Book excerpt how to flirt with men

book excerpt how to flirt with men

HEA shares print and audio excerpts from historical romance The Secret of Flirting, finale of the Sinful Suitors series, by Sabrina Jeffries, About the book: Most of the English men in the streets looked frumpy and ill-kempt. It was a man, taller than she was, snow dusting his short, dark hair and drifting in on He held up a creased photo of an unremarkable-looking white man in his forties. . For more information about all of Victoria Dahl's books, please visit her . In an extract from his book, Modern Dating, the comedian sets out the new rules. We had been chatting and flirting a little the whole night, so I asked her . Men, it's worth noting, are still overwhelmingly the ones expected to.

And once you know the basic moves, your personal refinements will turn this skill into a fine art. Because I have worked since age sixteen, I missed out on some of the social niceties. The proms, the dating, the parties. But I was lucky. An older friend, Lianne, an outrageous seventy-three-year-old flirt, took me under her wing.

book excerpt how to flirt with men

She had lived a fascinating life in Europe and was now married, but she still went out of her way to decry the erosion of romance in America.

I met her through her husband, a courtly patrician in his late seventies, who offered to play chess with me. Actually Laurence wasn't playing chess with me, he was teaching me, although he was always too courteous to call it that.

I got progressively better, but never half as good as necessary to beat Laurence. Then one day, Laurence was out of town, and Lianne and I got a chance to chat. She told me that she and Laurence thought I was improving. Then half in jest, half serious, I said, "He'll never let me get good enough to beat him.

book excerpt how to flirt with men

He has never spent as much time playing with anyone, man or woman. And you could even beat him, if you would pamper him a little.

Was it really an achievement if I had to use this kind of strategy?

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Lianne said, "Life is strategy. You can destroy a building with a bulldozer, or you can be that rare individual who knows how to make a flute resonate so perfectly with the building that the windows crack and the foundations are undermined.

You, my dear, are driving a bulldozer; but if you want I will teach you to play the flute. She thought people should flirt all the time -- with friends, with youngsters, and especially with the opposite sex.

And the way she approached teaching me to flirt showed her consummate skill. She never called it "flirting" within my earshot, she called it "European charm. Though I learned, even took notes, about flirting, and thought it was fun, I had no idea how necessary it would become. Then I moved to Los Angeles to work. Friends told me I would never meet anyone there because people never get out of their cars. Which turned out to be true.

For the first couple of months I just worked, and met no one. But the gloom lifted when, in unpacking, I noticed Lianne's notes. Could they work for me? On a whim, I decided to try them out.

I had nothing to lose, since I didn't know anyone. But there were several obstacles. I didn't have a car.

The Fine Art of Flirting

I believe this is now against the law for singles in Los Angeles. And, I don't happen to like the California look in men -- muscles, chains, tans, and sushi-breath.

This ruled out a lot of eligible men. In California, eligible is defined as any man whose wife doesn't live with him or whose wife or girl friend lets him have his own private telephone number. As a result, I greatly restricted my choice of flirting partners -- which you shouldn't do.

She wishes I would stay in the country all the time. In my opinion, large cities are too restless. So many people, so much noise, so much dirt. I prefer the green. Though if she mentioned that, he would pounce on it as evidence of her true identity, since Chanay was landlocked.

Not to mention silent. She wondered if she could get him to say more. She would like to understand him better. It seemed to her to have plenty of people, even in the drizzle. Colorful carriages jockeyed for space on the muddy track, mounted riders held to the edges, and a few brave souls strolled in the grass, umbrellas held high.

In her experience, the rich and powerful always trampled upon the poor and the nobodies.

Flirting with Disaster - Victoria Dahl - Excerpt

Their praise had come with a slice of contempt. So how could she take their opinions seriously? He had not changed how he saw her. It was oddly reassuring. She gazed beyond the people in their fancy coaches to the birches and Dutch elms with their changing colors, a riot of golds and reds and oranges.

Even in the rain. Especially in the rain, which gilds them with drops of silver. No mention of the luxurious carriages? Everyone is inside their equipages, hiding from the rain. It is the perfect combination of comfort and usefulness. Have your own opinions, I mean? She forced a smile.

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So I have a strong opinion of the proper position of the nation.