How to Love Him to Blaine, though he is completely clueless.

After her solo, she asks Blaine to the dance to which an uncomfortable Blaine awkwardly turns her down, leaving Tina stunned and hurt. Tina later confronts Blaine by his locker and says she owes him an apology, but also demands an apology from him because she felt that his rejection was the most humiliating moment she had ever experienced in glee club which she admits is saying something.

She then apologizes for asking him to the Sadie Hawkins dance seeing as how Blaine was a victim of a hate crime at a Sadie Hawkins dance. However, Blaine reveals that he didn't turn her down because of that, but because of something else. After Tina insistently demands for a reason why he rejected her, Blaine reveals that it's because he has a crush on Sam before slumping to the floor.

Blaine believes he is being stupid, but Tina then tells him that she knows what it's like to be in love with someone who won't love her back, implying it to be Blaine.

They laugh together and Tina then asks Blaine out a second time, this time as "best friends," solidifying their friendship, though Tina still harbors feelings for Blaine.

Italic text At the dance, Blaine compliments Tina on her dancing decorations and admits that he's glad he came with her.

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Blaine then joins the guys in singing No Scrubs while Tina watches in appreciation. They share several dances with each other and compliment each other - with Blaine saying that he loves Tina's new attitude and Tina admitting that she loves his everything and that he's perfect. Just as they appear to be about to kiss, Sam runs in and takes Blaine away to investigate a cheating scandal with The Warblersleaving Tina to feel rejected and hurt once again.

glee tina and blaine relationship trust

Later, Tina is getting herself punch when Blaine walks up behind her explains his absence, which Tina dreamily asks if there is nothing he can't do. Blaine replies that he can't possibly leave without one slow dance with her and the two dance to Ryder 's I Only Have Eyes for You. During the next "Too Young To Be Bitter" club, the girls praise Tina for her Sadie Hawkins idea and Tina admits that she has found the love of her life and then disbands the club as there is no longer a reason for the girls to be bitter.

Sadie Hawkins Throughout the episode, Tina's crush for Blaine continued to grow. Since the club needed funding for Regionals now that The Warblers were disqualified she comes up with the idea to create a Men of McKinley calendar. She even noted that Blaine should be December, because he would make a sexy Santa. Although this would benefit the group, she was obviously creating reasons to see Blaine almost naked. She also goes up to his locker asking that she would accompany her to the mall to pick up clothes, and defends his body and "perky and delicious behind that looks like it got baked to perfection by some master chef," which an uncomfortable Blaine awkwardly thanks her, when Sam starts accusing him of jealousy.

During the photoshoot in the boys locker room, she suggested that the men double up in photos since Artie didn't want to participate, and singled out Blaine to jump into the photo with Sam. Later in the halls, Blaine starts developing a cold and Tina is immediately there with remedies and soup since she noticed this early when she mentions that his nose was red. She also tells him that he is always able to inspire her after he talks about his view of males being divas.

glee tina and blaine relationship trust

Back in the halls, Tina has a sudden epiphany about how she is pursuing a romantic relationship with a gay guy. However she shakes it off and continues her pursuit. At Blaine's locker, she tells him that she is having trouble finding a song since there isn't much inspiration out there for her.

glee tina and blaine relationship trust

Blaine tells her that she isn't giving enough credit to herself and that after school they will go to his house where they will find the perfect song for her. In Blaine's bedroom, Tina is sitting on his bed when he walks in. She starts asking him about his sexual activity, and whether he has ever been in a relationship with a women.

Blaine tells her that he is a gold star gay, and that he hasn't except for that kiss with Rachel. Blaine then starts telling Tina the way he feels about women, and even though he loves them, it's not in the same way. He then changes topics back to her song, and she opens the playlist that he thought of for her. She is genuinely happy seeing some of the names, but Blaine then starts to drift off from the medicine and starts to lie on his bed.

