Blake and tori relationship

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blake and tori relationship

Dustin and Marah, their relationship after Ninja Storm. Tori's husband, Blake Bradley, former Navy Blue Thunder Ninja ranger, called for. Tori and Blake's relationship stands on a fragile edge. Add in problems at the ninja school and a prophecy. Complications are sure to arise. Power Rangers Ninja Storm is the Power Rangers season that tells the story of the fight . Being the friendly guy he is, he introduces Blake and Hunter to Tori and Shane, not knowing that the Bradleys were the Thunder Rangers who .

I know that distance is a factor but I was wondering if you be my girlfriend. Would you wait for me? She had never been as happy as she was at that moment. Of course she had readily agreed. Their relationship was heaven until he had to leave. It consisted of make-out sessions, endless conversations, and of course clowning around at the beach. But it had ended just as quickly as it had began. She had driven him to the airport alone. She had insisted on a private goodbye and for once the guys didn't argue with her.

Her tears had streamed while she watched him board the plane. He didn't know when he would be home next. She knew she shouldn't be jealous. She knew motocross was important to Blake. Was it selfish to want her boyfriend home? Was it wrong for her to feel abandonment or even pain? She was dating one of the best men she had ever known.

Blake didn't view her as one of the guys. To him, she was a beautiful woman. To Shane, Dustin, Cam and Hunter she was just another member of the group. Sometimes she forgot she was a girl because of them constantly calling her dude. They made her feel like another one of the boys. Still she watched enviously when she saw couples holding hands on the beach. Her eyes gazed over to a young family.

blake and tori relationship

Her heart felt like shattering when she saw fragile smiles exchanged between her students. They were falling in love with each other just as she and Blake had. It was times like those that she felt like she was single again. She began to pull away from the others. At school she distanced herself between Shane and Dustin. She rarely talked to Hunter frequently pretending she wasn't home when he called. She even avoided Cam who she had always confided to. She lived for those brief moments when Blake would call.

She would talk to him for hours. She would e-mail him daily making sure she told him good morning and good night. She would smile while talking to him but after they had both hung up it was a different story.

Tori would cave into the surrounding pressure. She would become withdrawn and impose a self-exile. She felt guilt at the smallest of things.

When her thoughts drifted to her own unhappiness she felt ungrateful. Blake loved her and she was upset because he was living his dream? What right did she have to feel unhappy about his happiness? The beach which had once been her retreat became forbidden. Everything there reminded her of Blake.

She ate less and her unhappiness began to consume her. Tori finished perfecting her outfit. Her students would be waiting her to teach them the basics today. A few of them were advancing at the right stage but she had two that really concerned her. She knew she wasn't the only one worried. Hunter had been having difficulties with an aggressive female student at the Thunder Ninja Academy. I have this girl that doesn't even pay attention in class.

I've tried everything," Dustin said. Tori laughed at the memory of Dustin in his skin tight ninja uniform. Dustin had assured them that it made him look sexy. Both Tori and Shane had plagued him endlessly about his idea of high fashion. Hunter grinned as Shane slipped him the photos of Dustin in his suit. Tori smiled slightly at the memory. The problem with her students continued to badger her as she entered the training ground.

It hadn't been too bad for her. At least she didn't have to ask a student to leave. Shane had been forced into that unpleasant situation when one of his students started radomly attacking his classmates. Compared to that Tori had it pretty easy. She ran towards her training section by the lake. Her class would be arriving in a few moments just giving her enough time to prep. Of course there was the group of students that reminded her of Shane, Dustin, and herself. They always made her smile at their constant antics.

Of course the three of them were late. Tori proceeded to teach the class. Everything went well and until she began teaching an advanced move. Her lger fell under her causing her to crash into various students. He knew he was going to regret the words that had exited his mouth only moments ago.

The degree turn confirmed his thoughts. Barely a few inches away from him was those crystal blue eyes, her auburn waved hair, the smooth skin; all of that belonged to the woman he had fallen in love with.

Right now, mixed emotions washed over him. He wanted to hurt her like she had hurt him, but seeing the moisture gathering in her eyes, he mentally kicked himself. Dustin looked to his friends, and they were all thinking the same thing.

