Bree and orson relationship

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bree and orson relationship

Orson makes one final attempt to receive forgiveness from Bree but is rejected again. She told Orson that the only way their marriage can be saved is if he turns . Orson Hodge was Bree Van De Kamp's husband for a great while throughout the that his character is “desperate to make this relationship with Bree work. Orson Hodge is a fictional character on the ABC television series Desperate Housewives. Their relationship was furthered when Orson helped Bree escape from the hospital to be with her daughter, Danielle. However, when Mike saw Orson.

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Check back every day this week for our takes on the other Housewives' wild rides. Perfect manners, conservative values, cooking skills, firearms skills, alcoholism Marriages: Andrew and Danielle one additional faked pregnancy, to cover for the birth of Danielle's son, Benjamin Professions: Homemaker, former caterer, former cookbook author Desperate Housewives videos: At the start, her suffocated husband, Rex Steven Culpwanted a divorce and her kids pretty much hated her guts.

However, Martha Stewart 2. However, Bree could only keep things together for so long. After she engaged in a brief fling with her unhinged pharmacist George Roger BartGeorge slipped Rex the wrong meds and killed him, framing Bree in the process. Still, Bree actually accepted George's marriage proposal, but when his homicidal urges came to light again, she broke things off and very pointedly did not intervene when George committed suicide by pills.

Desperate Housewives' dirty laundry: His crazy ex-wife, Alma Valerie Mahaffeyand mistress-murdering mother Dixie Carter threatened their union, but when Orson admitted he had run down Mike Delfino with his car to suppress a secret years earlier, Bree left.

Orson went to jail for the crime and, after the five-year time jump, the two reconciled. Orson eventually became resentful of his wife's success and developed a case of spontaneous kleptomania.


Bree almost divorced Orson — and in the process had a steamy affair with her divorce lawyer, Susan's ex-husband, Karl Richard Burgi — but she and Orson reconciled again When Mike had a sore tooth, she recommended that he see her friend, Orson Hodge, who's a dentist, to fix the tooth. When Mike is at his dental exam, he somehow recognizes Orson from somewhere in his past and he tells Orson that ever since he saw him at the movie theatre, Susan used him to make Mike jealous, he somehow knew who he was.

Orson, then, ran over Mike Delfino with his car, to cover his tracks in the Season 3 mystery about Monique Pollier, Gloria Hodge, his mother, and his ex wife, whom everyone thought he killed, but really didn't, she faked her death, Alma Hodge, subsequently putting him in a coma.

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Season Three Edit After six months of dating, Orson proposed to Bree and even though she was a bit scared at first she said yes. Mike, though alive, wasn't a threat anymore as he had a retrograde memory loss from his coma. Unfortunately for them Carolyn made a come back. They still got married, even though Bree had to ask him if he hadn't killed his wife first.

They were about to go to honeymoon but canceled at the last minute when Bree saw Andrew on TV and decided to go after him only to be rejected. It was ultimately Orson who talked him into coming back, making him realize he would hurt himself just as much as his mother otherwise. She then tried to reunite Orson with his family, by finding his mother who was revealed to not be senile as he had told Bree. This backfired when Gloria tried to drive Bree away from Orson by revealing he also has an affair with Monique but Mike Delfino 's arrest cleared her suspicions for the time.

This, however, turned Susan into Orson's arch nemesis. Gloria then had Alma, who wasn't dead after all come and try to get Orson back herself. She tried to "repair" her miscarriage by raping Orson after having Gloria drug him while she faked suicide to have him come to his home unsuspecting.

Bree however sided with her husband, leading Gloria to sabotage her ladder, making her land at the hospital. Orson's trouble worsened as Andrewwho thought he was the culprit since he had partly eavesdropped his confession to Bree, threatened him to meet "bad Andrew" and Mike, whose bail had been paid by Zach Youngthen began to remember the night of Monique's murder and confronted Orson on the top of the hospital where he visited Bree, ultimately accidentally pushing him from the roof.

