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Page 1 of 2 - On this Day in History - posted in Totally Off-Topic: I'm BBC News Story on the Day complete with video .. Her father was devout Hindu Indian Army officer originally from Nepal. She later headed missions in Europe and in Washington D.C. in the - Ewan McGregor, Scottish actor. LEO: It is important to break the routine of your romantic relationship or else TASTY INDIAN TAKEAWAY We have many mouth watering dishes .. Masonic Lodge Sheraton Road supply of bricks, and upgrading the BBC World. Kevin Costner and Ricky Gervais, as well as Ewan McGregor and. Joanna Lumley's India. .. to unravel, Penny delivers Hugh an ultimatum about their relationship. . () (M) Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor, Geraldine Chaplin. Hunt in theto Mission: Jones tourism and (5) CommonwealthClaire A sandwich bar, hot and cold drinks, heaps more coupled with a.

No doubt about that. Bailey tells us that one rider exited quickly, claiming to be part of the witness protection program and unable to be on TV. The dangers associated with this profession are clearly part of the thrill and spectacle of each event. The year-old Pastrana has had 35 operations and countless fractures. On a cold, drizzly day, Knievel successfully jumped 14 Greyhound buses at the park, setting a world record that remained unbroken for 24 years.

While his bike briefly fishtailed to the side midjump and his rear tire clipped the final bus roof at the end, he cleared feet in length his longest. His bike nearly broke in half on landing.

If he was alive today, he would have said go bigger. Why use two bikes? Memorial Coliseum 50 stacked cars in Los Angeles — Feb. The crowd exploded into cheers. Kids and parents — who had to wait more than an hour for the jump after the Destruction Derby had finished — poured onto the field. And Evel roared back into the stadium and onto a platform.

Chris Tedesco Evel Knievel: He suffered a crushed pelvis and femur, fractures to his hip, wrist and both ankles, as well as a concussion that kept him hospitalized for a month.

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Originally the event was not going to be televised, but because of the crash, ABC decided to air the jump, making him more famous than ever. I have to hit everything perfect. She just kept trying. She kept coming back. Change rarely amounts to a lick of good. Family businesses make local royalty of the generations who run them. Know your place and mind your own business. Or if you think they might be a killer.

Objects centers on troubled St. Louis reporter Camille Preaker, who fled Wind Gap after high school but is dispatched back to her hometown to write about the fallout from a pair of gruesome murders. The series also marks the return to television for Amy Adams, who last appeared on the small screen a dozen years ago.

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I feel like, in a way, we were waiting for Amy to do it. And to watch her was very unnerving for me. Emmy winner Patricia Clarkson is chilling as Adora, a pastel confection of a woman who reinvented herself from a shamed teenage mother into the very model of Wind Gap perfection.

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A woman who believes that anything can be managed with a lovely dress, a perfect coiffure, the right shade of lipstick and never, not ever, talking about what I feel like, in a way, we were waiting for Amy to do it. It was very cathartic … a strange wave of awe and release and shock and wonderment to watch her be able to go through this. She was able to bring this haunted quality to the character and still somehow keep the hope alive that she and Camille could have a relationship.

She lives, truly, in this ivory tower, and has this whole idea of herself, her life, her house. She acts Eliza Scanlen as Amma Crellin 16 Channel Guide Magazine demure and polite in front of Adora because that is what is expected of her, how she maintains security in that relationship. Because many times abuse that women suffer, they turn it inward.

All I could really do was hang onto the microphone for dear life. And here was a guy who could levitate. He dealt with addictions, failed relationships, a heart ailment and a brain disease that likely contributed to his suicide in HBO presents the original documentary Robin Williams: His story is told through clips of his films, TV appearances, standup shows and interviews. Whitney's invention made short staple cotton into a profitable crop, which strengthened the economic foundation of slavery.

Despite the social and economic impact of his invention, Whitney lost his profits in legal battles over patent infringement, closed his business, and nearly filed bankruptcy. A cotton gin short for cotton engine is a machine that quickly and easily separates the cotton fibers from the seedpods and the sometimes sticky seeds, a job previously done by hand.

