Francis magundayao and ella cruz relationship quizzes

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francis magundayao and ella cruz relationship quizzes

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Each time the Marcos Dictatorship would send its military forces to stifle People Power, it seemed that another miracle would transpire. Frustrated over decades of injustice, misrule, and the widespread fraud during the snap elections, Filipinos defiantly stood their ground against tear gas and tanks.

When General Artemio Tadiar led a contingent of Marines in tanks to attack the rebel soldiers, the people formed a human barricade and held them at bay. When the gunships of the 15th Strike Wing began to circle Camp Crame with orders to attack, the civilians still would not disperse. However, instead of firing their cannons and rockets, the gunships landed on Crame, the pilots disembarked, and Colonel Antonio Sotelo announced the defection of the entire 15th Strike Wing.

People Power also astounded observers throughout the world. At daybreak of February 25, the Dictatorship — started 14 years ago through lies and the imprisonment of those who spoke against it — finally fell. The news was later announced over DZRH: They flew in large swarms away from Mount Pinatubo, a volcano that had been dormant for five centuries.

The volcano also began emitting ash plumes, caused by small phreatic eruptions, which fell on towns closest it. On June 10,the US government began evacuating some 14, personnel and their dependents from Clark Air Base, which was located 15 kilometers from the volcano. Military vehicles transported the personnel to Subic Bay Naval Base, where navy ships awaited to bring them stateside. Philippine authorities also began evacuating some 12, residents living within a km radius danger zone, including Aeta residents from the slopes of Pinatubo.

Pinatubo was finally awake. Eyewitnesses reported seeing boulders the size of cars falling from the mountain. Volcanologists pegged the eruption at Level 6 in the Volcanic Explosivity Index — the second highest level.

The climactic eruption ejected five cubic kms. The explosion created a massive ash cloud that rose 35 kilometers.

Dating Relationship History & Ex Boyfriend of ELLA CRUZ

The cataclysm was a nightmare for Philippine authorities as they struggled to evacuate thousands of residents in the affected areas and provide basic needs. Some residents refused to leave their homes even at gunpoint, unaware of the imminent danger from the volcano. To make matters worse, Typhoon Diding formed in the Pacific Ocean off Samar and moved northwest, bringing rain to Luzon and causing ash from Pinatubo to turn into massive mudflows called lahar.

A total of people died in the catastrophe, many of whom were buried in houses that collapsed under the heavy weight of the wet ash on the roofs. Others were killed by lahar that inundated homes along major rivers that flowed from the volcano. Evacuees swelled tofamilies, who were resettled in Pampanga, Bulacan, Tarlac and Metro Manila. Respiratory ailments, diarrhea and measles also became widespread among evacuees, particularly children.

A government post-assessment of the damage showed the startling cost of the cataclysm: Damage to agriculture, infrastructure and personal property totalled at least P Region III lost a total of P million in business inwith manufacturing as the most affected sector. The Pinatubo eruption was its last major challenge.

To consolidate government and private sector response to the disaster, Aquino signed Memorandum Order on June 26, creating Task Force Mount Pinatubo. The government response harnessed bayanihan as its rehabilitation, reconstruction and development strategy. It formed Kabisig programs, participated in by various local and foreign aid agencies both from the government and private sectors. The Kabisig programs created alternative livelihood, built new communities, distributed aid and took care of affected families.

The success of the Kabisig programs proved that the Cory Aquino administration was up to the challenge. Indeed, with a nation working hand-in-hand in the face of disaster, a nation can endure and triumph over even a monstrous hail of ash and stone.

Today, there are barely any signs of the cataclysm that rocked Central Luzon. In the wake of the destruction, it left the region with an abundance of mineral resources that is now a major source of livelihood. The Gospel says that when he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. He also gave a minute speech to somecheering students and academicians gathered at UST Grandstand and Parade Grounds.

Even the Pope could not get through the surging mass in his Popemobile. He had to be transported to the Quirino Grandstand in the presidential helicopter. He was visibly moved by the sight of the huge turnout.

[Todays Viral] The sizzling hot dance of Body on Me by Ella Cruz! MUST WATCH!

It was a dramatic climax to his triumphant five-day visit and confirmed his view that the future of the Catholic Church lies in Asia. This is a wonderful outpouring of faith, love, fervor, and the Pope is very pleased.

It also dwarfed the million or so who faced down tanks and guns in the February uprising that toppled the strongman Ferdinand Marcos from power. And the two million who rallied behind Cory Aquino at the Luneta after the snap elections.

The throng grew swiftly as more and more people arrived early yesterday morning. Among those who came for the Mass were delegations from the provinces, some coming from as far north as Vigan. Navarro-Valls added that the turnout was estimated at five million. They waved copies of his photograph and raised rosaries and images of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother for his blessing.

