Gemini and cancer relationship 2015 corvette

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gemini and cancer relationship 2015 corvette

Gemini and Cancer compatibility - what does the future hold for these two signs in terms of love,friendship and marriage compatibility this year. Virgo: A single finger outlining Virgo's waistline, from the inside of their clothes, will . Gemini: Deepen that connection with a heavenly massage from their Sports car - picture Corvette Stingray, Corvette, Stingray Chevy, Bugatti. Mars in Cancer: Aries season invites you to emotionally assert yourself and celebrate empathetic .. a Pisces cycle that began March 20 , consider how you've revolutionized your relationship with Prince Anthem: “Little Red Corvette”.

Show it a new way. While Uranus and Pluto are revisiting their angry conversation from about breaking down the patriarchy, Jupiter enters the mix to work some diplomatic magic.

How can you work this magic in your life? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram. However, as with all seasons and cycles, we ebb and we flow.

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Nothing stays the same, and you are now entering a new wave of energy and a time of rebirth. Aries is the leader, the first one out of the gate. Aries is here to show the rest of us how to be courageous and go after what we want. Create a ritual for yourself to honor your light. Life is a journey and you are well on your way, babe. Happy Equinox blessings to you! As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries incites action, and encourages new beginnings and fresh starts.

If things feel heated, take a step back and become the observer. We are learning how to witness the crazy without becoming the crazy. Remember that this too shall pass. Commit to your long term vision and plan! For more Moon wisdom or to book a coaching session with from Jennifer visit Jenniferracioppi.

By all means, stoke those flames, speed racers. But instead of the usual Aries MMA battles and boxing matches, let this Equinox be a chance to refine your relationship to heat, and to rediscover the innocence inside of action-oriented instincts. Is some aspect of the present feeling uncomfortable, unpleasant, overwhelming, or unfair? Be gentle with these inquiries, but be willing to go deep with them. Wherever there is resistance to the present moment is exactly where you must offer your attention and curiosity, especially for this month.

The magic happens when we foster this trust in the Divine and loosen the reins on our old methods of control. When there is more space within us, there is more room for the new! This month is about making that room and coming back to ourselves.

Cancer and Gemini Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Just go slowly and give percent to whatever happens to be in front of you. If you find yourself off in tomorrow or next year, come back home. Be willing to make the best of it.

Go to the dentist. The rest will come with ease, and it will be glorious. The card will always be zeroed in on the minutia of our lives, and whatever is of most importance in this moment. This month gives you the chance to be totally empowered and responsible for the foundation of your future, Cancer, for the unfolding of your dreams. With each moment spent in the present, you create the conditions and the foundation for the future you want.

Show up for it. The month is going to be beautifully cathartic for many of you, and will have a lot to do with moving through transitions that will be life changing.

gemini and cancer relationship 2015 corvette

Many of you have been in rebalancing mode, steadying your nervous systems and brain chemistry after some massive life swings. Now you have your ducks in a row; your feet are on the ground, your emotions are in check, and things will be so much clearer. This is the perfect planting ground for Eight of Cups magic, as we need a healthy clarity of emotion in order to transform our lives in a powerful and balanced way.

A huge aspect of this month for you, Leo, is about being willing to release aspects of your life that are no longer serving you. Every single one of you have an aspect of your lives to bless and release this month, effectively transforming that area and opening it up to new opportunities, loves, places and things.

gemini and cancer relationship 2015 corvette

After all, it is only when we make space in our lives that we can be open to receive the new—even if many of the things being let go of this month are things you may have worked hard for. Blood, sweat, and tears hard. Many of you devoted yourselves, sacrificed, tried, went to therapy, put in extra hours; cared for these aspects of your lives and were committed to making them work.

Honor this work with all of your soul. Do ceremony and ritual to close the cycle. Speak and write about them; mourn them. That nothing is permanent. That in order to have the beautiful garden we desire, we must weed the garden we currently have. This takes guts, something you have in your DNA, Leo. So rather than bemoaning the loss of something outgrown that you worked so hard to maintain, bless your humanness.

Bless your work, your effort and your love. Bless your desire to keep going, too. Bless all life has given you up to now, and then take the next first step forward. The invitation of the month is to dive deeply into your magic, to revisit your imagination, and play with abandon.

Page of Cups is a gorgeous, whimsical energy, one that holds the dual element of water and earth. The water in Page of Cups can flow to magical realms with ease, because it is grounded and held by the loving embrace of its earthy side. That is what you are going to be exploring within yourself this month, Virgo: Hanging out in this place of grounded dreaminess is the crux of the whole month for you. Because from here a lot of new gifts can flow in, which is really why Page of Cups is the master energy of July.

You know how to work, Virgo. Now its time to learn how you can get the same satisfaction and abundance from play and ease. It is no less exciting and wonderful than any other energy, just a little easier and more mellow.

