Enneagram type 7 and 9 in relationship

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enneagram type 7 and 9 in relationship

Enneagram Type 7, The Fun-Loving Enthusiast Sevens at their best in a relationship are lighthearted, generous, outgoing, caring and fun. . highlight 9 levels of health for each enneagram type with 3 healthy, 3 average. 9 delegates into laziness & insensitivity while 1 chases perfectionism in her How do you see the Enneagram types affecting your personal relationships?. You may have heard about Enneagram personality types, but if not, I'm happy (#6), The Adventurer (#7), The Leader (#8) and The Peacemaker (#9). types and the kind of partner your primary type needs in a relationship.

enneagram type 7 and 9 in relationship

Sevens provide the stimulation, Nines the audience. On the complementary opposite side, Sevens are more active and self-assertive than Nines; they tend to take initiatives, to make plans, to have multiple interests, and to provide the energy for the couple. Sevens are mentally quick, self-confident, curious, open to new experiences, and resilient when there are setbacks.

They bring the fun, sparkle, and sense of adventure. Nines bring a sense of steadiness, support, and acceptance to the relationship. They tend to be more sympathetic and soft hearted than Sevens, as well as more relaxed and undemanding of themselves and their environment, including other people. Nines are also often generous and willing to make personal sacrifices to help others and to make them happy. Their personal simplicity and uncomplicatedness meshes well with the more assertive qualities of the Seven.

As long as neither takes advantage of the other, there is a good balance between energy and relaxation in this couple. Potential Trouble Spots or Issues One of the main areas for potential problems is the fact that neither Sevens nor Nines are usually adept at working through negative or painful aspects of their lives or of the relationship.

enneagram type 7 and 9 in relationship

Both would prefer everything be kept on the positive side; neither one wants to fall into the possibility of depression or to otherwise cut off their chance for happiness.

At most, they will briefly acknowledge a problem or conflict in their relationship by blaming the other: Both types also tend to be blind to their own share of responsibility for how the relationship has deteriorated, including their own contribution to communication problems. Nines tend to collapse in the face of the Seven's angry demands, withdrawing into silence and, eventually, inaction. I have a Type Nine friend who is a genius in her craft and as a teacher will make it all look easy.

Enneagram Type 7, The Fun-Loving Enthusiast - Karen Armstrong - Inside Out - Newmarket Ontario

Nines at their worst in a relationship are stubborn, passive-aggressive, unassertive, overly accommodating and defensive. Practical suggestions for Type Nine: Take regular exercise that gets the heartbeat going and amps the energy. Practice asking clearly for what you want in relationships.

enneagram type 7 and 9 in relationship

Instead tell them you will let them know when you decide, that you need time to think. Start a daily journal.

Make daily realistic lists of what you want to accomplish and stick to them. If you go to the fridge between meals, ask what uncomfortable thing you are avoiding.

enneagram type 7 and 9 in relationship

Learn to include your opinion in a group by asking your higher self what it wants, as if it were another equally valid member, and verbalize it. Force yourself to pay attention to what is going on. Do not drift off or tune out people or daydream. Work on focusing your attention to become an active participant in the world around you.

Try to become more mentally and emotionally engaged.

enneagram type 7 and 9 in relationship

Will constantly acquiescing to the wishes of others provide the kind of relationships that will really satisfy you? Remember, it is impossible to love others if you are not truly present to them.