Aaron yan and tia li relationship problems

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aaron yan and tia li relationship problems

Aaron Yan made a friendly appearance in ep, now he is index-art.info alone though! He and Tia reunited to join the cast in friendly get. Fall In Love With Me - Taiwanese drama - Starring Aaron Yan and Tia Li. Sufiya khan .. Aaron's photoshoot for SoCooL Jan Issue. Sufiya khan. Aaron Yan and Tia Li are Gorgeously Flirty at the SPop Magazine Signing I bet the next month's issue will have Puff Guo and Liu Yi Hao from.

Add on the honey-toned tan, and I was toast.

It’s official: Aaron Yan does not wear eyeliner

Behold the beautiful profile. Extended shirtless kissing scene: I particularly loved how enthusiastically Butler Fu helped Tian Xing create and maintain his alternate identity as Xiao Lu; he was like a little boy in grown-up clothes, savoring a Very Special Adventure. The rest of the time, the tailored menswear we got to see on Tian Xing as well as Lance, was beautifully fitted, and looked to be of serious designer quality.

The music is catchy The music in this show was definitely one of its bigger strengths. I love me a good OST, and the breezy, catchy tunes from this show sweetened my watch experience by a lot.

aaron yan and tia li relationship problems

Everything felt slow and draggy. But, I kept going because I really wanted to know how Tian Xing planned to solve the big problem of being forced into marrying Huan Huan. She runs out crying to a park somewhere, and who should appear in front of her, but Tao Le Si.

Who then goes on to tell her to take it out on her, if it makes her feel better.

aaron yan and tia li relationship problems

Forgiveness is given quickly and easily, and nobody holds a grudge against anybody. After all the insinuation that he had a Plan, I was aghast to realize that there was no Plan.

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And then getting married and living happily ever after. My brain disagrees, of course.

aaron yan and tia li relationship problems

Angry, Lu Tian Xing gets out of the car to confront the driver in front. Tao Le Si play by Tia Li who is unaware of the situation, could not help but laughed loudly upon seeing Tian Xing appearance, so Tian Xing responded by sprinkling pink dust over her as well. For this scene, the crew especially went to the mountains to collect footage.

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Before filming, Aaron told Tia, "in order to get a good and realistic shoot, I will not go gentle, I'm going to do it for real, I hope we can finish it in one take. Singtao Daily Tia Li put downs her goddess title and walk around the streets dressed in a chicken suit. First time wearing a animal onesie costume, Tia admitted, "it was quite awkward, but for the drama, I am going to go all out! In the drama, Tia's character dresses up in a chicken suit and goes to hand out flyers to people on the rode, entertaining passer- byers with cute antics.

Flash Review: Fall In Love With Me [TW Drama]

Filming this scene, Tia was a little shy and embarrassed, she said, "when I read this scene in the script, I thought it was really cute, but then when I realised that i had to film this scene in crowded places, I could not help but hope I didn't bump into familiar people. During the lunch break, everyone sat on the ground to eat, but because of her bulky costume Tia could only not even bend her body and so could only go find a chair to rest her back.

Fortunately the whether was still cool, or else Tia would also be sweating profusely through that costume as well, to this Aaron recalled back to when he had to wear a bear costume for one of Fahrenheit's MV.