Catherine earnshaw and edgar linton relationship goals

catherine earnshaw and edgar linton relationship goals

Catherine Earnshaw first meets the Lintons when she and Heathcliff are sneaking around on the Moors (the land both Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross. Lockwood is the first person to come across Catherine Earnshaw The purpose of this essay is to study Catherine and her choices from a psychoanalytical mother/child relationship, and that Heathcliff and Catherine can be. Free Essay: Introduction: In Century, Catherine and Heathcliff Catherine father Mr. Earnshaw raises him as a son. Evaluation of technical skills used for enriching the structure and the revival of the goal of the novel.

Her cruelty and manipulative behaviour drive a wedge between her and her sister-in-law, Isabella Linton, and eggs on Heathcliff to greater heights of nastiness. She makes herself ill on more than one occasion, wanders around on the moors in a storm while heavily pregnant, and this ends up taking a drastic toll on her health and eventually killing her. Cathy does have an influence on the plot, but it definitely has its limits. As I mentioned earlier, most of her influence comes in the form of manipulating other people.

Equally, her second biggest impact on the plot is deciding who she wants to marry. Cathy dies young, just after giving birth to a daughter, and this sends Heathcliff into a destructive spiral of complicated, marriage-based revenge plots against the Lintons. Her death is the force that propels him through the story, motivates nearly all of his decisions and generates the entire second half of the book.

Obviously, this has its problems. Cathy is a huge impact on the plot, but not by actually doing anything — she just exists, makes the decisions that are put before her and dies. When you look at how Cathy relates to gender stereotypes, you basically come back with a ready-made gender studies essay. Cathy is a bit of a mixed bag, relating to gender stereotypes in both positive and negative ways, and whether you see her was progressive or traditional really depends on your own viewpoint.

In some ways, Cathy can be seen as a character ahead of her time.

catherine earnshaw and edgar linton relationship goals

She starts off a tomboy who cares little for appearances and laughs at the kind of expectations placed on other women. She marries Edgar in pursuit of class and social standing and withers away, as all the things she loved are no longer available to her. Being forced into the role of perfect wife and mother literally kills her — which is a hugely subversive idea for Victorian society.

This makes her less of a character in her own right and more of a motivation for other characters. She spends most of the story as an abstract concept, tormenting Heathcliff and spurring on his desire for revenge without actually doing anything what with her being dead and all.

And that brings us on to her relationship with Heathcliff. It is, of course, very complex.

Wuthering Heights Family Tree: All Characters [Infographic]

The book depicts it as a grand, all-consuming passion, but unusually, the destructive nature of that kind of love is not shied away from. Heathcliff is often portrayed as a brooding, Byronic hero rather than the abusive, violent, puppy-killing sociopath he really is.

The book, however, keeps this romanticism to a minimum, and the reader is left in no doubt of just how nasty Heathcliff really is. Her manipulative and domineering behaviour are cast aside in favour of romantic swooning.

Cathy presents both sides of the argument in one crazy package. It was, after all, Mr. Earnshaw who decided to take in the orphan Heathcliff in the early s. For some reason, Mr. Earnshaw seems to like Heathcliff more than his own son. Earnshaw dies in Earnshaw Wife of Mr. Earnshaw plays a minor role in the plot of Wuthering Heights. The one memorable thing about Mrs. Most people believe Mrs. Earnshaw objects to Heathcliff being around not out of any class pretensions, but rather out of the strain he puts on their household economy.

catherine earnshaw and edgar linton relationship goals

She dies in Edgar was born in to the landed gentry in a household called Thrushcross Grange. He has one sister, Isabella, who is three years younger than him.

catherine earnshaw and edgar linton relationship goals

While he is undeniably more cultured, Edgar is physically weaker and paler than Heathcliff. Although he is a bit spoiled, Edgar seems to care deeply for Catherine while she is alive. Edgar Linton dies in Isabella was born in Thrushcross Grange in and grew up with the same cultural refinements as her brother Edgar. As time progresses, Isabella becomes more attracted to Heathcliff while Catherine draws closer to Edgar.

Unfortunately for her, Heathcliff only marries Isabella in to get revenge on Edgar. She has one son, Linton Heathcliff, inand dies near London in All the while, Heathcliff tries to enact his revenge on Edgar via Cathy throughout the latter portion of the novel.

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As Linton is growing up with his mother, he has no idea of the identity of his father. In contrast to Heathcliff, Linton is frail and sickly.

This allows Heathcliff to order his son to marry Cathy just to spite Edgar. Linton obeys and marries Cathy inbut he dies shortly thereafter from tuberculosis. Hareton Earnshaw Hareton is the only child of Hindley and Frances. From a young age, Heathcliff takes Hareton in to work on the Wuthering Heights farm. Although he could be a bit gruff, Hareton has a kind heart and even tries to improve himself by taking classes with Cathy. This eventually leads him to marry Cathy in Readers often feel there is a glimmer of hope that this couple has managed to transcend the negative cycles of the past and move toward a brighter future.

Other Important Characters Mr. At the start of the novel, we follow a man named Mr.

catherine earnshaw and edgar linton relationship goals

Lockwood personally, but we do know that he has an introverted and somewhat snobbish personality his name should be a dead give away of this! Lockwood is well educated and comes from a wealthy family.

Strong Female Characters: Catherine Earnshaw

Apparently he was engaged to a woman in a seaside town. After hearing about the history of Heathcliff, however, Mr. Lockwood loses his illusions about the wonderful seclusion of the English Moors. Nelly Dean Nelly officially served as a maid at Thrushcross Grange and spent a great deal of time with both Catherine and Cathy. Nelly Dean was born in and she says her mother worked as a nurse for Hindley. Lockwood records her stories in his journal.

Although Nelly Dean has more connections on the families at Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange, she is biased and some of her information comes from credulous sources. Heathcliff holds a grudge against Nelly throughout the novel for the ways she mistreated him as a child.