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These seeds are either used again to grow more cotton or, if badly damaged, are disposed of. It uses a combination of a wire screen and small wire hooks to pull the cotton through the screen, while brushes continuously remove the loose cotton lint to prevent jams.

The term "gin" is an abbreviation for engine, and means "machine". He first wrote of his dirigible interest in and began to seriously pursue his project after his early retirement from the military in at the age of Convinced of the potential importance of aircraft designs, he started working on various designs shortly after leaving the military in He had already outlined an overall system inand detailed designs in that were reviewed by committee inand that he patented in 31 Augustwith Theodor Kober producing the technical plans.

Inhe started constructing his first guidable rigid airship, following his designs. The Gold Standard Act of the United States was passed in ratified on March 14 and established gold as the only standard for redeeming paper money, stopping bimetallism which had allowed silver in exchange for gold. It was signed by President William McKinley. What is the gold standard? In short, the gold standard dictates that the value of our currency is determined by the value of gold.

The gold standard is a monetary system in which a region's common media of exchange are paper notes that are normally freely convertible into pre-set, fixed quantities of gold. The gold standard is not currently used by any government, having been replaced completely by fiat currency. History In the s Britain suffered a massive shortage of silver coinage and ceased to mint larger silver coins. It issued "token" silver coins and overstruck foreign coins.

With the end of the Napoleonic Wars, Britain began a massive recoinage program that created standard gold sovereigns and circulating crowns, half-crowns, and eventually copper farthings in InBank of England notes were made legal tender, and redemption by other banks was discouraged. In the Bank Charter Act established that Bank of England notes, fully backed by gold, were the legal standard.

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According to the strict interpretation of the gold standard, this Act marks the establishment of a full gold standard for British money. Most other nations quickly followed suit. Gold became a transportable, universal and stable unit of valuation. The world's dominant economy at the time, the United Kingdom, already had a longstanding commitment to the gold standard. The main purpose of either government money system has historically been to provide seigniorage, or money-creation profit, to governmental leaders in order to provide them with general purchasing power during emergencies, especially those leaders who are legislatively constrained and therefore unable to raise taxes in order to execute the defense commitments that are required for the survival of their states.

Gold standards replaced gold-coin standards in the 17thth centuries in the West as the extent of defensive warfare expanded to where the gold-coin standards were no longer sufficient to the task.

A similar history generated a gold standard in China from the 9th through the early 17th century. Dates of adoption of a gold standard Netherlands at 1 guilder to 0. United States de facto at Germany at Goldmarks to 1 kg gold. Japan at 1 yen to 1. Denmark, Norway and Sweden at kroner to 1 kg gold.

Spain at 31 pesetas to 9. Finland at 31 marks to 9. Austria see Austrian florin and Austrian crown. Argentina at 1 peso to 1. Russia at 31 roubles to Japan at 1 yen devalued to 0.

India see Indian rupee. United States de jure. De facto is a Latin expression that means "concerning the fact" or in practice but not necessarily ordained by law. Throughout the post-Civil War decade of the s deflationary and depressionary economics created periodic demands for silver currency. However, attempts to introduce such currency generally failed, and continued the general pressure towards a gold standard. Byonly gold coins were accepted through the Latin Monetary Union, composed of France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and later Greece, even though silver was, in theory, a circulating medium What is The Gold Standard?

University of Iowa Center for International Finance and Development - Henry Ford announced the new continuous motion method to assemble cars. It pulled up to tons, being the biggest ship of its time.

It was 97,54 x 13,56 x 6,86 metres in measurement, weighed tons, 10 knots and hp. President to file an income tax report. Two years later after his father's death, George Eastman left high school to support his mother and sisters. At age 14 he began working as an office boy.

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InEastman became intrigued with photography, but found the process awkward. It required coating a glass plate with a liquid emulsion, which had to be quickly used before it dried.