Benzino and carly relationship

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benzino and carly relationship

Karlie Redd has been in relationships with Lyfe Jennings, Yung Joc, and Benzino. Apparently, according to a court document that surfaced on. Karlie Redd (born Karlie Lewis) is an American television personality, hip-hop artist, model and Redd has dated hip hop artists Benzino and Yung Joc on the show. According to an analysis done by a language analytics company, Redd's. About % of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” viewers are grossed out by Benzino and Karlie Redd's relationship. Sloppy on-screen kiss and fake.

She has a strained relationship with her son-in-law Kirk. In the fifth season, she starts working at Rasheeda's boutique store and clashes with Momma Dee. Yung Joc Season 3-present is introduced as Karlie Redd's boyfriend. They break up later in season three, when his infidelity with Khadiyah is revealed.

Joc is a Grammy Award-nominated rapper who has eight children to four different women.

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The fourth and fifth seasons chronicle his love life, from his relationship with Khadiyah and her feud with his baby mothers to his fling with his friend J-Nicks' girl Amber Priddy.

Waka Flocka Flame Season 3, 5-present is introduced as Tammy's husband. He is a gangsta rapper, best known for his hit single "No Hands" and his collaborations with Gucci Mane.

The third season documents the loss of his brother, Kayo Redd. In the fifth season, his much-publicized comments about transgender people create tensions between Tammy, D. Smith, and Betty Idol. He and Tammy later decides to become separated because of his indiscretions. Jessica Dime Season 4-present is introduced as Joseline's rival, which stems from their stripper days together. She is an aspiring rapper and performer under the name "Dimepiece". In season four, she briefly takes Mimi on as a manager and clashes with Tiffany Foxx.

She appeared as K. Michelle's friend in two episodes of K. My Life, however, in the fifth season, they have had a falling out. Ernest Bryant Season 4-present is introduced as Momma Dee's ex-husband. She accidentally sent him away to prison for seven years when he was caught with drugs after she called the cops on him for stealing money from Scrappy. After being released from prison, the two rekindle their romance and remarry in the fourth season finale. She is a longtime friend of Stevie J and her sons call him "uncle".

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Inher nephew Dolla was shot and killed. Inher and her sons were accused of the kidnapping, assault and attempted murder of her ex-husband. She went on the run and was featured in an episode of America's Most Wanted. While in jail, she shared a cell block with Dawn. KK was later cleared of all charges. Inshe was arrested for financial identity fraud, theft and first degree forgery. She is currently awaiting trial and could face up to three years in prison. Sas season 5-present is KK's son and Scrapp's younger brother.

He is a rapper and member of the rap group Da Razkalz Cru. Inhe was accused of the kidnapping, assault and attempted murder of his father. He, along with his mother and brother, were later cleared of all charges.

Inhe survived a gun shot to the back of the head. Tommie Lee Season 5-present is introduced as Scrapp's girlfriend. She is an urban model, aspiring actress and socialite.

She has two daughters. She has had multiple legal issues in the past and gave birth to one of her daughters while incarcerated. The fifth season chronicles her struggles with addiction and substance abuse as well as her violent rivalries with Tiarra, Karlie Redd and Joseline.

She has four other children to different fathers. She works at a financial firm during the day and as a night-club waitress at night. The fifth season chronicles her feud with Tommie and her struggles with Scrapp and his mother KK. Later in the season, she pursues a romance with J-Nicks. In the fifth season finale, she reveals she is pregnant with her fifth child and has married her recent boyfriend Brian Shaw. Kelsie Frost Season 5-present is Kirk's daughter.

She is an aspiring rapper and Rasheeda's employee at her boutique store. The fifth season chronicles her struggles to be taken seriously as an artist by her father and stepmother.

benzino and carly relationship

Former Benzino Seasons is introduced to the show as Stevie J's best friend. He is the fiance of Althea Heart and previously dated Karlie Redd. During the filming of season three, Benzino was shot and wounded by his nephew at his mother's funeral.

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Later, he has a major falling out with both Stevie J and Joseline, leading to a violent altercation at the third season reunion. He was fired after allegedly threatening a producer of the show. She is an urban model, reality star and former cast member of Flavor of Love and Charm School.

In the first season, Shay and Scrappy develop a "friends-with-benefits" relationship, igniting a feud between her and Erica. The second season chronicled his troubles with Traci. Nikko London Seasons guest star in season 2 is introduced to the show as Mimi's boyfriend. He is a rapper, record producer and personal trainer. Ina sex tape featuring Nikko and Mimi was released through Vivid Entertainment.

It was initially promoted as a stolen home video, however, the two later admitted the tape was staged. It is revealed towards the end of season three that Nikko is still legally married. His wife, Margeaux, became a supporting cast member in the show's fourth season. Erica Pinkett Season 3 guest star in season 2 is introduced to the show as Lil Scrappy's friend. Her potential romantic interest in Scrappy ignites a feud between her and his girlfriend, Bambi.

Althea Heart Season 3 is Benzino's fiance. During the third season, it is revealed that she previously dated Stevie J and Nikko. Later, she and Benzino have a major falling out with Stevie J and Joseline, leading to a violent altercation at the third season reunion. Kalenna Harper Season is introduced to the show as Rasheeda's friend. She is a singer and former member of Dirty Money. She is the wife of Tony Vick and has two children by him, Meshach and Noah.

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Noah's birth was documented in the fourth season of the show, after which Kaleena suffered from postpartum depression. Benzino cleaned up too, although nothing can really help him with that no-neck problem, chicken nugget shape and hunchback. So everything about this setup is romantic and magical, and Benzino and Karlie start talking about their relationship, and then BAM!

Benzino shows her the ring. But nah, made ya look. Let it burn, you fame vulture. He knew very well that Karlie was doing nothing but using him the whole time, so he brought her out to get her hopes up and then dash them on national TV. Hilariously, after getting dissed by the Hunchback of Marietta, Karlie swore that Benzino benefited more from their relationship than she did.

Karlie Redd

Sorry, what did he walk away with after their affair other than birdseed and dirty feathers? Mimi, Joseline and Stevie J open up their segment by sitting down for therapy with the good Dr.

benzino and carly relationship

This time, the trio of trifling tramps manage to have a discussion without balling up their hands into fists and smashing heads in. Joseline scored major points though, when she told Dr. Jeff that she accepted Stevie for the low-down, dirty scoundrel that he is.

You been here for 15 years. In a follow-up scene, Stevie tries to organize a ratchet menage a trois with Joseline, himself and his new artist Che Mack. But Che Mack is tatted up like a middle-aged trucker. And her mouth protrudes like a horse. She was just there to let Stevie feel on her tattooed flesh and bend over for a good track. The real showdown comes when Mimi, who apparently owns a cleaning business, draws a line in the sand with Stevie J.

For the last time. At least this season. So he still acts surprised when Mimi is all stand-offish and impatient with him. Once and for all, Mimi tells Stevie straight up: Let the angels sing. He tells Mimi he gave her a baby after all the other dudes used and discarded her. Now, hold on a second. So he can keep that back there.

benzino and carly relationship

Rasheeda and Kirk Floppily Ever After At the end of the season finale, Rasheeda is hellbent on proving to the world that she and Kirk are still in love. And Kirk appears to be very pleased with the new arrangement. Good luck with that, Rasheeda baby.

But before Rasheeda can walk off into the sunset, she must face the Joker K.