He had overstepped a boundary. They walked away from him, and they followed Marah. Sensei Watanabe intervened, and his look conveyed a direction. They looked to Dustin's direction. Dustin, not sure what to do, he followed his heart. He trailed Marah's footsteps.

I used to think one day we'd tell the story of us, How we met and the sparks flew instantly, People would say, "They're the lucky ones. The effects of hurting Dustin still crushed both of them to this day.

Tori Hanson

Even when she was dressed in the atrocious garb with the bug eyes, the red, dress that resembled a sari and a black cover, their relationship was a little more decent than it was now.

She remembered the first time they had met, and how he had saved her from the crosshairs of the revving motocross bikes. His compassionate, tawny colored eyes relayed a message all by themselves, and she felt safe, cared for even. From that point, she poured her heart out, feeling more empathetic than apathetic.

Something an evil person shouldn't possess. The simple talk they had, after she revealed her true persona, he didn't judge her. At the precise moment when he moved a piece of hair from her face, she felt something. Love, lust, a crush, she wasn't sure, but she felt it. Then she betrayed him and reflected to the side of evil.

That began their story. That was before Lothor was destroyed, so when the final battle took place, and her and Kapri chose to stay with their family- Cam and Sensei- as fate would have it, Marah ended up in Dustin's class. Shortly after that, they started dating.

There were the shy glances, the flirtatious talks, and of course the warm yet subtle touches, similar to their first meeting. She was happy to finally be with the 'totally cute guy'.

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She had to admit the resentment of how she used him to power up Beevil's 'battery pack' still remained. He comforted her by instilling the heartfelt words of their first encounter. That always brought a smile back on her face, and she believed she had met her future husband. The strong, former Power Ranger, who looked absolutely stunning in Yellow falling in love with his former enemy, sounded like a fairytale to her.

Most of all, she was smitten. They termed the couple the 'Ditzy Double'. They were in no means trying to be offensive, and Marah and Dustin were too in love to even care.

It was a match made in heaven, in the spectators opinion, and they were waiting for the wedding invites. Coming down from cloud 9, Marah sniffled as much as she could to hold back her sobs. She found three rocks, their uniform placements acted like a bench. She sat down and tried to regain her composure. I used to know my place was a spot next to you, Now I'm searching the room for an empty seat, 'Cause lately I don't even know what page you're on.

blake and tori relationship

Part of him still cared for her and that's why he was searching. He stood in an isolated spot, a few blocks from Blake and Tori's picket fenced house. He shook his head, wondering why he was even bothering.

As he turned around a corner, he saw her. There she was sitting on a rock, her body mildly shaking, and he understood her emotion. He approached her, but he held back. Was he bitter, wanting to abandon her like she did him for some guy, or was he still enthralled by her beauty? As if on a pavement slathered with glue, he stopped dead in his tracks, unsure of going to her.

The empty rock, on either side of her, was tempting. However, the deceit troubled him. Oh, a simple complication, So many things that I wish you knew, So many walls that I can't break through. Dustin's presence alerted the used to be henchwoman.

She gazed upon his direction. No, she didn't think she would ever be a cheater, but the opportunity happened, and sadly she pounced on it. Three months ago, at Blake's celebration party for his win at the National Motocross Championship, that's where it happened. Dustin wasn't able to come due to his pre-established engagement at another motocross event in a different state.

Marah had become intoxicated and her friendliness landed her in a compromising situation. Before even getting his name, she made out with a random guy.

None of their mutual friends stood by as witnesses, and by the time they had found out; their friend had retreated to a random part of the house; the consummation had already taken place. The loud moans and grunts echoed inside the expanse house. Helplessness quenched their bodies, and no one could bust into the door. Upon the guy's exit, Marah had learned of his name- Drew.

He bid her a farewell with a kiss and commented on great her sex was. Marah crawled into a little ball and cried her blue eyes out over the runious choice. Guilt ridden, she admitted to Dustin what she had done. He asked if she said no, and honestly, Marah replied with a no.

