Battlestar galactica lee and kara relationship help

"I'm a screw up Lee, try to keep that in mind" a study of Kara Thrace - S.A.S.A.

battlestar galactica lee and kara relationship help

yes all ye shippers here's your Lee/Kara shippy thread. So post away and BSG does a good job of that without your help thank you there's. yes all ye shippers here's your Lee/Kara shippy thread. So post away and have fun disscusing their relationship that they share as friends So do you see GateWorld · Help. Remember Me? Forum · SciFi Stream · Classic Shows · Battlestar Galactica; The Lee Adama/ Kara Thrace relationship thread. I am completely shippery when it comes to Lee and Kara, a died in the wool romantic. The avoidant - I am comfortable without close relationships. an operational pilot to the battlestar Galactica under the command of William Adama , . while providing help with regulating feelings about the self - in other words, this kind.

I've been all for those two since I started watching the show. Loving all the piccys.

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D CKO May 13th, Blue Banrigh May 13th, The essay is about how Aeryn is the more masculine and Crichton is the more feminine without undermining either's ablility to be a hero. She is the superior soldier and he is the brains though that's not to say that Kara is dumb.

battlestar galactica lee and kara relationship help

Aeryn and Crichton are more extreme examples while Lee and Kara are less so. TameFarrar May 14th, Thats a really good example: Blue Banrigh May 14th, They don't need to get romantically involved right now, actually I prefer it if the didn't I like the banter and occasional punch up stage. I'm quite attached to their scene in 33 about the stims and how she gives him a lecture.

battlestar galactica lee and kara relationship help

He's just standing there looking like he's deciding whether or not to be ashamed or angry. If Kara stays on Caprica then there isn't much opportunity for ship is there?

battlestar galactica lee and kara relationship help

But the reunion should be fun. At least Lee won't be able to comment on how much time she spent in the brig since it looks like he'll be living there.

Kara and Lee "I'm in love with a dead guy!"

D And both will most probably be considered social pariahs, one is a deserter and the other is a mutineer. Jeff O'Connor May 14th, Do we really have to compound the names? CKO May 14th, No, but all the cool kids were doing it.

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Vala May 14th, TameFarrar May 18th, I really had to laugh at the face Lee has BUT as Farscape showed us Sci-Fi can pull the rug out anytime Kara doesn't pay attention to them anyway: D spoilers for season 2 Do NOT read if you do not want to be spoiled about Kara and episode 5 I really hope that some of the spoilers I am reading are wrong OR take away her ability to have children.

CKO May 18th, Shipperahoy May 18th, I just read the episode 6 spoilers and Ship Mum At least that is how it reads to me D Shipperahoy May 18th, They fell in love, and then both found out she was something else entirely.

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He came back for her. The love between the two of them was gigantic, confusing, and impossible. And they made it. No matter what happened to Athena and Helo, they had the good sense to stick it out. And wow, that last shot, the three of them in that field together — what else do you need to know?

Know when to fold em Oh, Baltar and Caprica Six and sometimes D'Annayou might have just had too many people and versions of yourself to know how to navigate this.

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To some extent, these two absolutely saw a vision of the other that was downright Of-the-Gods. It's cool to build that fantasy. It's probably super necessary to falling in love.

The third time they tried to make it work, they realized it was a lost cause and their last interaction on Earth summed this up.

On Kara's relationship with Lee : BSG

Theirs was a transcendent friendship -- deeper on some level than most of the show's pairings. Yes, they had sex every once in a while, and yes, sometimes they thought they should be more than they were. They were who they were, and they existed for each other exactly as long as they were supposed to. And he loved her back.

He was a good and honest man until And then, a while later, he apologized, she forgave him, and she took him back. To be fair, Chief was reformed. Which we wanted to believe. All they get is stolen moments on the beach and the profound knowledge that both have trusted each other with their lives.

battlestar galactica lee and kara relationship help

She has a better relationship with his father than he does. Both of them are Viper pilots charged every day with protecting the death ships that contain the remains of humanity. Any moment of weakness could mean the end of their lives, any wrong decision could get hundreds killed. Most of the time, their romantic interactions were cut short and tinged with the bleak reality of their existence. Watching this scene again, I remember how rough these two were with each other.

Each holds the other to the highest standard.