The President arrived at the grandstand on board the same helicopter at exactly 9 a. The three-and-a-half-hour Mass, earlier set at 8: After mounting the podium, the Pope stared out at the pennant-waving throng which stretched as far as he could see. His face was almost devoid of expression, and his lips quivered as if he were talking to himself.

But he seemed to respond to the warmth of the crowd as the Mass continued. At the end of the Mass, the multilingual Pope delivered special farewell messages in 13 languages, including Filipino. He was brought back by the same helicopter to Malacanang Park, where he boarded the Popemobile for the trip to the San Carlos Seminary in Makati. But always remember that you owe your life and upbringing to your parents. Young people from all over the world, including a black youth clad in a g-string, presented offerings at the Mass.

A young man from the Netherlands read the manifesto of the International Youth Forum. Hundreds of cardinals, bishops and priests also served as concelebrants. More than children aged seven and below were reported missing while thousands suffering from intense heat and cold collapsed in the mass camp-out at the Nunciature and Rizal Park from Saturday night to Sunday morning.

The complaints involved dizziness, asthma, allergies and headaches, said Dr. She has since been discharged. Although the Pope looked very tired and lost in thought as he arrived for a Sunday evening meeting with Asian bishops, aides said his Manila reception was just what he needed to help get through the loss of his former active lifestyle. In his farewell speech before some 10, people at the old Manila International Airport, the Pontiff said: Among the achievements Ramos touted in his speech was the economic growth the country experienced inas proven by the 7.

This headline is crucial because that pronouncement would be turned upside down a few months later. By July of that year, the Asian financial crisis would affect the Philippines, raising interest rates, sending the peso plummeting from P It was a lesson on cautious optimism that we can use today, given our own economic achievements in recent years.

It was Friday, June 12,a public holiday. Thousands of spectators flocked to Rizal Park awaiting the start of festivities for the Philippine Centennial Year celebrations. They came by the busloads — couples, families, friends, even whole villages — donning caps, holding umbrellas and wearing Filipiniana attire amid the morning heat. It was a field day for many, and the beginning of a long weekend. They laid mats and cardboard on the grass, brought out packed lunch in Tupperware and exchanged small talk.

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For some, the park became an instant classroom for parents to give impromptu lectures to their children on Philippine history, culture and tradition. One float featured a life-size caravel, which showed the arrival of the Spanish colonizers in led by explorer Ferdinand Magellan. The year Spanish colonial rule was portrayed in the succeeding floats. At the apex of the parade, a two-story replica of the Aguinaldo Mansion slowly made its way along the parade grounds. With a solemn expression, Revilla held the flag from a long pole as he stood along with two other actors, Dante Rivero and Juan Rodrigo, who read the Declaration of Independence.

When the declaration was read, he slowly waved the flag to the cheers of spectators wearing farmer costumes. He then went downstairs, walked out of the mansion with the flag, and went up the stage to the awe of government dignitaries. As the drums rolled, Revilla handed the flag to Ramos, who then raised it with one hand before planting it on a stand at the stage. Ramos had reenacted the same event from the balcony of the Aguinaldo Mansion in Kawit, Cavite, earlier that day.

In his speech during the celebrations, Ramos addressed the crowd. We are prepared to account for ourselves in the global community. We have begun to make our own history. The evening was capped by a minute fireworks display at Manila Bay — the largest and longest the country has seen — in the colors of the republic: Two years and four month after the country celebrated its centennial; on November 13, the House of Representatives impeached President Estrada for the first time.

When the Senate failed to convict the impeached president, he was toppled through yet another show of mass protests at EDSA. The nation put into power its second woman president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, whose term was marred by three coup attempts and allegations of corruption and electoral sabotage. The million-strong people power at the EDSA Shrine inand the subsequent pro-Estrada riots that happened in May of the same year, bypassed legal and democratic means of regime change such as impeachment and elections.

It could be argued that the Senate was dominated by Estrada allies and, therefore, could not be relied upon to give an objective guilty verdict, hence the need for another people power. Democratic institutions like the Office of the Ombudsman and the Sandiganbayan later tried and found Macapagal-Arroyo guilty of plunder on September 12, But if the second EDSA Revolution had failed to take place, we would not have placed another despot in power in the form of Pascual.

Arroyo was so cunning and skillful in political maneuvering that she deflected any attempt against her administration like a Teflon pan. And that is where the danger of a tyrannical majority lies. It is tyranny when a majority puts in place an autocrat and legitimizes its decadence, corruption and tampering of democratic institutions by doing nothing against it.

