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is married to Madame Thenardier and father to Eponine and Gavroche (although he Gavroche has a very dramatic death at the barricade. COURFEYRAC. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Courfeyrac & Gavroche relationship they show between Courfeyrac and Gavroche in the movie is so sweet, but.

He whimpered, pain surging through him. With his eyes only half open and full of tears, he was not completely aware of what was happening around him. He wanted to sleep, but remembered Courfeyrac's request. To stay awake for him. Breathing back tears, Eponine ran to Courfeyrac.

The injured and afraid little boy stared at her without a word, comforted merely by knowing she was there.

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Jehan, prepare a bowl of warm water and bring it through with a number of rags" He said, calmly giving out the list of orders whilst attempting to stay calm himself. Courfeyrac nodded listening, carrying Gavroche through to the side room where the gamin had leaved for a number of weeks before. Eponine followed hurriedly, along with Enjolras and Combeferre. As Courfeyrac laid the injured child down and removed his shirt, Joly took a quick look at Enjolras and Combeferre's injuries.

He gave each of them the help they needed before turning to Gavroche. The shy young poet looked at the little boy with wide eyes. Eponine may stay of course, and Courfeyrac, we all know Gavroche will remain comfortable and calm if Courfeyrac is with him" Joly said soaking rags in the warm water and carefully wiping the dry blood from Gavroche's face. Enjolras, Combeferre and Jehan left the room silently. Courfeyrac nodded, leaning down to Gavroche and kissing his head. You can rest soon, I promise" He said softly, smiling when Gavroche slowly opened his eyes and looked at him, placing a hand on Courfeyrac's shoulder so the young man could pick him up.

Courfeyrac carefully picked up the boy, feeling his body tense in pain. He brushed strands of blonde hair stained with red away from his face, the simple gesture comforting him immensely. Eponine watched in silence, marvelling at the fact that her brother had someone who cared so greatly for him despite him being no relation to himself.

Courfeyrac knew Gavroche now better than she did, know how to comfort him and how to keep him calm. He tightly wrapped rag bandages around Gavroche's thin body, covering the wounds and holding his ribs in place. I will go to the market and buy him a new shirt and jacket. Stay with him, don't leave him alone. We must hope he doesn't develop an infection" Eponine nodded. He is in no fit state to thank them himself" She said sitting down beside Courfeyrac and kissing Gavroche's bruised cheek softly.

Gavroche, barely awake, slowly brought his hand up to Courfeyrac's cheek. We will stay here with you". Gavroche gave a little smile, pushing one hand under his head on his pillow and holding Courfeyrac's own hand with the other. Wincing a little as he got himself in a comfortable enough position, he allowed his eyes to finally close as he fell asleep quickly in exhaustion.

Courfeyrac smiled watching him. Having lost him for four years, assuming he was dead and giving in to the possibility that their own papa had murdered him, Eponine did not want to let little Gavroche out of her sight. She had been so afraid in the time when she waited for the three young men to return, so many horrible moments overcoming her mind, that she was incredibly glad and put at ease to see him sleeping so peacefully despite the obvious injuries.

Locked in a narrow cupboard, he was. But he's a lovable loser. And it's absolutely impossible to hate him, because whether we admit it or not, we all have a little bit of Marius in us. Failure to see things staring us in the face, making the wrong remark at the wrong time, getting overdramatic when we don't get our way Marius is relatable whether we want him to be or not. I feel like a broken record here, but Eddie Redmayne was another of the "I-am-totally-not-sure-about-this-actor's-ability-to-play-that-character" people.

I believe my initial reaction upon seeing a picture of him for the first time was something along the lines of "ewww. At any rate, I was proven wrong Still not Michael Ball. But then, who is? Don't say Michael Ball. You knew what I meant.

