Bolg and azog relationship

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bolg and azog relationship

Peter Jackson himself described the Father/Son relationship between Azog and Bolg this way To find out more click on the link below. In The Hobbit, Bolg had succeeded Azog after the latter's death in the Battle of Despite this, he has a strong relationship with Azog as Bolg displays fierce. Bolg was the son of Azog, who succeeded his father as leader of the Orkish treatment of Boldog, another a connection to Westron bolg.

Now this opens up all kinds of possibilities for plot divergences from the books. Peter Jackson stated that he is enjoying moving beyond the writings of Tolkien in this trilogy of films.

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So at this point anything might happen! I have no doubt that Jackson will stick closely to the story of Smaug as created by Tolkien, it is where he incorporates plot lines from the Appendices of The Lord of the Rings, that will bring in the most dramatic changes.

So… what of Azog and Bolg? Will there be tenderness or conflict between orc-father and son? Something tells me that one of them may well be killed before the Battle of Five Armies. This could be used as a plot point to fuel a desire for vengeance on Thorin and Company and create a more personal reason to want to kill them, rather than Orcs just carrying out orders by Sauron to capture the Gold of Erebor Plus all the Mithril that Sauron covets and the Arkenstone!

At this point it is hard to predict how this story of Azog and Bolg will play out. Is Azog even hunting the Company at the behest of the Necromancer, or is it personal desire to wipe out the line of Durin?

bolg and azog relationship

I believe there is some connection between Dol Guldur and the Orcs hunting the Company. He does not want the dwarves to recapture either Moria or Erebor. The Dwarves homeless and without a kingdom makes them less of a threat in his plan to take over Middle-earth.

It states clearly in the Appendices, that he believed Sauron would have somehow used Smaug to destroy Rivendell and Lothlorian with dragon fire, even as he was assaulting Gondor.

This is his main motivation in orchestrating the quest to slay the dragon and take back Erebor. So… when and how will Azog and Bolg come together in the story? Or be shown a scene that indicates they are fahter and son? Keeper of the dungeons of Dol Guldur, Bolg takes pleasure in torture—his armor is embellished with the bones and blood of his victims.

Azog, Bolg, and the Line of Durin

Powerfully built, this Orc is afraid of nothing and no-one—that is, until he comes up against a surprising foe. We know that Bolg will be seen in Dol Guldur. When they attack, they are in turn attacked by Legolas and Tauriel who were tracking the Orcs down. He goes after Legolas, and the two begin a duel in which Legolas uses Orcrist, the weapon that Thorin held during his quest.

While Legolas is distracted by other Orcs, Bolg withdraws from the duel and rides away on his Warg down a dock. He is then pursued by Legolas, who was now on a horse and chased after him. Bolg meets his death by the hands of Legolas.

bolg and azog relationship

Bolg later reports to his father that he was attacked by Legolas and Azog yells at him because the Elf Prince survived and would now send an army after the Orcs.

He then tells Bolg to travel to Mount Gundabad and prepare a second Orc army for war along with swarms of Bats.

Legolas and Tauriel follow Bolg to Gundabad and leave to warn the others. Bolg later appears at Ravenhill with his second army to aid Azog. Bolg knocks Bilbo out with his mace before finding Tauriel and badly injuring her in combat.

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Before he can finish her, Kili arrives and briefly duels the Orc but Bolg proves to be stronger and he impales Kili through the chest with his mace's hilt resulting in the Dwarf's death. In anger, Tauriel throws Bolg off the mountain and is dragged down with him.

He is then spotted by Legolas and the two engage in a fierce duel ending with Legolas killing Bolg by stabbing a dagger through his head. The giant Gundabad orc then falls down to a large rock below, and was crushed by a giant boulder.

Personality Edit Bolg summoned by his father in Dol Guldur Hardly any different from Azog, Bolg is a murderous, callous, idealistic, merciless and cruel warrior.

He is extremely sadistic, showing no qualms about massacring the Men of the Lake-town and even relishing Kili's death. He is also psychopathic and remorseless, shown by how he pitilessly orders the attack on Laketown. But he is highly intelligent, an excellent leader and tactician. Bolg is enigmatic and powerful, possessing immense strength of will and superb tactical ability.

He shows himself to be just as pitiless as his warrior father and is almost unimaginably determined and ferocious.

bolg and azog relationship