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deeks and kensi relationship fanfiction websites

Welcome! It's time for my latest fan fiction recommendations! Are you ready for But Kensi/Deeks are the romance couple that resonated for me. And for a change Her website is You can also follow. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Kensi B., M. Deeks - Words: 6, .. them like an archeologist at some ancient Egyptian burial site.

You immediately promise yourself you will retaliate, curious about the sounds he will make when you have your way with him. Oh yeah, getting Marty Deeks to giggle is your new mission in life. But for now, you're more than willing to let him finish his. His tongue toys around your belly button for a while, dipping in to elicit another incomprehensible sound from your throat.

Down and down he ventures, sniffling the heady scent of your arousal as it has been pooling between your legs since you got into the car.

Yet, his patience is admirable. Okay, more like infuriating. You so desperately want him to finally get to work on your most needy parts, but he only licks a few stray drops of your moisture off the inside of your thighs, ignoring your disappointed cry as he ventures down your legs.

Your feet are not your most favorite body parts. You take care of them because, well, you have to walk and run and kick the occasional ass with them, and they need to look good in high heels if you need to seduce someone, but other than that, you hardly pay them any more attention. Once you're home, you kick off your boots, put your feet firmly on the coffee table and that's it. To Deeks however, they must be a rare treasure, since he's studying them like an archeologist at some ancient Egyptian burial site.

He tickles your soles and you almost give him a black eye when on reflex you kick out, yelping at the sensation, going surprisingly fast to your weeping folds. So feet are erogenous zones. As are ankles, calves and the inside of your knees. At least, that's what they magically become when one Marty Deeks is touching them, kissing and massaging them, his breath ghosting over your skin and giving you goose bumps in its wake. Time has no meaning in this little corner of the world, so you have no idea how long it has taken him to finally settle himself between your legs, eyes and lips level with your dripping female parts.

He takes some sweet time examining his new found feast. Whose fault is that, Detective? And more important, what are you going to do about it? You open your mouth to tell him exactly this, but, as could be expected, no words come out.

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You sound like a Neanderthal, really, all moans and grunts. This man is slowly robbing you of all your common sense. Though slowly, more like the last three years… Lucky for you, he provides you with his own answer. And oh, how well that beautiful mouth of his works as he alternates between long, slow licks and quick nibbles. It's heavenly and you're getting awfully close to the brink, even if he has yet to really touch your clit.

You're floating somewhere between heaven and earth, feeling like a rocket which engines just got fired up and which is now waiting for the take-off. He's relentlessly teasing you. So you strike a deal with him. It's more of a plea bargain really, emphasis on the pleading. As a reward, he sticks two of his fingers inside of you, crooking them slightly to reach just the right place.

Fireworks explode behind your eyelids and you squeal, another rush of wetness immediately soaking his hands, trickling down his wrist.

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You spasm and cry out. So good, soooo gooood. There's no more talking now, his patience finally breaking, as well as yours. He pushes a third finger inside and increases the speed, simultaneously intensifying his suckling, never letting go of your throbbing button. The countdown to lift-off has started in your core, the fuel burning until… With a long wail that somewhere holds his name, you're launched straight to the stars above, gushing a constant flow of juices onto Marty's eager tongue.

He's humming as he licks it all up, only slowing down his movements to let you ride out the moment. For an undetermined time span, everything is still and quiet as you gently flow back to earth. You open your eyes groggily, wanting to thank him for this wonderful experience. You expect him to have moved from his spot between your legs, but he's still there, arrogant smirk in place.

Oh well, he can take a bit of credit you suppose. Was it beautiful where you were? It has to be, it's all you can accomplish. Perhaps, if you ever have to come down from cloud nine, you'll tell him that you hardly ever orgasm at all. Or at least not like this. Not for lack of trying on any bed partner's side though he's the first to go down on you in many, many monthsbut because, as stated before, you don't like to relinquish control.

So this is some kind of breakthrough for you and you guess you should have known it would be to him you would surrender first. Because you do so daily with your life, entrusting him with your very survival; a trust he has never broken. He smiles, a sly little smile, promising nothing good. Or everything good, whatever. Brace yourself, Sugar Bear. You're going to melt. Within mere seconds, you're ready for another countdown, struggling against it, begging him to stop, begging him to go on and on.

It's too much, it's… This time, you think you've gone deaf and mute, because you feel, but can't hear yourself scream as an overwhelming orgasm picks you up and shoots you back into a time and space beyond anything you've ever felt before. He's right, you're positively melting, evaporating even. Deeks is happily slurping up another steady flow of your honey.

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It's taking you a ridiculous amount of time to come to your senses and when you do or think you doyou're certain this little trip has incinerated your very bones, leaving you with nothing but a Kensi-shaped, damping puddle of goo. When your eyes open and slowly regain their focus, Marty's face is right next to yours, smile firmly in place. It might be a little cocky, but it's ninety percent love and awe you see in his unwavering gaze.

Your heart misses a beat. Dear God, how you love this man.

You're worthy of being loved. Love me, make love to me. With more determination than dexterity, you yank his shirt over his head, giggling you've got to stop giggling; you're not sixteen anymore when it gets tangled around his head, almost choking him, because he just can't or won't stop kissing you.

Want me to kiss it better? He responds eagerly and you can feel the heat rising in his groin behind the confinements of his jeans. Why is he still wearing his jeans?

