Beastboy and raven relationship fanfiction percy

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beastboy and raven relationship fanfiction percy

Raven is in deep despair, until she sees a shadow resembling the dead bird. Crossover - Teen Titans & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: K - English - Poetry Robin discovers that relationships can end in very painful nasty ways. Raven very calmly takes charge of a relationship with Beast Boy. Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 21 . Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - Beast Boy, Raven Heroes Of Olympus and Percy Jackson and The Olympians with Teen titans.

Especially love for BB. Heck you thought he was a stud when he protected you from Adonis as that werebeast. So Rage wants to jump his bones!

Teen Titans and Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossover | FanFiction

Rage growled as a massive blush appeared on her face. Your face matches your cloak now! Rage was about to retort when they heard Bravery, Timid and Beast Boy's voices in the next room. Going out for Halloween? Besides the cutey might like that. Wonder if Starfire would mind me keeping this. Well at least I look like I got some, you look like you just went on a diet your whole life flat head!

Both of them frowned before looking away from each other.

beastboy and raven relationship fanfiction percy

One outfit change later Beast Boy looked in surprise and with a open jaw as he saw all eleven, somehow Calm convinced her to change, in Starfire's clothing.

Oh and Timid was trying to cover herself with her hands in embarrassment. Plus if he really likes it, we can use that to blackmail him for anything. Hit me with one of your pathetic animals? We all sleep with a Beast Boy doll. Timid gulped and tried to stop shaking. I'm the comedy master. But I didn't say with a joke. Timid popped out of the pile and looked at the cat before nervously shaking.

beastboy and raven relationship fanfiction percy

She let a smile out while feeling him purr in her hands. Now that's a big cat I'd love to really ride! He morphed back into himself. As Beast Boy thought of an answer to that first question, Raven turned to her emotions.

You're all making Beast Boy uncomfortable. Especially looking for any sort of diary in this very room.

She even slept by your side one time after Terra turned to stone. And that kiss on the cheek was so bold of you. Said girl blushed red while looking away from Beast Boy.

Beast Boy and Ravens Relationship

That helps so much. When the show went to commercial, Starfire got up and said, "Raven, I have gone to the Department of Medical Services. I have gotten you the drops of coughing, allergic medicine, and box of tissues!

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That's very generous of you. I am off to see where Boyfriend Robin has gone to. As the show went back, one of the main characters had gotten shot by one of the perpetrator.

The following counties are to stay inside and turn off their televisions: I was looking forward to that! She had a slightly pouted face. Beast Boy noticed this and chuckled slightly. She arched an eyebrow in confusion, as if he were speaking gibberish. She smiled and chuckled at his strange outburst. He tried to kiss her but she purposely turned her head so he'd kiss her hair. He leaned in closer and their lips met, moving in harmony. She tackled him onto the couch and their little kiss got more heated.

He slid his tongue into her mouth but quickly pulled away. I tasted your mouth! Raven narrowed her eyes. She got her stuff and went to her room. I was just kidding! She got to her room and as he got to it, it closed in his face.

When they reached the end and climbed out, they came face-to-face with a stone chest in what looked like a spotlight. Raven and Beast Boy locked eyes, then walked up to the chest. He looked at the side and noticed some writing on it.

If you open this chest, you will be consumed by greed. Do not remove a piece from this chest, or you will be punished for eternity. Let's not chance it. Acting without thinking, which he usually does, he put his foot on the lid of the chest and gave it a hard shove. The lid landed on the ground with a loud THUD. When he looked at what was inside, he got a shocked look on his face.

He grabbed his communicator and said into it, "Guys, you might want to come over here. There's something you have to see. Light has an obsession with gold, right?

beastboy and raven relationship fanfiction percy

We need to get this to the police quickly. Beast boy nodded and did just that. Robin nodded and told the titans on the other end that they would be there as soon as they could get there. Beast boy looked into the chest one more time and cringed at the imprinted skull on the medallions.

Light want to steal these?