Balotelli and mancini relationship marketing

Roberto Mancini: How I Really Feel About Mario Balotelli

balotelli and mancini relationship marketing

Mario Balotelli of Liverpool looks across at Brendan Rodgers as he is substituted "Our relationship was a disaster" says Balotelli on Rodgers. Mario Balotelli fought with Roberto Mancini 'like cat and dog' at Manchester . ' His [Balotelli's] relationship with Mancini often made me smile,'. Roberto Mancini has opened the door to Mario Balotelli making an a volatile relationship between player and manager ended with Balotelli.

The ballad of Roberto and Mario - Mancini and Balotelli ready for Azzurri reunion -

Not because of what it says about him — most observers already know he is a wild talent who is not mature enough to think of others — but because of what it says about us, those who follow the game, who seem to have so relished in his implosion. In recent days there has been an avalanche of moralistic judgment.

balotelli and mancini relationship marketing

It's as if commentators have been revelling in this boy's every minor crime, hoping it leads to a bigger one. It feels as if the world is willing Super Mario to self-destruct. But why do we so enjoy watching footballers do that?

balotelli and mancini relationship marketing

It's partly about the power of human drama. When all else is stripped away, Premier League football is entertainment, an ongoing soap opera — and soap operas survive because they are mirrors for our own experience.

Extraordinary training bust-up with Mancini spells end for Balotelli -

The dynamic between wayward son Balotelli and frustrated dad Mancini has been fascinating because it is made up of something we all wrestle with: And there has been a lot of talk about love in recent days. Both player and manager have used the word to describe their feelings for each other: And given how fractured the relationship has become, that's extraordinary, especially in the midst of City's collapsing title challenge, in which Balotelli finds himself cast as Judas.

balotelli and mancini relationship marketing

We see the story and think of our own families. We remember how dysfunctional they can be.

balotelli and mancini relationship marketing

But the reason for our obsession goes a little further. The pair then became embroiled in a heated exchange of words before Mancini grabbed Balotelli and attempted to force him off the pitch.

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With Balotelli returning to the dressing-room, Mancini retreated to the sidelines and was then pictured crouching with his head in his hands. While sources at the club have insisted the matter was resolved on the training pitch and that it was merely further evidence of the intensity demanded by Mancini during preparations for games, Balotelli's repeated transgressions are becoming a source of irritation at the club and he could yet be fined as result of the clash with Mancini.

Mancini had claimed in an interview this week that Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan, the City owner, "likes Balotelli because he recognises the talent and he exports the name of City all over the world". Yet the negativity generated by the troublesome forward is understood to be viewed as more damaging than positive by the club's Abu Dhabi hierarchy, who would be prepared to sell the player this month if a buyer can be found.

Mancini has previously defended Balotelli, citing his potential to be one of the world's leading players, but his patience has now worn thin.

balotelli and mancini relationship marketing

The City manager has admitted publicly on two occasions this season that Balotelli has been omitted from first-team squads due to his unsatisfactory efforts on the training ground. Having surprisingly selected Balotelli from the start in the derby defeat by Manchester United last month, Mancini withdrew the player shortly after half-time and strongly criticised his performance following the game. Balotelli has not figured in the first team since, with a virus keeping him out of the Christmas fixtures.

But he had been in contention for a return for the FA Cup third-round tie at home to Watford tomorrow.

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