Doctor who partners in crime and donna meet again

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doctor who partners in crime and donna meet again

Partners in Crime was the first episode of series 4 of Doctor Who. Donna Noble is determined to find the Tenth Doctor again — even if it means braving the Miss Foster gives them a lecture on the science of the pill, and the meeting ends. DONNA Lovely! Thanks, then. See you! She walks to the printer. He stands up and goes to the printer, turning his back to Donna who is. "Partners in Crime" is the first episode of the fourth series of the British science fiction television In the episode, Donna and the alien time traveller the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) Donna Noble has become disenchanted with her normal life for two years since meeting the Doctor in "The Runaway Bride". . Back there.

Miss Foster is alerted that there has been an "unscheduled parthenogenesis ", and sends out a squad team to retrieve the new Adipose children. The Doctor is also alerted of the "birth" via a Y-shaped hand-held device and runs off down the street to track it. Once Stacy witnesses the Adipose child, Miss Foster activates "full parthenogenesis", and Stacy's entire body is converted into numerous Adipose, leaving nothing but her clothing behind. Donna, who is now upstairs due to Stacy's screams, breaks into her bathroom just in time to see an Adipose waving to her as it jumps out the window.

The Adipose Industries retrieval team scoops up the new Adipose and zooms off in their van, just missed by both the Doctor and Donna — who both give up and head off in different directions, unaware they are only a few feet away from each other.

Miss Foster goes through her CCTV records with her henchmen to find out just who "borrowed" a pendant and spots her. Donna cancels Stacy's caband goes home, only to find her mother nagging at her about her unemployment. Donna sits at the table, ignoring her, as she tries to get over what she saw. She then goes to see her grandfather Wilfred Mottwho is up at the allotments stargazing.

He says she looks like he's drifting, but she replies she's waiting for the right man — the Doctor. She says, "I met him just once She asks him to keep an eye out for a certain blue box in the sky, and give her a shout if he finds it.

He stands there in silence. Miss Foster shows off the pill. The next day, despite protests from her mother, Donna takes the car to Adipose Industries, parking in an alleyway nearby. The Doctor and Donna hide in the building until after hours: Donna even goes so far to conceal herself as to pretend she is in church when her mother calls.

Miss Foster suddenly stalks into the toilets searching for the thief — and, much to Donna's surprise and relief instead pulls out Penny Carter. Penny accuses Miss Foster of faking her results. As Penny is dragged to Miss Foster's office by her guards, Donna follows, peeking through the office door. The Doctor zips to the roof, fiddles with a window-cleaning crane and drops down to the office window.

Catherine Tate: Donna Noble

He watches the same event from the other side of the room. Unable to quite see what's going on, both pop their heads up — only to spot each other. They mouth frantic questions to each other while Donna does her best to mime her answers, all the while unaware that they are being watched by Miss Foster and everybody in her office.

The pair finally meet, but have to keep running and head back to the window-cleaning cradle to lower themselves down for a quick getaway. Before that, though, Donna explains how she went about searching for the Doctor.

UFO sightings, crop circlessea monsters — I looked, I found them all. Like that stuff about the bees disappearing, I thought, "I bet he's connected. You opened my eyes to all those amazing things out there. I believe them all She uses her sonic pen to cut one side of the supporting ropes, making Donna fall out and hanging to the broke rope. Before Miss Foster can cut the other one, the Doctor uses his sonic to knock the pen out of her hand and into his; he uses it to open a window in below Donna and swings Donna inside before following after her.

Dueling about with all them aliens. If I wait here long enough I don't suppose you've seen a little blue box? Is that slang for something? If you ever see a little blue box fly up there in the sky, you shout for me Gramps. Oh you just shout. It's my turn for the car. What d'you need it for? And off we go! So far they're just losing weight, but the Matron's gone up to emergency parthenogenesis. And that's when they convert A million people are gonna die!

I need the car. What would you do in church? What's she in church for? Go up the hill. Well, I need the car. I'm going out with Suzette Chambers. She's asked all the Wednesday girls. The fortune teller helps Donna recall the event that led to her meeting the Doctor using powerful alien incense. Donna remembers when she was driving along with her mother, Sylvia, through London to get a new job; at an intersection, Donna wanted to turn left to get to the security firm H.

Clements for a well-paid temp position, while Sylvia wanted her to turn right as to take a permanent job as a PA at a friend's business. Donna ultimately turned left.

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The fortune teller gives Donna the chance to choose again and forces her to turn right this time. As she makes this new choice, a large beetle attaches itself to her back and she loses consciousness.

Donna's decision creates an alternative reality with major changes in history.

doctor who partners in crime and donna meet again

Donna initially seems happy with her secretarial position, her only concern being the claims of her colleagues about seeing a beetle on her back. However, turning right has meant that Donna has never met the Doctor and could not convince him to flee after killing the Racnoss children in " The Runaway Bride ".

Donna Noble

As a consequence, the Doctor drowns in the resulting flood and is unable to intervene in several other events that drastically affect the Earth. Changes include the deaths of Sarah Jane Smith and Martha Jones in the events of " Smith and Jones ", the death of sixty million people in the United States from the breeding of the Adipose in " Partners in Crime ", and the loss of the Torchwood team while defeating the Sontaran invasion that occurred during " The Poison Sky ".

The Doctor's absence also allows the space-going Titanic to crash into Buckingham Palace during " Voyage of the Damned ", killing millions in the subsequent destruction of London. Britain rapidly descends into a dystopia, with many Londoners displaced and forced into assigned cramped living quarters under martial lawwith the government soon transferring all non-British citizens into internment camps.

Rose Tyler mysteriously appears to Donna to warn her of these events, but never reveals her identity to her. Rose's advice saves Donna and her family from the destruction of London. Sometime later, Rose appears again and tells her that she needs Donna to come with her, but that doing so will result in Donna's death.

Donna refuses, and Rose tells her that she will be back in three weeks. Three weeks later, Donna and Wilfred are using his telescope when they realise that the stars are disappearing from the sky.

doctor who partners in crime and donna meet again

Rose appears and Donna is now convinced to go with her. Rose takes her to UNIT and explains that the stars are going out in every universe and that the fabric of reality is collapsing, allowing Rose to travel between universes. Rose insists to Donna that the Doctor is the only one who can stop it.

The set that Donna transports back in time and the beetle on her back, on display at the Doctor Who Experience. She insists that Donna should travel back to the day she made the fateful turn and choose to turn left again.

Donna is transported back minutes before she would make that turn, but too far away to contact her past self in time.

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She makes the decision to walk out in front of a passing truck and let it hit her, creating a traffic jam along the right-hand turning, causing her impatient past self to turn left instead. As Donna lies dying on the ground, Rose whispers a message into her ear for the Doctor. The alternative universe disintergrates, and Donna wakes up back on Shan Shen. The beetle falls off Donna's back and dies and the fortune teller runs away after uttering some terrified words about what Donna will become.