Everything ended well however, as Bree and Susan reconciled after her accident and Orson used the well timed death of Alma, her suicide letter and his mother's stroke to frame them for his lover's death, clearing Mike's name at the same time. After a last visit at his mother's bed, whom he told she was never to see him again, he and Bree departed to their honeymoon, though not before sending a pregnant Danielle to a convent to avoid scandal.

When they returned, it was revealed that Bree was faking her pregnancy and they would raise the child as their own. Season Four Edit This proved difficult as they had to stop people touching Bree's belly and even invent a story to explain why a fork had entered Bree's belly without her noticing.

They also had to deal with genuinely pregnant Susan who wanted to go to Bree's ob-gyn and Danielle's various troubles, even endangering her baby's life by rollerblading. Although Orson wanted to throw in the towel, he decided to continue to pretend his wife was pregnant when a teary-eyed Bree told him this baby was her second chance at parenting.

They have appeared to be successful as only Phyllis Van de Kamp and Adam found out and both agreed to keep the secret. Although they had to foil Phyllis's ploy to get back at Bree by having Danielle stay and raise the child with her by using Danielle's craving for fun. Danielle gave birth to a baby boy on Halloween. After a tearful goodbye, Danielle gave her baby son to her mother.

Bree and Orson named the baby Benjamin. When Bree wanted to get the baby circumcised, Orson was opposed due to bad memories of his own circumcision. However, Bree did it behind Orson's back. Orson was angry when he found out but hesitantly forgave Bree and let it go, though it was clear that there were lingering resentments. Julie later told Mike this and he forgave Orson. Everything changed when Mike told Susan about this and she barged into Bree's house, angry at Orson, telling him not to come near her family again.

Bree found it impossible to forgive him, kicking him out of the house. He stayed briefly with Edie, as well as living for a while in the Fairview Towers apartment complex.

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Orson makes one final attempt to receive forgiveness from Bree but is rejected again. She told Orson that the only way their marriage can be saved is if he turns himself in to the police, which Orson is unwilling to do. At the conclusion of the fourth season, the series progresses five years into the future. Bree returns home from a poker game and is revealed to have become a sharp businesswoman after the success of a cookbook she created.

Her son, a much more mature Andrew, is shown to be his mother's assistant. Orson is heard upstairs revealing that he and Bree seemingly worked out their issues and remain married. Benjamin, however, is nowhere to be seen.

Benjamin is taken back by Danielle.

Orson Hodge

In the five-year jump, Bree and Orson are still married. It emerged that Orson decided to go to prison after all so Bree would not divorce him. During the past five years, Danielle had returned to reclaim her son, leaving Bree alone.

bree and orson relationship

Bree's successful venture into publishing leaves Orson feeling unappreciated and ignored by his wife. Season Five Edit This caused him to become somewhat cold and changed his relationship with his wife dramatically because she considers her business "her baby. Orson is put out by Bree concentrating on a party and breaking her promise to cook Orson a pot roast. After midnight, Orson was waiting and forced Bree to make the roast, causing her to sob silently. Orson's criminal record made it almost impossible to find a job so he asked Bree for a position with her company.

She initially refused because her business partner threatened to quit if Orson is given a job. Orson became upset and goes to sleep in the guest bedroom.

Bree eventually relents and gives Orson a job and now she is very happy with her choice.

bree and orson relationship

Orson joined Tom Scavo's band and played the keyboards until a fire broke out at the White Horse Club and ended up with a broken nose. Orson has developed a habit of stealing from his neighbours and revealed to Bree that it gave him a thrill and told a therapist that it made him very happy because it is something Bree cannot control.

While trying to steal from a neighbor, he is caught and hit across the face with a baseball bat. He then ran out into the street, in front of Edie's car. Edie swerves to avoid Orson which led to her crashing and ultimately dying after being electrocuted by a fallen power cable.

Bree decided to divorce Orson and robbed the house in an attempt to hide assets. When Orson found out, he blackmailed her with an insurance fraud charge to avoid the divorce. In the season finale Orson takes a beating by a heavy thug hired by Karl Mayer. The thug tells him to "let go" of Bree. Orson later confronts Bree about this who assures him she had nothing to do with it. Orson tells her he knows that she could never hurt him and Orson agrees to stay to work on their marriage.