Gemini male and cancer female relationship memes

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gemini male and cancer female relationship memes

Cancer women love to nurture, care for, and protect the man that they are with. When a Gemini comes out of a relationship he does a lot better off not holding. Gemini male x Cancer female gifset . Cancer would bring out the clingy in Gemini and match what Gemini requires in verbal love in physical appreciation as. Gemini has a light touch in love, while Cancer has a tenacious pincer that doesn't let go. wheel and could be close enough in degree for big compatibility. . Man and woman standing by chalkboard with quote bubbles.

Astrology Advice The Gemini man and Cancer woman finding happiness and solace with each other's presence is a rare and wondrous occurrence. As a powerful, mentally driven sign, he can struggle to be the partner or friend that the emotionally guided Cancer woman needs. In truth, the potential for compatibility will all boil down to her needs as the master of tricks and adaptation rarely remains a constant as far as desires are concerned.

Any Cancer-born are right to be wary around such a character when security is what their hearts long for the most.


As in most pairings involving the Gemini man, much can be thrown on his shoulders with regards to how it all ultimately plays out. His ability and desire to learn and adjust to his partner can pave the way for a wonderful relationship or a total disaster zone. Communication and a basic understanding of the traits that help define your partner's star sign can be the cheat sheet you need for success. Basic Compatibility Cancer women are ruled by their emotions, often much more so than men of the same sign.

While this is often seen as a weakness, it can also be a strength as it brings forth a genuinely empathetic and sympathetic nature. A crab still on the prowl for a partner, and therefore security, can suffer from significant emotional instability problems that spell danger for the easily disturbed. Gemini men are rather robust and impervious to such things and do not abandon their interest in a partner or friend solely because difficulty presents itself.

Instead, he craves to explore the interesting Cancerian woman and will not budge until his curiosity is settled. The best thing they have going for them is Gemini's hatred of being alone. Cancer's notorious clinginess finally finds its match and provides the emotional attachment the Gemini man longs to experience. Gemini men are diehard intellectuals who thrive off of intelligent conversation. Luckily, this is something Cancer women can provide.

The risk of incompatibility is high, mostly due to differing core values and needs. Cancer women crave loyalty, security, and stability and are at their happiest when they can count on someone and something at the end of the day. Unfortunately, Gemini men loathe routine, exist in an ever-changing state, and are known as the least trustworthy of all star signs. Two volatile substances are prone to have poor reactions when mixed and it is never more true than with this pair.

For Cancer women, everything is experienced seriously and at the deepest level. For Gemini, life is about fun and the only deep things about them are their conversations. He thrives off of verbal communication, but the crab needs a man who can master her emotional cues and emotional needs. It isn't impossible to make this partnership work, but the challenges may seem insurmountable with such base conflicts.

gemini male and cancer female relationship memes

Are you a Cancer woman or Gemini man? Get a personal astrology reading on Keen to learn more about your compatibility profile. Love And Relationships Cancer women have a relatively easy time making friends, even if most friendships don't progress to close ones.

gemini male and cancer female relationship memes

The crab loves to make others feel better, after keying in on their struggles and feeling empathy. This means many friendships are built off of gratitude and loyalty, two things all Cancers both display in abundance and treasure in others.

Her inherent insecurity means close friendships are harder to come by and it takes a long time and consistent reassurance of trustworthiness before she is ready to take the plunge. She has a hard time doing that with him when he is always changing what he wants. This can lead to a few problems in their communication. It is hard for him to make all of his dreams into one solid goal to work towards. When she gets frustrated you will see tears. If she is truly hurt she will crawl into her shell and not come out for a few days.

These two operate at two different speeds. She is slow and cautious, and he is fast and reckless.

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Regardless of how they are outwardly, that is the speed and process of their mindsets. If he is financially unstable, it will be even more so. As I have mentioned in a previous post the Cancer woman has very specific wantsand needs. Geminis are rarely pack rats seeing that they get rid of everything that they do not need anymore. She is quite the opposite.

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She likes to hold on to everything for dear life. She is a very sentimental woman, and likes tangible items for the memories. This is how she is with relationships as well. Cancers will stay friends with someone long after they meet them. Geminis relationships with people are a lot more casual than hers are. She had a very hard time understanding this about him. She loves familiarity and feeling safe with people that she has known for a long time.

When she is in love she will not be able to toss it away like a lot of people can. Hers has to wear away, which can take a very long time for her.

When a Gemini comes out of a relationship he does a lot better off not holding on to things that slow him down. He feels this way even to family. If someone even of his blood is weighing his light heart down, he will cut them out. If she learns to let go every once in a while and let this man have his freedom with love being their tie, they will find a peaceful, warm, and beautiful relationship.

When it comes to sex for these two, it will be mentally and emotionally erotic. Her tenderness, affection and imagination are a good match with his sensitive and sexual nature. Sometimes there will be a few things missing. Gemini needs to slow things down a little bit for her. Come out of the clouds and hold her a little longer than you usually do to make her feel safe and secure.