Cory and topanga relationship goals funny

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cory and topanga relationship goals funny

I would say #relationshipgoals, but they've been close to death one too many times for my liking. Ace: Cory and Topanga got a spin-off and TV kids who actually resemble them 14 Donni: Dre and Rainbow are so funny. 20 Times Cory And Topanga Were Total Relationship Goals. contenthydra June 14, Entertainment Leave a comment 8 Views. A page for describing Funny: Boy Meets World. Several of the interviews in " Wake Up Little Cory" when Cory and Topanga are working on their project for The.

Cory Matthews

Aka one of my all time favorite Disney Channel original movies. Brown and Joey the Rat Mr. Blue are two of my favorite characters from BMW. And nothing is better than dumb Eric. Seriously, his character went from cool big brother to total idiot in just a couple seasons. And I love it. When Eli and Mr.

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Is it because I love Halloween so much? Is it because I will forever have a crush on Jack Hunter?

cory and topanga relationship goals funny

Or the awesome mash-up of The Breakfast Club and Scream that is this episode? So many good episodes, but this one is a classic. It makes me really nostalgic for the end of high school. I love that Minkus makes a triumphant return in this episode. Feeny not to retire. And, of course, Topanga proposes to Cory in the middle of graduation.

cory and topanga relationship goals funny

It is an iconic moment to all those who love BMW, and had to be included on this list. Cory attempts to let chickens loose in the hallway as a senior prank. A couple of kids in my graduating class tried to do that too. I am rationalizing this by saying the amount of new material in these episodes probably makes up only one. Ben Savage's delivery of that line was perfect. Earlier in that episode when Cory first dresses up as a girl when he says "I knew it, I look fat".

It's a simple line but Ben Savage's delivery makes it hilarious.

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Cory being told that he will die if anything happens to Topanga on their trip. By his own father.

cory and topanga relationship goals funny

Cory's response is an indignant "You like her better than me! The scene where he talks to Cory secretly on the phone, only to have them argue over who will hang up first, than long for each other silently on both ends of the phone is laugh out loud funny.

cory and topanga relationship goals funny

Season 5 In Season 5, after Topanga makes a surprising entrance. The entire "Eric" part of the episode "Eric Hollywood". Some Hollywood people think Eric has acting talent after viewing his acting in a Shakespeare play, so they let him come to Hollywood to play a part in a T.

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The show happens to be the counterpart of Boy Meets World, with the characters behind the sets acting very different, with different but similar names.

Feeny inquires why there's only nine desks in the classroom set, with the director explaining that camera angles make it look like there's more. Rehearsal falls apart due to Ben yelling at the director over the fact that they're doing yet another "Rory is part of a stupid scheme" story.

How can I learn so much every week, and still be so stupid?! Ben then decides to take his ire out on the "young, hip, and fun" screenwriters Did I hurt your feelings? Because you know what this script is?