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The “reimagined” version of Battlestar Galactica is easily the best Science of Battlestar Galactica was who, or what, the returning Kara “Starbuck” Thrace is. In the series finale, all we get is her statement to Apollo that she . Then he has a tumultuous marriage with the woman who killed his former love. I am completely shippery when it comes to Lee and Kara, a died in the wool not withstanding), for Lee has just as many relationship issues as Kara - but that . as an operational pilot to the battlestar Galactica under the command of William. Kara and Lee confessed their love for each other in unequivocal terms while down Why did the producers of Battlestar Galactica make such a mess of the ending? and both of them have issues stemming from their childhood that they never Personally, I do want to be married, and I prefer my marriage over any other.

The episode's conceit is that all the military personnel aboard the Galactica apparently know how to box, and in keeping with military tradition, they use the boxing ring as a medium for working out their issues in a Fight Club sort of way: One boxes such that one can still feel alive. You leave your rank outside the ring, and then you step inside and settle issues like man was meant to: The scenes in the boxing ring are edited together along with a series of flashback scenes set on New Caprica eight months before the Cylon occupation.

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Certain gaps in that missing year that I, for one, have been curious about are answered in these scenes. Obviously not everything, but a few important things. In many ways, this episode is refreshing. It takes us away from all issues of the Cylons and focuses purely on the characters and their internal workings and assorted dramas.

Specifically, this episode leads up to a climactic fight between Kara and Lee that's been about a year in the making. What happened on New Caprica to get these two characters, who once loved each other, to this point? What made Lee so absolutely bitter toward Kara, and what turned Kara into a bitch and a half? The episode's most memorable and melancholy point is in how it reveals that the Colonial settlers, had it not been for the occupation, might actually have been able to live out their days happily on New Caprica.

While it was previously established that New Caprica was a cold and harsh planet, the scenes in these flashbacks reveal that there must've at least been a comfortable warm season to offer a respite. There's a community celebration that feels as if the clock has been turned back to a simpler time where human beings could simply live in peace as neighbors. It's almost depressing to think that a few months after this celebration, all these characters will be trapped once again inside overcrowded tin cans.

This realization is made all the more poignant by the wonderful performances of Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell, who ponder this new, peaceful chapter in humanity in scenes that hint at possible romance without ever confirming it. As for Kara and Lee, such confirmation will not be left to the imagination. Most series tend to have their own version of the Will They or Won't They, and Battlestar is no exception. In the flashback scenes here, the whole situation plays itself out in painstaking detail, some of it very interesting and agonizing.

Lee and Kara had drunken sex on New Caprica, after which Lee put all his cards on the table and proclaimed his love for Kara by shouting it to the sky.

Well, she shouts to the sky, but when she does it, we don't believe it for a second, and the moment is hit so precisely perfectly on the head — in all its awkwardness — that it's almost painful to watch.

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We see that Kara can simply not return Lee's feelings, for whatever inexplicable reasons. The next morning before Lee wakes up, Kara marries Anders, for reasons that will elude most of the audience, not to mention probably Kara herself.

Certainly those reasons elude Lee, who would not have been unjustified in castigating her on the spot which he does not. Kara's actions are nasty and inexplicable, but Lee's own previous speechmaking about marriage and the future was part of the catalyst.

Clearly, Kara has issues that go back to childhood, and those issues have impacted the adult that exists now, but to try to explain Kara's thoughts and actions is to try to employ psychology beyond its usefulness. Why would she do what she does to Lee in such a heartless way? The episode's point is that shit happens, and people do lousy things to other people that they don't deserve.

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Even Kara probably wouldn't try to explain or defend it. Lee's answer is to marry Dualla as a sort of consolation action, which is not a good reason to marry anybody. Case-in-point — the finale is only few episodes removed from a large-scale mutiny. What many fans love about BSG is the realistic bent it takes toward the rigors of balancing democratic values and the need for survival in governing a large group of people.

The finale throws this out the window. After Apollo sees her ship explode, Starbuck is presumed dead, and she is mourned by her friends and compatriots. Then, two months later, she shows up out of nowhere in a mysteriously brand new viper, spunky and boisterous as ever.

This improbable series of events leads the crew, and the audience, to wonder: Is she a human? Is she a Cylon? Is she something else entirely? The show stoked the flames of this mystery. Maybe she's this guy - top-selling recording artist Rod Stewart. The show never tells us. Then she disappears into thin air. Was she, as Leoben theorized, an angel? Was she an instrument of God? Did she, as hybridized Anders seemed to indicate, cross over to the other side?

Good luck looking for answers. No show can resolve every plot point ever raised in the entirety of the series run. This is particularly true for a series like BSG that was filled to the brim with twists and mysteries. Why is no one worried about the other bad Cylons out there? Plus the evil Cylons that are on board Galactica are all dead too. The Cylon threat is destroyed and we can just live our technophobic carefree lifestyle on Earth forever! Were all of the base ships back at the colony for some reason?

Surely Cavil has more than a few copies zigzagging the galaxy searching for the fleet. I'm really quite evil. Maybe it would be hard for the bad guys to find Earth, but if the Final Five are any indication, they have plenty of time to keep looking.

Earth has no such safe harbors. Nobody bothered to keep a few vipers and raptors around and keep a patrol going just in case? The colonists on Earth are essentially sitting ducks. No one seems to be the least bit concerned about this and I have no clue why. Did Hera procreate with a caveman? Hera is meant to be the primogenitor of all of modern day humanity.

It at least indicates that all human mitochondria come from her. Think about that for a moment. When the crew of Galactica finds a few early homosapiens, they do not even have language yet. Sure, Colonial Humans and Earth Humans are genetically compatible, but one is a civilization that built starships and traveled across the galaxy, and the other is one that fashions spears and crosses the landscape in loincloths.

The end result leaves us with two possibilities. The first is that Hera or one of her offspring took advantage of a caveman who did not understand her language, let alone consent, and produced a child. The second is that nobody copulated with the natives, but rather the Colonial Humans completely supplanted the native humans on Earth. Whether you go with Neanderthal love or genetic obsolescence, neither choice is particularly pleasant.

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You think that's skimpy? Gabriel used to fly around in nothing but a thong and body glitter. Starbuck even walks in on Baltar and, unbeknownst to her, Angelic Six, copulating in his laboratory with a delightfully awkward aftermath. Why did Angelic Six occasionally seem jealous when Gaius was with other women?