Black star and tsubaki relationship

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black star and tsubaki relationship

Liz/Patti/Maka/Tsubaki talk about sex with Soul and Black Star I based my story on what they both were about a truly loving relationship. Explore Robin Meeks's board "Black star X Tsubaki" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Black star, Black star soul eater and Otp. there is also a whole episode with Black star and Tsubaki working together and all. How is the relationship between Kid and Crona in the anime Soul Eater?.

When he heard Liz's role playing and Patti's props Needless to say, both boys where now lying on the ground with blood spouting from their nose, with erotic images running through their minds. Maka turned to Tsubaki, hoping to turn the conversation away from herself.

After listening to the suggestions from the sisters, she couldn't help but feel somewhat inadequate "What about you, Tsubaki? How are you and Black Star getting along? She couldn't believe Maka, of all people, would put her on the spot like this.

With a red face she cleared her throat and hesitantly spoke up, "Great!

black star and tsubaki relationship

Every thing is great! Black Star seems real happy. Are you happy with the sex? The white haired boy looked dumb founded. He was great, he was going to surpass God one day, and sex with him is Soul looked over at his friend compassionately. It was bad enough for him to hear this, but with Black Star's ego I can guess what some of the problem is, but at lest he can bring you to orgasm.

Your wants and needs.

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I bet that is what the problem is. He probably hasn't noticed yet. Sometimes leaving hints with Black Star is not a good ideal. That is where hand cuffs come in handy. He probably finishes before you, too. Hey sis, maybe we could get Kid to talk to them? Maybe loan them some of his books? He is a master of the little death, too. Usually his OCD is a real pain in the ass, but when it comes to sex What he does to one side of the body, he has to do to the other.

What he does with one hand, has to be done with the other. I guess you can call it doubling your fun. It's a good thing he is ambidextrous. She shrugged"He loves us. Despite his OCD and the fact that Patti and I aren't twins, he is able to overlook it, which is truly amazing.

All because he truly loves us. We couldn't ask for a better man. You both sleep with him? We both love him so we don't mind sharing. I think that would bother me. When to sleep in my room, Patti's room, or his room. It's a good thing he as a huge bed, or else there wouldn't be enough room for all of us. The images it conjured up made he face flame. Tsubaki's eyes were huge, and her hand covered her mouth in surprise.

Both Black Star and Soul were stunned. The blood flowing freely down their faces. Black Star's verbal jab at Kid about not getting any was obviously false.

The biggest thing was that they never even guessed that kind of stuff was going on at the Manor. If it had been either of them, they would have boasted about sleeping with not one, but two hot girls. Maybe they will talk to him about sexual relationships. Patti likes it gently, and I like it a little bit rougher. We both like different positions, too. Kid gives both of us what we need and want. He has to be perfect about everything, so he studies to be perfect for us.

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There is one book that has a lot of pretty pictures Maybe Kid can loan it to Soul and Black Star. It is a lot of fun! We can head over to the manor and get a couple of them for you. She found contentment with her sister and Kid, so she wanted them to feel the same way with their lovers. She always considered herself to be selfish, but she was finding that maybe she wasn't as bad as she thought she was. I'll do the lawn later, thinks Soul, turning off his 3DS and getting ready to take a nap, even though it was one o'clock in the afternoon on a nice, summer day.

When Soul and Maka bought the small house, in the front lawn was a small cherry tree that eventually grew to its tallest as they lived there.

Now having to take care of it, not minding as he watches Maka's face light up every spring as she notices the tree starting to bloom, they had to make sure the grass around it was cut like the rest of the lawn.

She watches Soul as he mows the lawn, blushing as she notices Black Star staring at her from their driveway, the weed wacker in hand. She quickly takes a clean plate from the brown, wooden cupboard, level with the window, and starts washing it over and over, making it look like she's washing the dishes.

Now having a reason to hover by the window, she glances every now and then to watch Soul, she couldn't help it. He looked so hot, panting and wearing a gray tank top with some black shorts, his six pack peeking out every now and then, and his hair still as fresh looking as can be but with some strands poking out, he looked drool worthy. I wonder if Black Star will say anything, thinks Maka anxiously. She didn't want him to tell Soul or anything, that would be so embarrassing! Ok, I have to calm down, I'll go read my new book!

I can finally relax after all that work. Maka dries her hands off, a last glance out the window, and grabs her Kindle, sitting down in the very dark, almost black, fluffy rocking chair in the living room.

He wanted to keep this feeling to himself until he showed it to Maka, and if she was noticing him now, it could be soon. Dang it, thinks Soul, he forgot he had to tell Black Star, and he could tell Black Star wasn't going to let him stall for very long. Black star already knew Soul didn't like talking about relationships, so he had to do something to get Soul to admit he liked someone. It must be hard for you, you have to live with her and you're not even dating," taunts Black Star.

He needs to tell Maka, thinks Black Star, trimming the grass around the tall, fat cherry blossom tree. I have to do something.

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It's now or NOW! Maka then grabs a towel from the laundry room and puts it around Soul's neck, her fingertips lingering on the back of his neck. This was probably one of the only chances she would be able to touch Soul, so she was going to make the most of it. She wanted to hug him and ruffle his hair as many times as she wanted, but she would never be able to do that.

I could if I told Soul though, thinks Maka, starting to comb Soul's hair. His hair was so soft, and when it was down it looked so hot.

black star and tsubaki relationship

She wondered why he never leaved it naturally down.