During this Tina tells him that being a diva means you have to be honest.

glee tina and blaine relationship trust

She admits that she is falling in love with him, and that she doesn't even care if they have a sex-less relationship, it would be worth it. When she asks for his thoughts, he falls asleep. Tina then looks and slowly starts to unbutton his shirt. She then climbs on top of him and starts rubbing the vapour rub on his chest. I hope you can like it too. If you've read both, let me know what you think!

Trusting a Rumour "What do we know about Sam anyway? I mean, what town is he from, what state? What's his old school like? Performers have this 'love the one you're with' mentality, I mean look at all of us. Look at all of the different combinations that we've had: Lauren winked at him from across the table. A rumour," Finn said, trying to bring the conversation back to the point. The select members of New Directions had chosen to stake out in the Lima Bean to convene on what to do about this unprecedented situation.

Mercedes had flatly refused to be a part of the discussion. She'd wasted no time in verbally cutting them all down for even suggesting that Kurt would cheat on Blaine. Santana and Brittany weren't there because The Muckraker had ground up some problems of their own that they were too busy dealing with.

The Lima Bean had been suggested by Rachel, who was the only one of the group who knew a place far enough away from Lima where they wouldn't be discovered by either of the 'topics' being discussed. No one else had any other ideas, so the decision was final.

glee tina and blaine relationship trust

They drove the hour and a half drive to Westerville. Most agreed that such a commute seemed like major overkill, but once the idea had struck Rachel there was no talking her out of it. She'd become convinced that their operation should be treated like a top-secret spy mission, and had even insisted on each car having a walkie-talkie to ensure the utmost coordination between cars. Tina was hunched slightly over the table, eyes glued to the window of the coffee shop. She didn't know why she was whispering, there was no way Blaine would be able to hear her.

Heads twisted quickly to stare out the front window. Sure enough, there was Blaine standing outside in his Dalton uniform, talking with two other boys also in uniform. Classes must just have been let out. He rounded on Rachel — it had been her idea to come here! I only know about this place because Kurt took me here when he was going to Dalton.

He said Blaine comes by here at 4: Everyone was used to turning on Rachel and blaming her when something went wrong — because let's face it, her penchant for having complete control over all situations more often than not lead to disaster.

This time though, the blame could easily fall to all of them. They'd picked a spot outside of Lima in order to escape even the peripheral zone of two people, but in doing so had entered the dead centre of the zone of the third person inadvertently involved in the whole mess. His eyes were wide with panic.

He already felt bad enough for talking about Kurt behind his back. The shock of seeing Kurt come out of that motel room with Sam had hit Finn hard dulled only momentarily by relief when it wasn't Quinn who stepped out of the room. He couldn't stop thinking about what had gone down during his last time at a motel room, with Santana. Picturing Kurt involved in the exact same thing with Sam was too much for him to digest. They watched as Blaine patted his Asian friend on the shoulder, and the three started walking past the window.

But just as Rachel was about to turn back to their gossip, Blaine gave a wave to his friends and turned into the front of the shop. The bell jingled as he opened the door and stepped in. The McKinley glee club turned away from the front of the shop and tried to look as natural as possible. Rachel and Mike were thinking about how conspicuous they must look, such a large group of teenagers around a table, and none of them talking.

They hoped Blaine would just get his coffee and leave again, maybe to meet up with his friends from before.

But what if he wasn't meeting them? What if maybe Kurt was meeting him here?

Blaine-Tina Relationship

Artie and Tina shared a look as they both came to this realization at the same time. All around the table, silent theories were being shot back and forth via shared looks and quiet gasps.

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Finn watched as Blaine ordered his coffee and paid, all the while keeping up a friendly dialogue with the barista. Finn's eyes tracked Blaine as he walked over to the pick-up counter to wait for his drink. It didn't take long; not nearly as long as the frothy drinks Kurt always ordered. He added cinnamon to it from a complimentary shaker, popped a plastic lid on top and turned around to find a seat. Finn dropped his gaze to avoid possible eye-contact.

The place was pretty full and Blaine was looking carefully. Rachel saw him scanning her way and she twisted her head quickly away from him.