Eastern star and mason relationship advice

The Masonic Wife | The Mason's Lady

eastern star and mason relationship advice

I think Im in a relationship with an eastern star but not sure. My advice to all who are members of the Masonic lodges and OES Courts, stop. of dating an eastern star girl one day when I am a mason. Freemason Connect Mobile . Good advice and yes she has shown interest. A Masonic wife, and a Mason's Lady are often used interchangeably. From what I have found, no other couple have been married in this fashion. The best advice I can give to people in this situation is communicate with.

This is because the meetings inside a Masonic Lodge and the rituals and ceremonies are usually closed to non-members, which includes you. Secular association Despite many rituals and ceremonies that are closed to non-members, Freemasons are really secularists at heart. Apart from being an adult man, there is just one essential qualification necessary to become a Mason and this is a belief in a Supreme Being, according to the United Grand Lodge of England.

One can be from any country, economic background, lineage or religion and yet join a Masonic association. Thus if you have a boyfriend who is a Freemason, you are likely to benefit from a secular and liberal world view, one which is not bound by narrow views on race, religion and class.

eastern star and mason relationship advice

This tradition of ignorance continues till today as proven by the fact that the bulletin Quaesitum est issued in and written by Cardinal Ratzinger, the current Pope Benedict XVI, expressly denies Holy Communion to Catholics who join Masonic lodges. This is because they have been misinterpreted as anti-clerical, an attitude which goes back to the early belief in the separation of church and state.

Thus if you are a strict Catholic girl or hold Catholic views close to your heart, dating a Freemason may put you in direct conflict with your religious beliefs. Even if you are not a Catholic yourself, but come from a Catholic family, be mentally prepared for some kind of opposition from your parents to the person you are dating. Closed to women Along with its secretiveness, another aspect which may rankle you when dating a Freemason is that the major orders are closed to women.

One or two suits and a tux should be just fine for him.

Dating a Freemason

I know we ladies do not get off that easily; but, if you enjoy shopping, think of it as a bonus. If you enjoy being social and meeting new people. Masonic functions are perfect for just that. What are the disadvantages to being a Masonic wife? I will be the first to admit, it is not all sunshine and rainbows all the time.

T is Master of his Lodge this year, and this is added stress for both of us, making sure there is a candidate, food, organizing meetings, it can be a lot of work. In addition to this, sometimes the jealousy monster rears its ugly head. If you choose to get involved with Masonry, you may have to limit yourself and your Mason how involved you really are.

Remember when I said there are activities every night? As a Masonic wife you need to be able to say no, even if that game feed put on by the Dave Crockett Club does sound super awesome. What about this marriage ritual? Are there Masonic wedding rings? You may have seen pictures of a Masonic wedding floating around on the internet. Actually, you can find the entire ritual here. While it is a very interesting read, this wedding if I recall correctly was preformed in Puerto Rico.

From what I have found, no other couple have been married in this fashion.

Mason Men In Marriage

You see, when a man takes his obligation, that is, when he kneels down and puts his hand on the volume of Sacred Law usually the Biblehe swears that Masonry will not come first. Yes, you read that correctly. He swears that his obligations to his family, his job, and his deity of choice come before his obligation to Masonry.

Think of Freemasonry a bit like a high school extracurricular. I know that a lot of people have hang-ups about the secretive aspect of Masonry.

How to Join the Order of Eastern Star: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Freemasonry is not a secret society, it is a society with secrets. They consist of a few handshakes, ways to recognize each other, and some exact wording of some ritual. If you, for whatever reason, want to know these things, Google is your friend.

That being said, I do not recommend looking these things up if you are a current candidate. It can ruin the immersion aspect. It is not always spelled out in black and white. Because of this, many Masons simply chose to share nothing instead, which fed into all of the ideas about Freemasons that the conspiracy theorists love.

eastern star and mason relationship advice

Again, I do strongly recommend anyone dating a Mason to educate themselves as much as possible. There is a lot of misinformation out there about Freemasonry.

Not only will getting to know these folks possibly make you feel more comfortable, but it will also allow you to gauge how much time other Masons are spending at Lodge. Ask to meet the current Worshipful Master essentially the President of the Lodgeask to see the Lodge room. These things are okay for you to ask for, and again, doing so may make you feel more at ease.

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