Chemistry and love answers relationship

chemistry and love answers relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship with a person who made your heart flutter? Who made . Start by distinguishing between chemistry and love, and you're on your way. And if you . But “passion” is an odd answer as far as I am concerned. I love him very much, but we do not have the same “chemistry” that I shared with Answer. Your question is timely. I've heard the chemistry question no fewer than The way you describe your first relationships sounds like a description of a. Answered Mar 15, · Author has k answers and 16m answer views In that case, their figurative chemistry can be lacking, and the relationship can.

I've been with my new boyfriend for over a year now, and although I did feel sparks early, they were more gradual and felt far less intense—in a good way.

Relationships: Chemistry, Honesty, Communication and Love

My feelings for him developed slowly, but strong. Over time, I saw Sparks could be childish, and ambitious as he was, it was not the right, healthy kind of drive. My now-boyfriend is mature enough to understand the ins and outs of life, taking it by the horns, but in a fun and responsible way.

I think feeling stable and secure, with some sparks thrown in, is your best bet. A relationship needs to have voracity and energy to keep you going and push you to try new things, but it still has to be stable enough for you to take risks, reap rewards and have a soft place to fall in the end.

I was immediately struck by his bold approach, his blue eyes, and his razor-sharp wit—for which I am a sucker. On top of that, he was a tall, hotshot real-estate broker breaking new ground in his field.

We hit it off immediately, and I was hooked. The connection was scintillating; I finally felt something truly electric after years of feeling next to nothing.

chemistry and love answers relationship

We were in different stages of our relationship lives. I, on the other hand, knew I was looking for nothing less. After throwing down the gauntlet, he blew me off and walked away. Despite the connection, I had to live with that.

Compatibility and Chemistry in Relationships | Mark Manson

Not long after, I met Security. He was different from Sparks in so many ways, but still charming, interesting and an undoubtedly brilliant businessman. Security also progressed our relationship in a straightforward, no-need-for-second-guessing sort of way. I knew where we stood, always, and I knew we were looking for the same thing. Soon, he asked me to be in a relationship, and not long after, meet his family—which is precisely when Sparks re-emerged with one ill-timed text to throw me off course.

What was I going to do? Sparks peppered me with texts over the next week or so.

chemistry and love answers relationship

While I desperately wanted him to ask me out so we could explore our connection once and for all, I weighed my decision about Security—knowing I was nearing a breaking point. Finally, we all collided on one hot night in late June. One can also uncontrollably smile whenever thinking about the other person. While some people hold that it is something that you "can't learn and can't teach Some people, while believing it is possible to artificially create chemistry, think that it is better to let chemistry hit them spontaneously.

Chemistry (relationship) - Wikipedia

Chemistry "can cause people to act sexually impulsively or unwisely". It can also be the difference between someone remaining faithful in their relationship, and seeking one night stands and affairs. Some people will enter relationships with incompatible mates blinded by chemistry. Chemistry often seems to have the power to blind us.

You almost become empaths for one another. A girl who is high-strung, energetic and slightly neurotic will have a high degree of chemistry with a guy who is relaxed, mellow and open. Introverts usually have natural chemistry with extroverts.

People who are orderly and intense planners often work best with people who are spontaneous and unorganized. A lack of chemistry simply results in a lack of emotional intensity. Things just feel kind of dead and boring when you are together. Chemistry is also reflected in the bedroom. A lack of chemistry will mean boring, emotionless sex.

A high degree of chemistry will mean intense, life-altering, heart-pounding sex that causes your mind to cosmically splatter itself on the walls of your consciousness. A relationship with high compatibility but little chemistry is likely to be a boring yet convenient series of meetings and conversations, dry and dull until both parties simply stop caring and drift apart, or they consummate their mutual convenience by getting married and promise themselves a lifetime of simple and asexual companionship.

Chemistry without compatibility on the other hand, usually leads to disaster.

chemistry and love answers relationship

Sometimes it can be as simple as not living in the same part of the world. Your behavior becomes completely irrational.

Chemistry (relationship)

High levels of chemistry with major incompatibilities is bad news. These relationships usually begin quickly and passionately, exploding like a flaming geyser, which then extinguishes just as quickly as it began.

chemistry and love answers relationship

Reality makes itself known. And you suddenly realize how fucking offensive you find each other. And getting out is easier said than done.