So much more flow will be possible. If you do, it will change your life, lighting up all of the beautiful possibilities that lay around a corner or just beyond our imagination. This is the perfect month to get into a new healing or magical modality, to play with a new tool or splash in the ocean like a child again. Whatever brings you to those places of preciousness or imagination, dive deeply and explore.

gemini and cancer relationship 2015 corvette

Get ready for some big and beautiful upgrades in July, ushered in by the beautiful energetic waves of The Universe. It has been such a gift to track the expansion of Libra as a sign these last few months. The Universe, or World card, marks the end of the Major Arcana. It is the completion of an entire cycle of growth, expansion and wisdom.

Gemini and Cancer - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

It has been said that the World card is not the end of a chapter, but the closing of a book. For each of you, there is an aspect of your life, whether huge or mundane, that is ending permanently—and all for the better. The World always brings joyful change, change we desperately desire, and the promise of a whole new cycle of continued expansion ahead.

You have created and called it to you by virtue of your hard work, and your willingness to move through all of the energetic invitations in front of you. This takes courage, willingness and trust; heart and soul. All of that is ending, and a new way is beginning. All you have to do is allow it. It is about both the upgrading of an old thought pattern, AND the chance to speak and defend your desires in some way that will be truly transformative. Both of these central concepts will be woven together for you in July, providing the framework for a very powerful, internally fruitful month around your career, passions and endeavors.

Sevens in the Tarot have to do with inner work around an external thing; whatever it comes up around totally looks like an outside job. We are often focused on how that aspect of our lives looks, appears or seems—we might be busy with how the lives of others look and seem, too. Whenever we get a Seven, it is a redirection of our energy from external to internal. The Seven of Wands is specifically inner work around outer artistic goals and appearances.

So, the first invitation of the month for you, Scorpio, is to inquire as to why external acknowledgement is important to you around that particular area of your life. Be willing to seek proof of this; see how much more flows into your life when you approve of yourself without comparison. When we are clear in who we are, we can honor, defend and speak to this. So share who you are, Scorpio: Look at all the places in your life you can be more raw and honest.

Defend your position without fear that you will lose status or fall. Honor where you are and what you think without censorship. When we understand that we cannot lose anything we are meant to have, our truth becomes easy to express.

The other very subtle energy sweeping through you this month, Scorpio, is that one particular outdated thought pattern is being upgraded for a much truer, braver, more aligned operating system.

Release any perception that you have to be anyone other than who you are, allow a new leader in the mind to rise up, guiding you to a renaissance in the way you create and share your art in the world. A new paradigm within yourself and your life is now available to you, and you will be walking in a sacred energy not seen in any other Tarot deck. It is also said that we can access this information at any time, if it is in our highest and best interest, in order to receive wisdom and answers about our lives.

The Akashic Records is also a card in Starchild Tarot, and this month it brings brings magnificent tidings for you, Sagittarius—for it is bringing you into full alignment and embodied understanding of how your wishes and desires line up with your soul path.

Opposed to the things we might want, desire or wish for in the Earthly realm, our soul path always lines up with our deepest soul desires, and they can align fully if we can honor the balance between what we are here to do and what we desire to cultivate. You are truly ready to receive it, and it will come with great wisdom and medicine. If one of us is here to master self-love, it is crucial that we walk solo in the world for a time. Expect life to radically shift for you this month, Sagittarius.

You are moving into an alignment with the Divine, in total surrender and co-creation; see how what you desire blossoms from that place. Ten of Crystals, or Pentacles in the traditional tarot, is such a rich energy; a treasure trove of blessings.

There is so much abundance, healing and expansion possible within the month for you, if you are willing to allow it in. So, firstly, congratulate yourself, Capricorn.

This is a crucial distinction, because the latter being replaced by the former is exactly why the last few months have been such a crunch: Evolution is always inherently stressful to the brain and nervous system, but almost always means a wild and beautiful soul expansion.

Cara George

Ten of Pentacles is the culmination of a cycle of work that yields to a beautiful harvest. The journey to that bountiful place is often difficult and challenging, but ultimately rewarding beyond expression. When we are in this card, we are in an incredibly abundant time, financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically. It is a moment when everything comes to fruit.

It is also a card that speaks of healing a family legacy, too. Our choices have stretched back energetically and have taken us way beyond what our parents or their parents did, and rightly so.

When we honor our path, despite the conditioning we have received, we can open to all that we desire and all that is here for us. The evolutionary upgrade that Capricorn has been in has been devoted to ending ego and struggle.

July will be a perfect chance for you to witness how beautiful life can be when you surrender, allowing life to flow from your aligned path, rather than a place of fear or control. Five of Crystals, or Pentacles, is traditionally a contraction card.