Fumbling slightly, you manage to wriggle your hands in between your bodies and unzip his fly, fingers reaching for his erection. He groans into your mouth as you find the intended target and give it a little squeeze. It's a shame he has to stop kissing you for a moment, but when he reveals his glorious self to your hungry eyes, you know it's worth it. Damn, the man is beautiful. Regardless of the scars and scratches adorning his chest you try not to think about the many times you've almost lost himhe's perfectly fit and well-proportioned.

Not as bulky as Sam and not as skinny as Eric, he has just the right amount of muscle tone and tan to make your mouth water. And speaking of proportions…no complaints there either. His erection, standing proud and ready, twitching and weeping in anticipation, is built like he is.

Perfect in length and girth. Unabashed and perhaps a little or a lot proud, he lets you peruse his body. You like a lot. His lips reclaim yours, but you have other plans. Delightful as his mouth might be, you want your own lips to taste more of him. Every part of him would be good, to begin with. Taking advantage is his distraction, you flip him over and straddle him. A question burns in his eyes and you explain with a kiss to his lips. Luckily for him, you weren't planning on doing any damage.

Not when you feel like a kid in a candy store, with so many things to taste and nibble at, you don't know where to start. So you simply start kissing whatever piece of skin strikes your fancy and soon enough you get an answer to the question you asked yourself earlier.

Yes, your partner can and does make the most interesting sounds when he's subjected to your ministrations, varying from stuttering encouragements to soft moans, to yelps when you playfully pinch his tight butt.

The best sound however, comes from deep within his chest when you finally stop playing around and attend to his straining cock. With a wicked little gleam in your eyes, you rouse him from his haze. The moan intensifies and his hand reaches out to tangle itself in your brown curls. Getting all the confirmation you need, you wrap your lips firmly around the top again and suck hard.

He bucks against your head and you put one hand on his stomach to keep him steady as you take more and more of him in. Your other hand cups his balls and starts playing with the tender flesh. Marty's eyes roll back in their sockets as he's the one whose turn it is to surrender. And he does so gratefully and gracefully. Now this is fun! You lick and suck him like an ice cream cone, savoring the salty taste on your tongue. He tastes like the ocean and well…Marty.

And while you normally don't spoil a man with a blowjob, you love this particular man so much that you actually like it now.

It'll be only him from now on anyway. By now, he's gasping and straining and you can tell he's getting closer and closer to the abyss. You brace yourself for his eruption, but with the gentlest of touches, he caresses your cheek. And I don't want to have to recuperate for half an hour before I make love to you.

With one hand, he manages to open the top drawer of his nightstand and pulls out a small package. Quickly, you tear the foil off and sheathe your partner, grinning as he moans at the slightest of your touches. Our newlyweds moving forward with the Team of OSP. Starting with Season 4 forward. These will be random. Requests for favorite episodes from S4 - S8 encouraged.

Just PM or leave request in review. So much would have been different. After being tortured Deeks hands in his badge, leaving not just the police but LA completely. This is the story of what he discovers and how he finds his way back home, and exactly what that home truly is.

I don't really like seeing Jack as the bad guy, but it came to my head so I wrote it out. But things might not quite go according to plan. Will they make it out alive?

Or will what happens in Vegas keep them in Vegas No costume, no beard, no belly and no time to prepare. Callen has to think on his feet for the most important undercover operations he's ever had to face.

A little Christmas fun.

deeks and kensi relationship fanfiction websites

Sequel to Callen Claus. Callen, one of the cutest little OC's I've written, and just the slightest touch of Sam. Hanna, OC - Complete A one shot for the bar scene at the end of 10x11, featuring a special guest.

Thanks for allowing them to come out and play in our stories. We Got Us by glenncoco4 reviews Series of Densi centered one-shots. I'll be here as long as you want me. Without any hesitation he kissed her back and wrapped his arms around her smaller frame, holding her close even after they ended the kiss.

And yes, I am sure. Why wouldn't I want to go with you? And I've never done something like this and it's just so new It's got every luxury thing you can dream of, the beach, gourmet dinner, waterbeds and did I mention the beach?

Going camping with a guy I really like is new for me too, you know? I never went with someone other than my dad. We don't have to go camping if you're uncomfortable with it I want to share this with you.

deeks and kensi relationship fanfiction websites

And maybe this is going to be a tradition for the both of us, like other couples travel to Portugal every year or something. We should go camping once every few years and this year it's gonna be luxury pure! I remember we often went in the summers and the winters. I loved the winter times particularly. With every passing day it got colder and there was so much snow. I loved it but as soon as it was as high as it could have gotten, we checked into a hotel and stayed there for a few more days because we got snowed in.

It was quite an adventure. They had arrived at the camping site and while Kensi turned the engine off, Deeks had asked his question. Kensi rolled her eyes and answered, "Well, we're going to start with getting our key and searching for our bungalow. And then I want to go around the campsite for a bit. Kensi's eyes widened and she said, "Deeks, you don't have to carry everything.

I can do that too. She signed them both in and smiled when the woman handed her the keys to their bungalow. Please, tell us if something is wrong. Your bungalow is right up the path and you can see the beach right from there.

But you'll see," the woman said and smiled at Kensi. Kensi whispered, "Thank you," before going back out to Deeks. He stood on the path and turned his head in different directions, probably trying to figure out what places he wanted to see today.

Her partner followed and they soon reached bungalow number Kensi put the key in the lock and pushed the door open. You immediately were in the living room; there was a couch, a small table and a fireplace, the wooden floor was partially covered with dark red carpets. Kensi walked in and through the living room, heading for the bedroom.