Gendry and arya relationship

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gendry and arya relationship

Wolf and Bull by kathrynlayno - Arya Stark, Gendry - Game of Trones Arya and Gendry are my OTP. by Vashperado on deviantart I really need a relationship between Arya and Gendry. nç game of thrones joe dempsie Arya Stark maisie. For those of you, like my mom, who never know what the word ship means in this context, Im talking about relationship. That is, I want Gendry and Arya, from. From Arya and Gendry to Daenerys and Jon, we break down Season of Thrones might have its craziest plot twist yet: Arya in a relationship.

And coincidentally, Gendry's blacksmith master Tohbo Mott is called out as one of the last remaining people in the world who knows how to reforge Valyrian steel. In fact, that's how Season 4 starts: Martin when asked whether Mott ever taught Gendry this skill: Still, it's clear Gendry's apprenticeship came with some special knowledge about the mysterious metal.

Also, eagle-eyed fans noticed that in Season 7, a book Sam is reading in Oldtown mentions eastern tales about dragon glass and Valyrian steel.

It states that, "dragons would thaw the stone with dragonflame until it became molten and malleable. It means the reason no one could create more of it was because a They didn't have enough dragonglass, and b The dragons weren't around to shape it into steel.

But now Daenerys is sitting on a pile of dragonglass, along with two dragons. Add a Gendry, and you've got yourself an entire human army equipped with Valyrian weapons! He marries Arya Image: You might even say we're rowing it to shore as fast as we can. Oh, and he blushes like a maid, too.

As soon as she returns to Winterfell whenever that is and becomes Arya Stark again, she will vault above him in social status. She is also about 4 years younger than the decidedly teenaged Gendry, making it years before they could reasonably be a couple. These facts appears frustrating for him.

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First of all is the attraction of personality they both feel. Arya may be the first girl Gendry ever really got to know and seemingly harbors affection for her beyond friends and ersatz siblings. Second, as they grow up they are both likely to become much more attractive. You remind me of her sometimes. You even look like her. It was not a thing that was ever said of Arya. Gendry as well has some handsomeness coming.

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At the end of A Feast for Crows, he is favorably compared to his uncle Renly Baratheon by Brienne of Tarth, and descriptions of Robert in his prime are good signs of things to come for the teen. Gendry was at his forge, bare-chested beneath his leather apron. He was beating on a sword as if he wished it were a foe, his sweat-soaked hair falling across his brow.

She watched him for a moment. Lord Renly was more lithe than brawny.

gendry and arya relationship

Gendry Baratheon would be the perfect age to marry, and alliances are often sealed with marriages. And this is where the literary reasons for this match come into play.

As mentioned above, Arya is repeatedly shown as a younger version of Lyanna Stark: And many times Gendry is shown as King Robert come again- at least in appearance. His temperament is far tamer and more controlled than the old King.

Gendry does not have those problems, and has discipline, loyalty, and cleverness in their place. In this parallel, it could be the intention of the author and showrunners that Arya and Gendry fulfill the broken marriage pact made years earlier. As well, there is the line Robert says to Ned: We were meant to rule together. If Lyanna had lived, we should have been brothers, bound by blood as well as affection.

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Well, it is not too late. I have a son. You have a daughter.

gendry and arya relationship

My Joff and your Sansa shall join our houses, as Lyanna and I might once have done. His reunion with Arya now far more grown up may be a plotline that is explored next season. After all, before Lyanna ran away with Rhaegar, she most likely dressed up as a knight and beat squires with a wooden sword, and then fell for the Silver Prince and his songs on harp.

gendry and arya relationship

As tough as Arya is, there could be a similar shift in character coming for her, and Gendry is standing there with seemingly no other reason for being written back in. For one, Gendry is not a person Arya thinks a huge amount about after their parting. Suddenly she was somewhere else. Salty is a stupid child, she told herself. I am a wolf, and will not be afraid.

She had no pack, though.

Arya Stark/Gendry Waters

She shoved through the doors, out into the night. She could stay with Hot Pie, or maybe Lord Beric would find her there. Anguy would teach her to use a bow, and she could ride with Gendry and be an outlaw, like Wenda the White Fawn in the songs. In the show, Arya mentions Gendry even less. Another huge problem is that Arya is not a normal person anymore.