Ben and leslie relationship parks recreation

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ben and leslie relationship parks recreation

View "18 Times Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt Gave Us Relationship Parks & Recreation Mashups that Would Make Even Ron Swanson Tear. Throughout the last few seasons of Parks and Recreation, these lovebirds have taught us a Are Ben and Leslie your model relationship too?. "Parks and Recreation" cuties Ben and Leslie. heartbreaking Ben and Leslie situations, the two abandon their relationship in order to avoid.

With the expected increased media attention on her personal life, the scouts ask whether Leslie has any secret scandals in her life. She denies any such scandals exist, thus omitting her secret relationship with Ben, and the scouts promise to contact her about preparing an electoral run.

Ben understands, giving Leslie a "Knope " button he had made. He then starts helping Tom run his business Entertainmentwhere he's shocked at how much money Tom spends without getting any revenue. He also helps Tom charm Joan Callamezzo to try to get her book club to include Leslie's new book, but Joan gets drunk and hits on them.

He and Leslie end up sharing lovelorn looks with each other.

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Ben is dragged along to Tom and Donna's "Treat Yo Self", where he treats himself to a Batman costume and a good cry over his breakup with Leslie. While Leslie attempts to keep him in her life, Ben insists that he needs distance from her since being around Leslie is too difficult for him.

ben and leslie relationship parks recreation

Leslie continually tries to spend time with Ben until, through the help of Ben and Ann, she sees that she has been ignoring what Ben wants and doing only what she wants. Ben and Leslie meet at the Smallest Parkwhich is supposed to be their last project together. Leslie apologizes and tells Ben she'll leave him alone if that's what he wants. Ben responds that he doesn't want that but he thinks it's for the best. As Ben starts to leave, Leslie declares that she misses him like crazy and wants to be with him.

After she asks how he feels, Ben kisses Leslie and the relationship is reinstated. Later, they confess to Chris about their relationship, and he launches an investigation to check for any possible acts of corruption, as Ben is Leslie's superior.

It turns out that in the season three's finale, Ben and Leslie had bribed a maintenance worker to keep quiet about them after the worker witnessed them kissing. As that was a possible reason for termination, Leslie was ready to take full responsibility only to find that Ben resigned from his job in order to save hers. Following his termination, Ben takes some time to "explore his interests" which consists of him remaining in his house and attempting various hobbies like making calzones and stop motion films.

His appearance becomes unkempt and after a visit from Chris, he realizes that despite convincing himself otherwise he's unhappy without some sort of direction in his life.

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After Leslie's campaign flops at the ice rink, Ann resigns eagerly from being Leslie's campaign manager and Leslie asks Ben to run her campaign given his experience with local politics. Ben takes over the duties of running Leslie's campaign for city council and helps turn the campaign around, making it competitive with Bobby Newport's bid for city office. Ben manages to secure the endorsement of Pawnee's retiring police chief and improve Leslie's likability at a bowling event despite the spectacle of having punched a man who called Leslie 'a bitch'.

In " Dave Returns ", it is revealed that not only is Ben socially awkward around police officers, but he is afraid of them, saying "I am not afraid of cops. I have no reason to be. I never break any laws ever because I'm deathly afraid of cops. Initially conflicted, as it would mean several months away from Pawnee, Ben is ultimately convinced by Leslie to take the job. He successfully runs a congressional campaign during the first five episodes of the season.

When Ben returns to Pawnee, he proposes to Leslie, and they move into a house together. Later, Ben turns down multiple job offers in Pawnee to join Tom Haverford's company, Rent-a-Swag; concurrently, he ends up working for Sweetums, at a division dedicated to improving their public image by funding charities.

He also takes on Andy as an assistant.

ben and leslie relationship parks recreation

Ben and Leslie throw a large event designed to help with fundraising for the Pawnee Commons instead of creating a wedding registry. During the event, Leslie tells Ben how much she hates the feeling of not being married to him. Ben responds by saying that they should just get married that night.

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After two hours of frantically finishing last minute details, a ceremony ruined by a drunk Councilman Jamm, and bailing Ron out of jail, they hold the wedding in the Parks Department. In the episode titled "Partridge" Ben is invited to return to Partridge, his hometown where he was elected and failed as mayor at the age of 18, for a ceremony to give him the key to the city.

ben and leslie relationship parks recreation

Ben falls ill with kidney stonesand when Leslie goes to receive the key in his name, it is revealed to be one big joke to mock Ben for his failure as a mayor. Season Six[ edit ] After Leslie attacks Sweetums in a press statement, Ben is fired from his job with the company.

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He then takes on the accountant job he has accepted and declined three times prior. At the end of the episode entitled "Flu Season 2" Ben has a fight with his father who sold their family lake house where Ben had many wonderful childhood memories. He realizes he wants to start a family with Leslie, when he returns home to tell Leslie, he discovers that she is pregnant with their first child.

Saperstein, they realize she's having triplets. Season Seven[ edit ] Ben remains city manager, and is planning the Pawnee Bicentennial.

ben and leslie relationship parks recreation

This, along with greatly improving the economy of Pawnee, gets him the award for Man of the Year. He and Leslie have triplets, two boys and one girl, whom they have named Stephen, Wesley, and Sonia. After being contacted by Jennifer Barkley, and with Leslie's full support, he decides to run for Congress in While campaigning, he earns IOW's Woman of the Year award for giving Leslie room to speak her mind instead of reading scripted speeches.

Through a series of flash-forwards in the final episode, it is revealed that Ben's congressional campaign was successful and is now a representative from Indiana for the House of Representatives.

ben and leslie relationship parks recreation

Inhe and Leslie are both given the opportunity to run as Governor of Indiana, Ben ultimately decides to let Leslie run which she wins. Knowing that they would likely break the rule, given the proper time alone together, Ben and Leslie attempted to stay apart as best they could. Then Chris forced them to be together by sending them on a road trip to Indianapolis, and what ensued was was a heart-wrenching half hour of close calls, roadblocks and then, finally, mercifully, a first kiss.

Especially when your relationship is secret, and could cost you your job. The first meeting between Ben and Marlene Griggs-Knope is incredible. Leslie snaps and loses her sanity for a pivotal few seconds, telling Ben that Marlene is a Filipino woman of no relation to her, later having to backtrack that statement and tell Ben the truth. Naturally, with this new information sprung upon him, Ben is a complete wreck in the meeting.

By the end of Season Three, Parks and Recreation was firing on all cylinders. Parks and Recreation may be set in a nutty fictitious town, but when it came to relationships romantic and platonic it was always refreshingly honest, grounded in truth and with a sense of modernity. But Ben and Leslie were always the centerpiece. The Season Four episodes in which the two were separated had some of the best, most honest discussion about relationships television has seen in a long time.

The little show that could, thriving in the minor details, small quips between characters and glances into the camera. But to say that Parks is a small show would be to criminally sell it short because, when it needed to, it handled the biggest moments with the best of them.

Lucky for Parks fans, creator Michael Schur is no slouch when it comes to penning big moments.