Anko and orochimaru relationship tips

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anko and orochimaru relationship tips

It is very few times when Kishimoto talks freely about his favourite characters from the series. There have been a lot rumours in the past about. Konoha Dossier Name: Mitarashi Anko First Manga Appearance: Notable Quotes: "Tough guys like you usually leave their blood all over this forest." . has too much personal baggage to be on a relationship then again. Anko Mitarashi (みたらしアンコ, Mitarashi Anko) is a tokubetsu jōnin who teaches at Main article: School Trip Arc In the anime, to improve relationships with other Karatachi, who was appointed by the Mizukage to act as the class' tour guide.

He was responsible for the people mysteriously disappearing; kidnapping them and using them as lab rats.

Isaribi was one of them. These actions also started the legend of people being captured by spirits. Determined to make Orochimaru pay, Naruto insisted on destroying the hidden lab. While Anko was able to guide them to the lab thanks to prior knowledge she had as Orochimaru's former apprentice, they were ambushed by the enemy.

Naruto was shocked to learn that Isaribi was working with the people who turned her into a freak. Naruto tried to convince her that this was wrong and that he understood her pain since he too has been discriminated against but Isaribi refused to listen.

She then retreated with Amachi to attack the cargo ship. Naruto was stopped from following by Misumibut was able to defeat him with Ino's help. After escaping with his team from the crumbling lab as a result of the all the fighting inside, Naruto and his team went after Amachi and Isaribi. I don't want Anko to get the wrong image from you again. You made her feel like she was special, but that was only a ruse to gained her trust and test your Curse Mark on her.

I won't allow that to happen again.

anko and orochimaru relationship tips

Don't hurt her, don't make her cry anymore. It isn't me this time. I came to deliver a personal message to you and this pathetic village: Anko is mine, and I won't allow you or anyone else to take her away from me. She is very a special woman; she is the first survivor for my Curse Mark.

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Everything about Anko belongs to me, so the only person who can make her cry will only be me. Haven't you destroyed enough of her life already? You're only doing this so Anko won't move on from you. But what's the point in that? You don't even return her feelings! And therefore, you find her special But if you think she would have only you in her heart forever, then you are completely wrong. A man who will always stay at your side to care for you is much better than a lover. Compared to a man, who don't respond at all, no matter how much you love him.

He knew it was true after observing how all of Anko's male friends have some attraction to her, though their love in oblivious and unrequited by the snake kunoichi. Still, though he hated to admit it, what the blond kunoichi told him was right. Most of it, anyway. Even if a male would to be jilted by Anko as lover, it doesn't mean that male won't stop being close to her and care for her. If that were to happen, Anko's love for Orochimaru might start fleeting away in oblivion, and he couldn't have that.

Anko is his, despite the fact that he did let her go during that time in the Land of the Sea. He always held a sort of…higher affection of his old apprentice; he just didn't show it often. He found Anko special, very special. The lights were off, but he didn't need them to see the dully-decorated room that belonged to his old apprentice. His eyes adjusted well to the darkness as he inched closer to the bed, his dear student snuggled cozily in the blanket.

His amber optics narrowed when he noticed that her blanket had dark-colored stains on them—the color of blood. He inhaled, the scent of her spicy and sweet blood invading his nostrils, confirming that she was indeed injured. The smell was faint, but the scent of blood could never escape him. He knew that aroma all too well, and relished in its taste, smell and sight.

Orochimaru knelt down at the bedside, his fingers brushing Anko's violet bangs away from her eyes. She stirred at the contact, but did not wake up. The blanket covered her entire body until it reached her shoulders, her fingers peeking out from underneath it from the top.

Lightly lifting it, the pale-skinned man's optics widened slightly when he saw bandages wrapped around her hands, arms and legs. Did someone did this to her, or was it her own doing? He's been keeping an eye on her since her last mission, watching and observing as she interacted with her friends.

He saw the pressure she faced with all of their suspicious questions about her feelings about him, and the inner agony she was struggling with herself over him. Seeing her figure in this condition, he assumed correctly that her lacerations were self-inflicted wounds, ones that she made on herself in a foolish attempt to ease her stress. The snake kunoichi wore nothing but her undergarments to bed, which he found odd, knowing Anko preferred to sleep in her mesh bodysuit.