His voice is not quite up to my impossibly high standards where Marii are concerned, but he did a pretty good job with most of the songs and his "Empty Chairs" was phenomenal. I can't help being amused by the way his head shakes every time he attempts to hold a note However much I may admire Michael Ball's incredible vocal abilities and count his performance as my favorite, it cannot be denied that Eddie Redmayne's Marius is much closer to brick-Marius than any other portrayal I've seen.

Michael Ball plays musical-Marius, which is great, but musical-Marius is head over heels for Cosette, incredibly loyal to his friends, completely ignorant of Eponine's feelings for him and that's pretty much it. Brick-Marius is a staunch Bonapartist something not covered in the stage musical OR the movie, sigh In my not at all humble opinion seriously, if my opinion was humble I wouldn't be posting it on my blog for all the world to seeEddie Redmayne blended brick-Marius and musical-Marius beautifully.

He had the political fervor Marius is supposed to have even if it was republican And he really did sing pretty well. Because I hereby take them all back. Lea Salonga has, sadly, aged out of the part. She has a voice that could knock your socks off if you happen to be wearing socks I'm typing this post while barefoot, so that's not an option for methe kind of facial expressions that can convey an entire monologue with one eyebrow lift think of Anthony Andrews as Sir Percy if you don't know what I meanshe's completely gorgeous even when she's a a mud-covered street rat or b dressed as a boy, and did I mention she's an amazing singer, possibly the best in the movie?

One thing that did bug me in her interaction with Marius, though, was the way the lyrics were so messed up. Totally not Eponine's fault, though. I don't think I would have minded so much if the rewritten song had sounded a little better--after all, it did explain to the viewers about Marius' grandpa and all that--but the silly thing doesn't even rhyme. Don't say "yeah it does.

Plotting to overthrow the state? You still pretending to be poor? Come on, I know your grandpa's rich At least "bother me" and "rather be" almost rhyme, if you're British and don't discriminate between M and B.

And what was up with cutting out Eponine's first few lines about knowing a lot of things? It didn't make any sense, later on, when she said, "You see I told you so, there's lots of things I know I ranted as much to Anne-girl when it was all over, but all she would do was put on her best Josh voice and say, "But then it would have been like a six hour movie! Basically, my only complaint about her was that I felt like Samantha Barks didn't get enough screen time-- I mean, her Eponine was flawless because, y'know, SHE is flawless, but I wanted to see more of her.

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I have always been something of a skeptic where Marius and Cosette are concerned, at least in the musical. I elaborated on my opinions regarding love at first sigh here, and I don't retract any of my statements, but Marius and Cosette in the movie were too sweet for words. And it really has to be attributed to splendiferous acting from Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfried. From the moment their eyes met across the crowded street, I knew they were destined to be together.

Um, hope I didn't just spoil anything for you. Spoilers-- they get married. Amanda Seyfried was a lovely, lovely Cosette. I know the brick says Cosette is supposed to be a brunette, but I always pictured her as a blonde, and now it's pretty much impossible for me to picture her as anyone but Amanda Seyfried. She looks like a living doll, and isn't that what Cosette is supposed to be?

Kind of symbolic with the doll Valjean bought for her when she was little Because he spoiled her with clothes and whatnot, y'know. This Cosette was not bratty or spoiled as some Cosettes seem to be, however-- though she wanted to know more about the past and got upset when Valjean refused to tell her, she didn't get angry the way Katie Hall does in the 25th concert an element that always annoyed me. Girl, you have no idea how much this man gave up for you!!

Nor does her wealth and privilege seem to have made any kind of Veruca-Salt-ish character out of her I love that that's where Marius gets his first glimpse of her-- doing good for the people, just as he and his friends are trying to do in their own way. But then the Thenardiers have to come along and ruin it all.

Not that I didn't enjoy the ruining, because it was hilarious. Was I the only one who got chills when Javert picked up Gavroche? Then when Random Other Police Officer whom I'm convinced was just thrown in there, along with the dudes at Fantine's arrest, just to prove that Javert is NOT the only cop in Paris, despite evidence to the contrary was holding onto him while Javert was doing his I'm In Charge Here thing, my sister and I were vociferating our indignation quite Ooooh, it would have been cool if Nick Jonas had played Montparnasse.