Her drunken mistake could've been prevented, she had the mental compacity to stop it, but she didn't. Somewhere inside of her, Marah knew she would've cheated. Dustin was always busy with an activity. Whether it was ninja school related, Storm Chargers related, or motocross related, Marah didn't expect to have the discomfort of missing someone she fell in love with, often. Now I'm standing alone in a crowded room and we're not speaking, And I'm dying to know is it killing you like it's killing me, yeah?

I don't know what to say, since the twist of fate when it all broke down, And the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now. Through the cloudiness, she ogled her ex-boyfriend, and he reciprocated.

There were no words exchanged, simply because their body language conveyed all that they needed. Regret filled hers, while anger still coursed in his. Both were dying to talk to one another, but where would they start and how would it end? This was the opposite of how they were when they were together.

Honestly, they were better off as enemies, when he was fighting against evil, and she was fighting against good. How'd we end up this way? See me nervously pulling at my clothes and trying to look busy, And you're doing your best to avoid me. I'm starting to think one day I'll tell the story of us, How I was losing my mind when I saw you here, But you held your pride like you should've held me. She nervously fidgeted with the hem of her pink tunic.

The suspense was killing her. She didn't get why he had followed her, if he clutched on to the saying, 'once a cheater always a cheater'.

That's the last line he spit out before he ended their relationship. She knew he wasn't there to rekindle the romance they had. So, she wasn't sure whether or not to come towards him, was he going to take a step back?

Would she openly accept his apology for the hurtful words? Was that why he was there? Given the opportunity to get back together, she would in a heartbeat. The glimmer of hope she had was masked by despair though. Honestly, Dustin was the most understanding guy she had been with. Her relationships were mostly involved with someone, who was evil, rather than a sweetheart.

blake and tori relationship

Dustin was a Power Ranger for goodness sake, the epitome of good. He showed this reformed henchwoman how a young lady should be treated.

She pictured telling their daughters, a man can shower a woman with gifts and be loved indefinitely. After Dustin's long trips to the motocross events, he's bought her a pink shirt- across the bust was the location of the matches, a little token of appreciation for being an absent cheerleader. Sometimes she couldn't make it to his events because of helping with Tori's surf shop business. He's sent her roses, surprised her on several occasions taking her on 'just because dates', and even spent his spare time on grueling shopping missions.

All because he loved her. That wasn't the only thing, he's made her laugh, he can make her smile at the drop of a hat, and she has a deeper bond with him. She lost her virginity to him. She messed that up, only because the loneliness had gotten to her. He had to admit he was stubborn. She was the one for him.

blake and tori relationship

Looking down, he became conflicted. Oh, I'm scared to see the ending, Why are we pretending this is nothing? I'd tell you I miss you but I don't know how, I've never heard silence quite this loud.

Double-Edged Blake

The emotions got to them, and both looked away. Slowly, their heads ascended up, and the eye contact was initiated. The unspoken tension was there, even in the open area, there was so much tension, it felt like suffocation for the two. Could he forget about the mistake? This was too much like the ranger days. How she used him to super charge Beevil, he felt the betrayal once more when she got with Drew. Yet, he did long for the interesting nights they had. He yearned for the extra body heat at night, and most of all he wanted her company.

Still, he couldn't forget that her body was used by another guy, and she let that happen. This is looking like a contest, Of who can act like they care less, But I liked it better when you were on my side. The battle's in your hands now, But I would lay my armor down If you said you'd rather love than fight. So many things that you wished I knew, But the story of us might be ending soon.

Rallying all the courage each had and giving up the pointless staring contest, which was getting a little tiring and nothing accomplished, Dustin stepped forward, while Marah got off the rock. Tiny steps were advanced, and honestly, both felt like they trekking up the side of Mount Everest; the distance wasn't even that much, but they weren't sure how the other would react. More contemplations and expectations rattled their bodies, but their hearts weren't dismayed.

Marah hoped for reconciliation. Dustin wished for her to be okay. They stood in front of one another, enough distance for another person to squeeze between them. The constant fighting was getting to her. I should've known-…" "That I was in the room, so you could say it behind my back? Maybe that wasn't the best way to continue a conversation, and that beat the whole purpose of not fighting.

My words were pretty harsh. But she heard that comment. You could've found out on your own from someone else, but at least I had the courage to admit it.