Brother and sister love hate relationship anime

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brother and sister love hate relationship anime

There are a lot of anime siblings with screwed up relationships out there. Anyway, Yuuya's friend Hiyori was madly in love with him before she died. Now. It's a particular type of "forbidden relationship" that crops up on a is a super moody teen who's in love with his perfect younger sister Sara. Anime brothers tend to follow this obligation pretty strictly for maximum be a love/hate relationship, as our Top 15 Anime Brothers will show you! Brock may have the most siblings out of any brother in anime, or any form of.

He and his sister were separated at a young age when their parents divorced and his younger sister later began to lose her eyesight. With expensive surgery as her only hope for a normal life, Joey went from novice to near-champion in the Duelist Kingdom tournament where he dueled against champions and even his best friend to save his sister. While he and his sister are technically step-siblings, they are incredibly close and there is nothing this anime brother would not do for his beloved Shiro.

Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach A man with a cold and calculated demeanor, Byakuya is one of the strongest captains among the Gotei He puts duty and honor above almost everything else; one of the few things that can make him show genuine emotion is his younger sister Rukia. Where Rukia is concerned, a heart of gold beats underneath the otherwise cold exterior of this anime brother. Kazuma Yagami from Kaze no Stigma Kazuma was once shunned from his family for his inability to wield the power of fire like the rest of his clan.

But he still held a soft spot for his younger brother, the one relative who always stood by him, and would do anything to protect him. With his robotic partner Orbital 7, Kaito will do whatever it takes to save Hart.

brother and sister love hate relationship anime

Luffy and the two share a remarkable resemblance despite the lack of a blood relation. His fiery temper is matched by his devil fruit power, the ability to control literal fire. Komui Lee from D.

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Having raised his sister after the death of their parents, he will do anything in his power to keep her safe from physical danger as well as any potential future husband. Killua Zoldyck from Hunter X Hunter Killua is the heir to the Zoldyck family, the deadliest group of assassins in the world.

brother and sister love hate relationship anime

Despite the reputation of his family, he was willing to go against them to save his sibling Alluka. But overall, they have a cool relationship. Tomoko and Tomoki Watamote Tomoko is an awkward Otaku who has the zero social skills compared to her brother who seems to be the total opposite.

In fact, I guess you can say that he's popular among his friends and the girls for his cool attitude. Tomoko, on the other hand, is very desperate to the point of hallucinating that she is actually sociable. Their opposite personalities were fun watching on its own. Tomoko would bother her brother asking random questions when he just wants her to leave him alone. Although they seem to not care about each other, they actually do.

I remember how her brother went to pick up Tomoko when she was at the park at night. It was pretty sweet. Orihara Siblings Durarara I don't really understand their relationships overall. With the twins kissing and the brother disliking them along with the twins feeling the same way.

I find them to be quite complicated. I think they have a love hate relationship as siblings. As for the twins though, I literally have no clue as to what they are to each other.

Are they lovers or what? But that very uncertainty made me like them even more. When I heard that Izaya had a twin sister, I was like choking on my popcorn. Like that psycho actually has siblings!? But they turned out to be nothing like I imagined them to be. It was something new to me as an anime fan. Ryuko and Satsuki Kill la Kill Now, if you haven't gotten that far into Kill la Kill then don't read this cause its just going to spoil you. After Ryuko kept accusing of Satsuki, a student council president, of killing her father A big twist am I right?

I was actually quite uncertain of their relationship at first. Like they fought against each other to going against their mother. At some points in the series, I thought that they were actually homosexual, but yet again, it wasn't for certain.

Let's just say that they were some badass sisters. I love Ryuko's daring personality to Satsuki's arrogant attitude. It was a good combination.

He literally turned the whole world against him to make the world more safer for her to live in. But after Nunnally regained her eyesight, she became aware of what her brother was doing the entire time, which ended up with him lying to her. He became so hurt afterwards, but kept going with the plan anyways.

Till the very end, he acted like a bad guy until he died. It was then Nunnally realized that he was doing it for her. Although I loved Lelouch, I felt that Nunnally didn't contribute much to him. As siblings, they cared so deeply for one another, but it was mainly one sided.

Still admire them though. Umaru and Taihei Umaru-chan Now this is the siblings who brought me laughter.

Umaru has this two face where at school, she is the popular honor student when at home, she turns into a lazy chibi who's into anime and video games.

That's where the responsible brother comes in. Taihei scold at her nearly everyday with him cleaning up after her mess. As siblings, they are almost always in bad terms, but that's because they actually care for each other in the inside. I liked their hilarious interactions. It reminded me of a mother taking care of her good for nothing son cliche.

They can be so fun to watch at times. Yuki and Ame Wolf Children This is more of the deep ones in this list.

brother and sister love hate relationship anime

Yuki and Ame were half human-wolf when they were born. As they survive in the harsh society with their loving mother, they end up growing apart as they became older. You get to see their two sided views on the world with the sister getting along with the humans and the brother feeling otherwise. They used to get along so well until the kids in the school drew them apart.

With Ame getting bullied and Yuki having a lot of friends. Their worlds eventually became divided with their mother coming in between.

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I know that I cried watching the movie. Ryuunosuke and Saeko Haikyuu I really liked the two. Ryu and Saeko both has that bold, wild personalities. Even though they can look like delinquents from the appearance, they are actually really nice people. Saeko would support Ryu with volleyball from giving rides to his teammates to visiting his games.

I liked her support. Ryu, on the other hand, will be embarrassed whenever she calls out his name out loud during a game. Its like watching a mother cheering in her child in a sports event. It bring back memories from childhood in my part.

Siblings am I right? Ayato nearly try to kill Touka when they encountered. I know that there was something mentioned about him actually trying to protect his sister, which doesn't make any sense for me. One time, he literally bite her whole skin from her back, ripping it and everything. Talk about frightening siblings.

brother and sister love hate relationship anime

But as for Touka, she tries to convince him at some areas. Although she can be inferior to his strength, you can tell that share a bond like no other. These badass siblings are just something that you can't hate.

Lenalee and Komui D Gray Man Lenalee is an independent exorcist who just wants her brother to get a hang of himself. He keeps being overprotective of her till the point of attaching himself to her.

She often end up just kicking him away, but you can tell that she doesn't necessarily hates it. After getting saved from her brother when the exorcist organization tied her up, they became closer once again. Lenalee eventually opened herself up and cheered up again. I remember how they worried about each other every now and then. Their display of affection touched me, thus, making me love them even more. They have to keep the fact their relation to Satan as a secret from all the people around them, thus, keeping check of each other most of the time.

Rin is an outgoing older brother with Yukio being the strict, serious one. Their opposite personalities often lead them to bicker with one another, but their actions prove otherwise. Yukio may reject his brother at times while taking care of him some other time.