I would have been way too amused. Even more so if they had left in the little bit at the end of "Look Down" where Gavroche is introducing Eponine and she elbows Parnasse in the stomach.

That would have been entertaining. Also, Russell Crowe's singing amused me agaaaaain in this one. This is becoming rather a mantra. The Marius-teasing was perfect a combination of lightening the mood at what was probably a boring political meeting and just plain goofing offMarius' reaction was exactly as it ought to be a blend of confused, embarrassed and not-really-caring-because-did-you-guys-SEE-her???

It's the barricade boys. Hadley Fraser's "ooh and ahh" used to be my favorite, but I'm becoming rather partial to George Blagden's after repeated listenings.

This song, I think, is when we see Enjolras' full personality in its best light. We see him getting frustrated with both Marius and Grantaire, attempting to drag Marius back into the Real World though the "who cares about your lonely soul! Yeah, those are tears. I'd never thought about it before IF they had both survived the barricades and IF the story had ended very differently, I would have loved to see them get married.

She desperately needed someone to love her, and he desperately needed something or someone to believe in after the revolution failed.

Yes, you can argue that the wistful look on Enjo's face is more of a "drat, Marius is deserting us again" than a "sheesh, who IS that gorgeous woman? In this case, anyway. And look at Combeferre, will you? That's shock right there. Shock that Enjolras is noticing a girl. I will go down with this ship.

I really, really liked the Cosette and Valjean interaction during that song She was eight when she left the Thenardiers And I liked the way the candlesticks kept popping up in Valjean's rooms throughout the movie-- a lovely little touch showing how the Bishop's influence is following him through his life.

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Amanda Seyfried's voice left something to be desired in both this song and "A Heart Full of Love"-- she really couldn't quite hit those high notes-- yet I'm okay with that.

I saw an interview in which Samantha Barks was describing her costar's voice as almost birdlike, very tremulous and flute-y, which fits in perfectly with the brick's running comparison of Cosette to a lark. On stage I like a Cosette with a really strong soprano, but in the movie I'm willing to overlook technicalities.

And I wasn't even crying because Eponine was literally left out in the cold, though my sadness did stem from her presence. Mostly I was crying because all I could think of was, "gahhh, she loves Marius and he doesn't love her back and she's going to die. I knew Eponine was going to die. Now you do too, if you didn't already.

I'm well-versed in this story. Why on earth should I suddenly start operating the waterworks just because I remembered what was going to happen in Act Two? I think perhaps that, too, is a testimony to how great this film is. Here's a story I know like the back of my hand, a character who may very well be my favorite in the whole shebang I still can't deciiiiiiide, thougha song I've heard literally hundreds of times.

Yet seeing it in a new interpretation brought tears to my eyes and face This story still has the power to move me in ways I hadn't thought possible, even after many, many viewings. Back to our normal programming.

But it was still handled well on Samantha Barks' part, anyway. That thing ought to be patented. Just like Colm Wilkinson's eyebrows.

And the cutting of some of the more important lines did make this piece of nonsense possible, of which I'm still pretty proud. I fully approve of the people-who-boss-such-things' decision to move it back in time and have it take place right after AHFOL.

The impact of just having seen the man she loved meeting the woman HE loved would definitely be devastating to poor Eponine, and since she doesn't have to play the Pony Express in this version, it makes sense for her to sing her famous soliloquy here instead of on her way back from delivering Marius' letter.

Interesting to note-- just as she sings the line "the streets are full of strangers," some random dude walks by in the background. I wouldn't call that street exactly full, but hey, there's one stranger. It makes more sense than it does onstage, when she's completely alone for the entire song. I almost wish she'd won instead. She put so much emotion into that song, so much of what Eponine was feeling and thinking, that I felt like I knew Eponine better than I ever had before.

That line, "I love him, but every day I'm learning But hey, that's a given.