His carried his fingertips over the bandages, grazing them softly over her hidden wounds. Anko mumbled in her sleep then, her mouth turning down into a sad frown.

She was having a dream again—another nightmare. Smirking sadistically, he trailed down a finger down her smooth cheek, repeating his actions the last time he was in her bedroom, alone with his precious girl.

Would it be wrong of him to enjoy seeing her like this—so weak and vulnerable—because of him? She smelt the same as before, like sweet rain and exotic flowers.

A hunger glint shimmered in his amber hues, his digits caressing the lovely blue veins down the graceful column of her throat. Thinking about Tsunade's words, he shook his head at the half-truth she hollered at him earlier tonight.

Yes, he did come here to see his old pupil again, but it wasn't because he was toying with her since he knew about her romantic feelings for him, which Anko assumed he didn't return. No, that part was lie. He did feel something towards her, but he wasn't exactly sure what it was. Was it a possessive male's protectiveness?

The fondness he felt for her when she was his student? Or was it his wicked personality that keeps drawing him to her, yearning to play her like a toy, with him directing the puppet strings? Maybe it was all of the above? His Anko was always special, in the matter of strength and her fiery emotions she'd always displayed around people, along with her extraordinary looks and skills.

Even when she was just starting out as a kunoichi, he always thought of her as the ultimate honey trap when she younger while under his tutelage. She possessed the power to be a brilliant female ninja, alluring men to her with strength and looks. She was strong and beautiful—his dear little Anko.

Orochimaru knew talent when he saw it, and he was never wrong. He was extremely displeased after hearing Kabuto's report on how a low life like that idiotic crime lord put his filthy lips on his pure Anko. He was glad he gave Kabuto the order to kill him off the first chance he got and to protect the purple-haired woman from that pervert. No one is allowed to touch Anko, except for him. Anko was his possession, his woman, and absolutely no one will take that right from him.

Men can stare and pursue Anko all they want, but she will never return their feelings. When he first heard that Anko was within Seiteki's castle from Kabuto, before the medic came into the room he requested to have her in, the very concept of Anko losing her maidenhood to a scum like that made his blood boiled. He didn't care what Kabuto had to do to keep her safe, just as long as he did it. Perspiration broke out of her forehead and her heartbeat became audible to his ear that was close to her nearly exposed bosom.

Her eyelids twitched like she was trying to break free from her dreamland, her fingers curling and un-curling repeatedly like she was attempting to grab onto something. Anko's mouth parted, air flowing into her lungs as she panted in ragged gasps, her body trembling. The snake kunoichi bolted up in her bed in shock, her heart beating against her ribcage painfully as her chest became too tight, disabling her to breathe properly.

She glanced around her small bedroom frantically, her brown orbs searching for the man she thought she'd sensed in her sleep. When she was about to conclude that it was just her mind playing tricks on her again, the Curse Mark made its presence known to her, unbearable affliction rippled throughout her body. Anko seized her seal with her hand, groaning between gritted teeth. She perused at the chances that her former mentor could be nearby the Leaf Village.

There was no way he'll show his face around here this soon after his joint invasion with the Sand, but still… "It wouldn't hurt to make sure," she declared out loud, throwing the blanket off her and slipped on her clothes.

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When her coat came on, her eyes fell on the photo of her and Orochimaru on her shelf. Brown optics wavered with hesitation at what she was about to go do, but she shook her head vigorously, brushing off her doubts. It wasn't long until she found herself at the Forest of Death, the last place where she and Orochimaru met face-to-face.

She halted on a thick branch, her optics scanning the eerie environment carefully. She grimaced when the Curse Mark vibrated its waves of pain through her body again, clutching it as she glanced around the area to find any signs of her former mentor. She felt like a fool, coming out to the Forest of Death in the middle of the night, hoping she would see her ex-mentor again. It was a ridiculous decision to come out here based on a guess—a waste of time.

