Dan and runo relationship problems

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dan and runo relationship problems

Runo's outfit in Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a yellow midriff shirt and a white skirt This causes a great trouble to the Resistance, as they, although still willingly. Let's leave the first Bakugan series out of it, that one started it all, introduced both often at odds with the villainess of the group and have issues. .. and Mira to form a relationship but, it seemed like Mira fancied Dan more. Runo - Dan and Runo have known each other ever since they were kids at age Marucho - Marucho is the guy who dan can go to for getting advice on what to all about the true relationship between dan and Runo and teasses him with that.

dan and runo relationship problems

Runo was able to defeat Lyncbut her and Mira were soon defeated by Mylenehaving Magma Wilda lose the Subterra energy. After the Resistance were thinking of how to get to Mother Palace to defeat the Vexos Runo comes to Dan to let him know that dinner is ready right when Spectra transported Dan and Drago to his ship.

After Dan defeated Spectra he transported the Resistance members who have or had an attribute energy to come with him. This left Runo angry as she wanted to help out, but prayed that Dan would be careful. In All for OneTigrerra told the Resistance that she decided to quit brawling, for it is putting Runo and Julie in danger.

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So they will only brawl if it is really necessary. Even though Runo wanted to go. Gundalian Invaders Runo never makes a direct appearance this season, only appearing in a flashback [1] and a picture along with Dan and Julie. Mechtanium Surge Runo in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge Runo made her first appearance in Back In Sync when she was shown in an image along with Julie and Dan when Marucho was reflecting on the good old days of the Battle Brawlers.

She appears in Enemy Alliestaking Mira's job after Mira overworked herself and collapsed, as she has been learning Vestal technology during the time gap. Kato picks her up, and she wakes Dan up during the battle. She also assists in sending Battle Suits in fighting Spatterix and Stronk. In Gunz Blazingshe was going to the lab to send the Battle suits to Dan, however, she was electrocuted by Wiseman's baton, and he ended up stealing the Battle Suits.

She appeared in Jump to Victory along with her new partner, Aerogan. She brawled Wiseman alongside Dan, and they were victorious. In Doom Dimension Throwdownshe and Mira attempt to go to Volcano Island to search Dan and the others, and Julie wants to join them, but before they even have a chance to leave, they die due to Mechtavius Destroyer destroying Bakugan City.

They were revived in The Beginning of the End. In Beginning of the Endshe was seen talking to Mira and Julie that she will stay back to send the Battle Suits just in case they need it. In End of the Lineshe is reunited with the rest of the gang and throw a party for Dan, but is upset when he doesn't show up. Battle Trainer Runo as she appears in Bakugan: Battle TrainerMarucho sends Dan to the Caring Zone after it becomes apparent that the transporter has given Dan temporary memory loss.

In the training room, Runo gives him a tutorial on how to play and care for his Bakugan. Bakugan Runo is a Haos Battle Brawler.

dan and runo relationship problems

Dan wanted to crawl under the couch and stay there. Kuso, heading towards the kitchen. Kuso were slipping out of the kitchen and headed upstairs. They served themselves and ate. We heard voices that were almost yelling, then voices that sounded that their owners were about to cry then it was complete silence until you came down the stairs!

That's how it sounded like from down here," added Chan. Dan brought up to his bedroom, pretending to be wanting to show me something on his computer, closed the door, we got into a fight againstarted to cry both of uswe calmed down, Dan confessed his feelings to me, asked me out, I said yes, we kissed, I reminded him about the party, I tickled him, we ran downstairs and you guys came in," explained Runo, biting into her pizza.

Everyone stared at them. Shun raised his glass. They all raised their glasses and gently hit them together.

dan and runo relationship problems

Then, they fell back into their usual conversations. Please read and review. Your review has been posted. He later freed himself in Enemy Infiltration. He later took on the Wiseman persona himself after Coredegon stopped using it, becoming a second Wiseman and vowing vengeance against Dan for turning Reptak against him.

dan and runo relationship problems

He was defeated and later abandoned the persona in Doom Dimension Throwdown, joining the Brawlers and reuniting with Reptak. Bakugan Brawlers' Resistance[ edit ] Voiced by: At the end of Surprise Visitor, she along with Baron travel with Dan back to his world.

In Unmasked, Mira challenges Spectra to a battle and if she's victorious, Spectra will be unmasked. If she loses, however, she has to join the Vexos, and even battle against her own friends. She told herself in the beginning that her hero was always her brother, Keith, but forced herself to change her mind about it after Spectra unmasks himself in front of her, revealing that he was her 'hero'.

Baron described her as 'intense'. She betrays the Brawlers in Family Ties as she says that she wants to stay with Keith, once telling the others on Earth that Spectra is her brother. She returns to New Vestroia through the portal Apollonir opened with Spectra, Gus and Lync after revealing her betrayal. In Beta City Blues, she reveals that she has joined the Vexos, but is really wondering what Spectra is up to. In Brotherly Love she challenged her elder brother to a battle and if she wins, she goes back to being with her real brother and not Spectra.

However, if she loses, she will have no choice but to work for and obey Spectra. She later lost the brawl. She is regretful of this as she says, "I'm sorry, my friends" after the battle, and is also seen crying as she has no choice but to be an enemy to the Resistance that she herself had founded.

dan and runo relationship problems

She later returns to the Resistance. She returns to Vestal with Ace and Baron and their Bakugan, in case the Vexos will want to take back New Vestroia for themselves in the future. Following the defeat of Zenoheld she returns to Vestal with her older brother, Gus, and the rest of the Vestal Resistance. She also has a brother that she desperately wants to find after he disappeared during Hydranoid's rebellion.

Although she is the leader, she is not necessarily accepted by the others, as she has a small tendency to go off on her own. She prefers the Subterra attribute. She has a crush on Dan and is presented several times: It was also the main reason for Ace's hostility to Dan because Ace has a romantic crush on Mira. Mira returns in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge where she helps the brawlers by creating powered battle suits for their Bakugan.

She is among those killed by Mechtavius Destroyer near the end of the season when he destroys Bakugan City, but her death is prevented when Dan, Shun, and Marucho are able to go back in time and destroy Mechtavius Destroyer before he could attack Bakugan City. Yasuaki Takumi Japanese ; Alex House in ep. He is often very rash and does not think things through.

As revealed in episode 13, Ace was once a top brawler in the Vestal tournaments, but stayed away after Hydron used them to find strong brawlers. Mira approached him, invited him to the Resistance, and gave him Percival.

Ace first shows his skills as a brawler when he battles Dan in the second episode of the series: Ace refuses to accept humans on the Resistance and challenges Dan to a battle to prove his skills. After three hours, the battle ends in a draw and the two become fast best friends.

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In Return of a Friend, he and Mira had an argument because Mira wanted to postpone destroying the dimension controllers and find her brother, however, Ace refuses to allow her to go because he fears of the dangers she may face. After Mira and Baron went to Earth with Dan, he worries about Mira and when he hears her voice in the night, which was really Shadow Prove who was leading him into a Vexos trap, he tries to save her, which further proves his love for Mira.

In What's the Plan? However, on the edge of defeat, they put their differences aside and Ace works together with Shun after realizing he was just trying to help.