It is tyranny when an overbearing majority thinks of itself as above an enlightened, critical minority. It is tyranny when a majority stifles democratic freedoms of expression, opinion and assembly by branding it as counterproductive and anti-nationalist. And it found justification in the fact that Filipinos no longer had other legal recourses to depose a dictator, such as impeachment or election, because Marcos had corrupted every democratic institution in the country and tampered with democratic processes for regime change.

Such as in Escalante, Negros Occidental in where townsfolk protested against the lack of genuine agrarian reform. The peaceful uprising in EDSA was just the culmination of a two-decade people power revolution that began during the First Quarter Storm of The concept of a tyrannical majority is crucial because it undermines the true spirit of people power.

When the majority revolts to advance its interests and undermine the minority, it is not people power. When the majority elects candidates to public office without regard for their blatant corrupt practices — that is not people power. When a majority votes on the basis of popularity, histrionics, mass appeal, public image, saber rattling, fear mongering, emotional appeal, regionalism and without regard to the factuality and feasibility of their grandiose yet illusory platforms — that is not people power.

This is argumentum ad populum, as the majority has no monopoly of political correctness. The minority may be critical — in fact, we should all be — but it is because they too have valid points to argue on what will make this nation progress. And yet, the majority censors critical and independent thinkers just because they are a minority.

Societies can make mistakes collectively, just as in Nazi Germany and in America during racial segregation. The voice of the people is not always the voice of God. For 17 years, the two had been working in the Philippines as members of the New Tribes Mission, a Christian evangelical group. They had a pleasant life of spreading Christianity and raising their three children, all of whom were born in the Philippines — until the Islamist terrorist group Abu Sayyaf kidnapped them on May 27, During the early hours of that day, armed men woke up the couple and, at gunpoint, forced them and other hotel guests and staff into two waiting boats.

Another American, Guillermo Sobero, was also taken captive. The terrorists abducted a total of 20 people, mostly, Filipino-Chinese tourists. The hostages were brought to Basilan Island in Mindanao, more than kms. The group had already kidnapped another group of tourists in Sipadan Island, Malaysia, as well as a number of local and foreign journalists in the previous year. Upon arrival at Lamitan town in Basilan, the Abu Sayyaf took a church and a hospital hostage.

The Burnhams and the other hostages from Palawan were joined by 20 more people, mostly doctors and nurses from the Dr. Jose Torres Memorial Hospital and parishioners at the St. It began with 2, costumed school children from different public educational institutions singing in unison the Eat Bulaga! Then came a flashback of the various events that coincided with the birth of the program: The succeeding segments proved to be an emotional walk down memory lane as the show paid tribute to the men and women who lent face to this noontime treat through those 25 years: Most touching was the in memoriam portion in honor of two ladies who had moved on to a more fun place than the stage of Eat Bulaga!: Rio Diaz, an official Eat, Bulaga!

Also once part of Student Canteen, where she quit her former show under not very pleasant circumstances, she was later given an Eat Bulaga! But Helen always made herself available to take over hosting chores from any Eat, Bulaga! The concept and execution hit the right formula because the segment, which could have been morbid, blended harmoniously with the rest of the show that overflowed with so much joy and energy comparable to excitement everyone displayed when we welcomed the new millennium.

The other showstoppers were mostly the numbers that traced all the dance hits that became part of the daily contests in Eat Bulaga! Later in the special, Jopay Paguia and the Sexbomb Dancers whipped up a storm of a performance when they were joined — via VTR — by the now-New York-based Gracia in a terpsichorean showdown that went back to the days when the dance hit was Manila Girl and went all the way to the then still sizzling hot Spaghetti.

An interesting trivia was the Arnold Clavio segment with puppet Arn-Arnwherein the award-winning broadcaster revealed that inhe joined along with his gang an Eat Bulaga! They lost in that one. Undeterred by their defeat, Arnold returned to audition for the Footloose dance contest, but was booted out as early as the audition round. And then there was a throwback to the different periods when Eat Bulaga! Pogi that gave us Jericho Rosales. At the finale, the special ended literally with a bang as a series of fireworks enveloped the skies above the venue site.

With a weary look on her face, she began her four-minute speech. For the last several weeks, the issue of the tape recordings has spun out of control.

Tonight, I want to set the record straight. My intent was not to influence the outcome of the election, and it did not. As I mentioned, the election has already been decided and the votes counted. And as you remember, the outcome had been predicted by every major public opinion poll, and adjudged free, fair and decisive by international election observers, and our own Namfrel.

I recognize that making any such call was a lapse in judgment. I also regret taking so long to speak before you on this matter. The official was believed to be former commissioner Virgilio Garcillano, who denied being the man in the recording. The president too denied being the woman in the recording.

Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye even dubbed the recordings as maliciously edited as part of an opposition plot to oust the president.

But as it went viral and as calls for her resignation gained traction, Arroyo had no choice but to come clean and shed light on the issue; hence, the speech. She has made a strong beginning and I hope she will continue in the direction of better and more responsive governance.

On July 1, various protest actions were held in Manila, Makati and other parts of the country. They were seem happily doing the series.

Although I loved Kris Aquino so much, this has nothing to do in her controversies here in my article. It all started when Ruth wanted to go the New York but she gave herself a bright idea by making her fault to steal money from her family. So she decided to kidnap herself and let Manrique family to pay the ransom.

List of Maalaala Mo Kaya episodes - Wikipedia

But Ruth was cornered by Bogs who caught her at the end of the river. Bogs have never thought Ruth was a sister of Roxanne and daughter of the company of security agency.

Rodrigo blamed Ruth when he saw his own daughter to see her just like that. But Roxanne have never realized that Rodrigo would come to see Ruth in the police station. Ruth was released in the police station the next day, but Rodrigo have accepted the condition Ruth wanted to go to New York to pursue her modeling career.

After Ruth did something bad to her family, she did something wrong to Bogs that she got the police badge.

- De La Salle Lipa

So Bogs was persistent when he went to the boxing gym if he can get the police badge from Ruth. Ruth said no and they met again in the bar. So when Ruth and Bogs have met in the bar, they went to Tagaytay where she wanted to have dinner somewhere there in Tagaytay. Bogs never thought Ruth was prettier so he could date Ruth.

And at the end of the night, Ruth decided to sleep in the hammock where she needed to sleep for a night.

francis magundayao and ella cruz relationship quizzes

So he also stayed with Ruth. After a night, Bogs have returned Ruth to her home. And Bogs have started to recognize something have happened twenty years ago when he saw Rodrigo from the robbery shootout in the bank. They thought Nelson was behind of the robbery shootout. It was Rodrigo who put out the bag with money and escaped with the money. After Rodrigo and Bogs have met in the security company, Rodrigo wanted Bogs out of the building.

So Ruth asked to her sister Roxanne to see after Bogs. She could get falling in love to Bogs again, but Ruth never thought Roxanne could also fall in love with the same man they loved.

francis magundayao and ella cruz relationship quizzes

When Roxanne almost got lost and have problems with her car in Antipolo, Roxanne have asked Bogs to come over and helped her in her car problems. So Bogs came over when he saw a group a men trying to harass Roxanne and trying to seduce her. But Bogs came to the rescue and finally helped Roxanne out of her car problems.

francis magundayao and ella cruz relationship quizzes

Now the big question was, can Roxanne tell her sister that she was ready to fall in love with Bogs? But she was afraid to tell her. Bogs have courted Roxanne the entire year. But Ruth secretly went home to the Philippines when she saw Roxanne and Bogs in the church.

Bogs was trying to convince Roxanne to marry him for the rest of his life.

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Ruth was dismayed about Bogs. Because she still felt in love with Bogs but Bogs chose Roxanne to marry instead of her. So Ruth went back to New York and continued her modeling career. So Ruth have decided to leave the Philippines in her back. And Ruth have fell in love in her modeling career.

Ruth have lost home already and tried to survive on her own. So Red sent money to Ruth whenever Ruth have had problems in money. Soon after Ruth have recovered from her modeling career, everyone in the Philippines have also passed their own problems. Bogs and Roxanne have raised two children on their own and the two girls was conceived from Roxanne have been given birth to them. They were Cherish and Precious. As soon Precious and Cherish were happily with their parents Bogs and Roxanne.

It was the time Roxanne have felt terrible ill in herself. So she decided to look for a doctor what was really happened to Roxanne. Then Roxanne have found that she have a cancer and it was already in 3rd stage. Roxanne have no contacts from her family.

francis magundayao and ella cruz relationship quizzes

He kept the secret. Both families have seen each other again, but now they were seeing Roxanne was having pain in her stomach. Bogs have no way to run, but asked Rodrigo to take care Roxanne going to China. Rodrigo have accepted but he also wanted to go to the China with her daughter.

Ruth was in exchange to come over and take care of her sister. When the incident happened in the helicopter, they crashed in the ocean. Ruth survived from the crash and so Roxanne was. But Roxanne kept her life in secret when she was helped of Filipino friend Luisa. Bogs in the other hand was helpless and tried to search Roxanne in his extended trip.

Rodrigo and his grandchildren Precious and Cherish have finally reunited and reconciled after years he wanted to see his grandchildren badly enough to see them.