As she left, Orochimaru smiled in satisfaction, obscured within the trees while he watched his student head home. She came to him, as he suspected. What a good girl, he thought, pleased that he saw that Anko haven't stopped chasing after him.

She will always go to him. And one day, she will stay by his side, the place where she rightfully belonged. Maybe not now, but soon—very soon. With that promise in mind, he leaped off the tree, slipping back into the shadows until tomorrow. Ino lifted her head from the cash register at the counter; gasping slightly when she saw the snake kunoichi came inside her family shop. A gleeful smile bloomed on her bright, beautiful face as she waved excitedly at the older woman.

It's been a while, hasn't it? There were so many flowers to choose from and all of them were blossomed to its fullest. There were roses, lilies, daffodils, and so many other exotic blooms that couldn't be found anywhere else in the world. Noticing her indecision, Ino came from behind the counter and gestured to many of the flowers in the shop.

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They make excellent get-well flowers, and the tulips too. Or if you were buying flowers as a gift to someone, I would choose the red and yellow roses. You know, if you put the two together, they symbolize joy and happiness. But if you don't want those, them maybe you wou—" "Slow down, kiddo. Ino's cheeks blushed bright pink in embarrassment, but she retained a bashful smile on her youthful face.

Are you heading to the cemetery, then? Will those be okay? Can you wrap them up for me in a bouquet? I'll got get them for you! I owe you one, Anko-sensei. You keep training hard. Good day to you, Anko-sensei!

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Another customer walked in, an old woman, and Ino greeted her with a welcoming smile, getting back to work. With everything that have happened to her in the last few days, about her and Orochimaru, she wanted to visit the gravesite of Hiruzen Sarutobi, the great and affectionate shinobi that gave up his life in order to stop her former sensei's attack upon the Leaf Village.

She thought by coming here, she'd be reminded of the terrible things Orochimaru have done, of the hundred of lives he used to conduct his cruel experiments when he was still a ninja of the village, and the heartbroken ache that had squeezed her chest tightly when he left her.

By coming here, she thought her hatred for him would rise and she would discard the remnants of her love for him, casting them aside to focus on the goal she'd set for herself the minute he left the village: Kakashi stared up at her with his visible eye with his hands in his pockets.

She stood back up on her feet, turning her head back to the grave as he climbed up the steps to stand next to her. What're you doing here?

Anko Mitarashi

I was visiting a grave here. Well, if you ask me, it seems that you've been a bit down lately. If he had only listened to her, maybe Sasuke wouldn't be with Orochimaru right now. And besides, the last thing she needed right now is someone else poking their nose into her business. She appreciated her friends' concern, but with the way she is now, it'll only be a matter of time until she hurts someone—someone she cares about.

She turned, her back facing him. He shook his head at her in slight disappointment. If you don't want to talk about it, I understand, but don't pretend it all means nothing to you. If it gets tough, then just admit. Go ahead and cry when you need to, there's no shame in that, you know.

He was stubborn, too, and he would hide his emotions a lot. And I know how you feel, about Orochimaru and how you still care for him. There's no way I would care for someone like that. Anko felt the heat radiating off him as she stared down at the ground.

anko and orochimaru relationship tips

I don't think you're capable of not caring. Her mouth was kept in a firm line, her expression grim with sadness. She knew that he was telling the truth about everything, but she didn't want to admit.

A hand found itself on her cheek, caressing her gently. Anko, shocked by the sweet gesture, looked up to see Kakashi smiling under his mask. If you ever need my help, just say so. Anko flinched at his touch, not wanting anyone to see the indelible brand on her skin.

He pulled away when he saw her nervous reaction.

What is the relationship between anko and orochimaru in naruto?

Anko keep her optics fixed on the place where he stood, bringing her hand up to cover the Curse Mark. The spot on her neck where the Copy Ninja touched her tingled with warmth, and it felt nice. What was more astounding was that he admitted she was right about what she said during the exams, and he was wrong.

She couldn't shake off the feeling she'd felt last night, the odd sensation that he was here in the Leaf Village. She gripped the Curse Mark more tensely, sighing as memories flashed through her head of her times together with the Snake Sannin.