Dean ambrose and paige relationship problems

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dean ambrose and paige relationship problems

Alberto El Patron On His Breakup With Paige, Paige Proposing To Him, Problems With Paige's Family. It's no secret that El Patron and Paige ended their relationship . Dean Ambrose Undergoes Successful Surgery. When they got there, they saw Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Paige see's Seth in trouble and nocks Emma out with the Paige "Yes that's right plus we think that Dean and AJ would work well "Ok, well how convincing does mine and Paige's relationship have to look?". A page for describing Trivia: Paige. Actor Allusion: When she She dated Dean Ambrose for a short time whilst they were both in FCW. She also dated Brad.

The Norwich native nodded her head. He must have forgotten that the two actually wanted to spend the evening together.

dean ambrose and paige relationship problems

I'm not going to spend the evening with you tonight, I'll spend it with my boys. We've spend time enough and when my friends are in town, I'll meet up with them.

Your opinion is quiet irrelevant right now.

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He just loved pissing her off and ruining her plans, especially when in fact knowing they had a 'date' going. Not like that you promised me we actually will go out tonight but cool.

She was used to all this bullshit and still put up with it - knowing she was wasting her time. But she loved him, a lot in fact. Not like that you'd do shit about it.

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What are you going to do? Leave me because we aren't going out? I could find a replacement for you in a minute, stop being such a bitch just because I'm not going out with you and rather get fucked up tonight. Do whatever you please. I ain't dealing with this shit no more.

dean ambrose and paige relationship problems

He wasn't giving a flying fuck. As a matter of fact; he never did when it came to her.

WWE threaten to fire Paige for her relationship with Alberto Del Rio

A third set of videos released in mid and still had no effect on her position with the company, despite this coming well after her injury forced retirement from the ring.

Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: In the documentary, she says that she wants women's wrestling to be respected.

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And then says she wishes it could be like the Attitude Era where the Women's Champion's contract said she couldn't take bumps, every other match was a bra and panties match, a man won the title in drag, women with literally no wrestling experience at all were champions and the title was defended in pools of mud and gravy.

She took special time in an interview to criticise the Survivor Series match at the show - where the babyface team all survived and she was the lone heel to go out. As a result, the crowd took her side, as she had expected.

Despite having Raven Hair, Ivory Skinshe is actually a natural blonde. She was mainly a heel on the indies but has enjoyed most of her success in WWE as a face. Real Life Writes the Plot: She was temporarily put out-of-action in kayfabe because of an injury from Naomi attacking her ; in reality, Paige was written out of the storyline to film her part in Santa's Little Helper.

15 Things You Didn't Know About Dean Ambrose And Renee Young's Relationship

Subverted in the long run. Ambrose rarely talks about his upbringing or anything that is related to his personal life, but he has commented on what it was like to grow up in that side of the city. But then there were other times where dudes would catch me walking by and try to push me around, and I had to draw a line, even if I was gonna get pulverized.

I ended up earning respect that way — not that I cared, I just wanted out. This may be for a number of reasons. He may enjoy being a private person, or it may be the fact that he has already had his own fair share of drama in his personal life. Ambrose once opened up about what he referred to as his 'crazy ex girlfriend' in an interview that was conducted before he joined WWE.

dean ambrose and paige relationship problems

Ambrose dated Hellena Heavenly when he was years-old, a red-headed Nevada based wrestler who Dean met when he was coming through the ranks of professional wrestling. There is a lengthy video on Youtube of Jon Moxley name prior to joining WWE talking about his ex-girlfriend with some very colourful language attached to it. Every WWE superstar has a social media account and often update and talk to fans as a way to bring the WWE Universe closer to their favourite wrestlers.

Renee Young uses her Twitter account regularly and often updates about Dean Ambrose.