Equality and liberty relationship

equality and liberty relationship

Liberty and equality have usually in England been considered antithetic; and are not confined to the relations which arise between men as members of a state. UNACADEMY PLUS. 30 Most probable questions on Indian Polity. Last date to apply is 29th November. View Details. Relationship between equality and liberty. Reconciling Liberty and Equality There seems to be an endless debate something that is worth doing or enjoying in relation with others.

Relationship between Liberty and Equality

It is concerned with social ordering and rights of society as much as individual right. It is conservative as well as reformative. In the contemporary political thought, justice is regarded as a property of distribution of something. It depends upon what are the criteria for distribution of goods and services.

Liberty and Equality

In modern democratic societies, three criteria are usually offered equality, merit and need. The demand of justice is that all men are equally deserving unless proved otherwise. The concept of justice is not static but has been changing according to the socioeconomic and political requirements of society.

equality and liberty relationship

It is not merely something dispensed by the state through its law but refers to the political, economic and social aspects of the political system. The concept of justice has been dynamic and multi-dimensional. In every society there is a different concept of justice. Justice was regarded as the supreme virtue, which harmonises all other virtues.

Nineteenth century Europe was witness to some rival notions of justice. Bentham and Mill through their utilitarian theory associated justice with what was conducive to the happiness of mankind.

Define justice and discuss its relationship with equality and liberty.

To them liberty and equality were antagonistic and antithetical to each other. Such political thinkers maintain that where there is liberty, there is no equality and vice versa. These political thinkers are of the opinion that people were conferred inequality by nature. We find inequality in nature also.

Equality and Liberty: a False Dichotomy

In some parts there are rivers while in others there are mountains and in still other parts there are plains and fields. No two persons are similar in their ability and capacity.

equality and liberty relationship

And so there cannot be equality in society. The views of Lord Acton and De Tocqueville are not accepted by modern political thinkers. Laski has very aptly remarked in this connection: It is a drastic conclusion. These days, it is generally believed that liberty and equality should go together.

If an individual is given unrestrained liberty to do whatever he likes, he will cause harm to others.

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There will be chaos in society if individuals are given unrestrained liberty. They did not attach any importance to economic equality and laid stress on Laissez Faire to be adopted by the government. Adam Smith was the ardent advocate of this view. The Individualists maintained that there should be a free competition between the capitalists and labour leaders.

They did not want the government to interfere in the economic matters. Formula of Demand and Supply should be adopted.

equality and liberty relationship

All the economic difficulties will be removed by this formula. If there will be excess of commodities and easy availability of labour, prices will come down. If there is scarcity, prices will rise higher and higher.

This formula was implemented in England and in many other countries of Europe and it resulted in dangerous consequences. The government lost its control over the capitalists.