Chiaotzu and tien relationship questions

Is there more back story to Tienshinhan and Chiaotzu? : dbz

chiaotzu and tien relationship questions

This relationship reminds me a lot of Kaiba and Mokuba from Yu-Gi-Oh! But that one . Tien would give up his life in a heartbeat for Chiaotzu. I just want to know what the relationship between Chiaotzu and Tien is, why Tien has a third eye, why Chiaotzu looks like a ghost, why Chiaotzu. Explore Dragon ball Z!'s board "Tien & Chiaotzu" on Pinterest. | See more Answers - The Most Trusted Place for Answering Life's Questions. Dragon ball Z!.

Millions of years later, many of our heroes start popping up, like the hundreds-of-years-old Master Roshi, born in Age One year after Vegeta is born, Tien and future couple Yamcha and Bulma all come into the world in Age The next decade will see most of the other Z Fighters and their friends and enemies appear, making Tien one of the oldest in the group.

chiaotzu and tien relationship questions

In the original anime and manga, she was a sweet, blue-haired girl who dated Tien. Using capsules, she was able to carry around everything from machine guns to rocket launchers, often employing them on her friends.

Despite being one of the odder elements of the series, Toriyama says he simply forgot about her later on, explaining her absence from Dragon Ball Z. She was around in a number of episodes of DBZ, however, appearing to still live with Tien.

Piccolo Trains With Tien,Yamcha And Chiaotzu

FUNimation and Saban, though, scrubbed her and any reference to her when they made their dubs of the series for English audiences. Like many of the non-powered characters in the franchise, she was sadly lost to time.

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Bulma, however, draws from the more bizarre end of the naming spectrum, as her name is essentially "Bloomers," a type of large undergarment. Other characters, like Tien, Chiaotzu, Launch, and Krillin, have culinary inspirations. Not only are certain cultural references lost, but the people who rework the original material often throw in their own stuff.

One of the most hilarious cases of this comes from the Ocean Group dub. One of their unique additions is an amazing line spoken by Tien as he uses his lifeforce in an attempt to destroy the villainous Saiyan Nappa. There have been a number of dubs for the franchise over the years, meaning a ton of people have voiced Tien.

The Ocean Group dub of Dragon Ball Z has long been regarded as one of the worst of the batch, and it features a fun little flub about Chiaotzu.

In the seemingly non-canon movie Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, Chiaotzu actually plays royalty. While this isn't the case in the normal timeline, some mistake in the dub or writing had the character still listed this way. Of course, the other possibility is that this was merely an extremely well-placed Easter egg, but that seems rather unlikely.

In the midst of gathering them, they came across the Mercenary Clan.

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A mix of humanoid animals and pirates, the Clan unloaded their machine guns on the trio, but Chiaotzu stepped in and stopped all of the bullets midair, astonishing his friends and frightening his opponents. Eventually, the two severed ties as their opinions on teaching and fighting began to differ, and Shen founded the Crane School. It was there that Tien and Chiaotzu first trained and gained their signature garband it led them down a dark path.

While the two never became full assassins, they pulled their share of cons on people. When Goku intervened to stop the con, Tien and Chiaotzu convinced the village that the young Saiyan was actually in command of the rampaging beast.

What is the relationship between Tien and Chiaotzu from Dragonball Z?

Luckily, the two eventually switched to the side of good, but not before competing in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. After trading insults before the match, Chiaotzu and Krillin faced off in the ring. Letting fly their Dodon Rays and Kamehamehas, the two warriors seemed fairly evenly matched.

chiaotzu and tien relationship questions

Things began to change, however, when Chiaotzu used his hilarious-looking Drill Attack and then his telekinetic powers to twist and damage Krillin's internal organs. From there, Chiaotzu was ordered telepathically by Master Shen to kill Krillin slowly, but Chiaotzu defied him and attempted to knock Krillin out of the ring.